Company Ace Remover (C.A.R.) ©


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In brief, a Company Ace Remover is entitled to take advantage of a whole company’s factory and service knowledge in order to sort out its radical issues. Plus, with this unique job, the carrier will be also able to visualize a company’s worries and outer noise, familiarize with them, and remove them if necessary.

What is the Curriculum Vitae of a C.A.R.?

  • Constant update with the international news and continuous changes;
  • Up to date analysis of the most influential market trend;
  • 24/h brain workout;
  • Understanding of market interactions;
  • Interactive social platform;
  • Wide range of independent activities;
  • Concepts of business, enterprise, and leadership;
  • Real enterprise promoter;
  • Welcome and “chewing” constant updates;
  • Distant contributor;
  • Understanding of critical matters.

A given company could be in need or could not be in need of a C.A.R. ©.

For example, alongside with the multiple interactions deriving from an important political case of the day, or an unexpected deviation of a market trend, a Company Ace Remover might be useful to gather the knowledge necessary and systematically address the company to a better rendering, which should be the standard one or even a better one.

The active presence of a C.A.R. in a company course has not to be a must. In fact, a C.A.R. is able to act by keeping a certain distance from a company’s spokesman. That’s why a C.A.R. is able to bear the most relevant, and even the less relevant, company’s stakes.

How a company expectation can ever be deluded? It is the C.A.R. fault, but that is not the end of it.

For more information about this job, please do not hesitate to forward the conversation with this actual promoter. Can say this job has been revealed itself useful to the many unofficial associates I have gathered so far.

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Company Ace Remover (C.A.R.) ©

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Letter of intent for a softer and wiser manipulation of market provisions for streams and news communication 20/10/19

The outside situation is still tragic as it has not recovered yet. Why? Because this morning something happened through my health status and this evening something happened while listening to the national tv news. What essentially happened? The fame factor played its role in destroying and targeting my juridical person. Thereby, from such felt targeted attacks, my mind accused pain and finally a wound was created.

What are the dynamics of these attacks? Let’s start from the national tv news. It is clear now that the alliances of Russian, say, and European Policies, are concretely listable and enumerable throughout the accusation between the abuse of personal data and fiscal remedies. The most important thing to note here is about the characteristics of this alleged alliance. It is a covenant of extraordinary strength and forced legitimization among territories and privately detained houses. It derives essentially from the unabated usage of personal data, illegal ways of supervision, empowered forces of muscle arrest and individuals, media targetting, incorrect distribution of penalties and correction of the masses.

The overall package of envious matters, can, of course, be eluded with ease; however, a strong impact coming from such material can create a physical wound on the target, if specified or tormented enough. So essentially, the Calderon of mean material is able to create a wound on the aimed. That is why I even think that my attributes can be used by market makers to build up trends and dig into my past for proposing. This should be done in a fair manner, so without properly digging into personal affairs and data, but with a reasonable and linear adaptation of resources deliberately released on the various platforms but the main character of the show. This, especially in the case of commercial-like activity among streams.

So suppose I am the target of media assault and suppose the Russian-European regime has stolen a forbidden piece of digital paper from my laptop. Anything could be written upon it, but they stole it and the fact that they ‘stole’ it, produces pain on me once the content is replicated on the stream, so I deduce that everything I am able to bake up is of extreme value for them, and so it gets stolen or deducted from my personal, say, portfolio of timing execution of the ‘digital paper content’. So it should not be love but it should be a very threatening form of hate. Why threatening? Because normally when I get up in the morning, no one in my house street targets me with insults or joking words. Am I right with that? Anyway, I felt pain in me, perhaps after an unbearable accumulation of insults and jokes. It even seemed to me that somebody said something like “do you understand?”, after it appeared that a full container of bad insults and fear was thrown up inside my house with shameless bravery.  The thing here is quite simple, I have at my disposal a certain number of people who are contrary to something about me, so they insult and throw stones, figuratively speaking. Plus, I have to be accounted for national tv news because I have studied for my university exam and I have talked about my mother about the topics on issue. So the fact that some luxurious entrapment has to whisper me that European Union will have to hear about the information but also the ever-requested and impossible-to-obtain DNA coming out my conversation with my mother, is not correct by my side, even if I am not sure that message was targeting me directly. So, the only thing to say to the man conducting news is that if ECB is looking for DNA, well, we live in a horrific world and I will try later on to tell why I have just affirmed such a thing.

The price I have to pay for my continuous effort in studying and learning is enormous if put into contrast with the counterparties with which I have to pay such a price. I would, in fact, continue to study for the rest of my life, however I would prefer a better condition, perhaps a better accommodation where I should not watch national tv news for any reason in the world or maybe because there should be no people outside my house fences that are targetting me with insults and sinister moves which may drive my attention span to different sections. The thing here is, I am really right by complaining about that? Can I ever be so prominent in feeling the intention coming from such an exponential number of ‘receivers’, that, all in all, behave in a under-covered way as well as I am supposed to do?

To be honest, I am a little bit worried to fail in writing. Why this? My intentions while writing this post should be amended if ever they incur in some irrational territory. That is why one of my prerogatives is not to be spied by a third party company or intelligence operator; such as local intelligence agencies, namely DI.G.O.S. or the like. So we are calling back the discourse about the Russian-European alliances which apparently is allowed to steal private data, so forbidden data, to put it into effect, in a preferred-by-them time frame, as a matter of surprise to the unaware victim. Thereby the victim does not know what to do against this kind of regime, furthermore, I guess there is no reason to check me up since I am just writing thoughts about my current situation in life as a free citizen, what is the damage that can such a written piece yield to the mass, let’s be honest about that. The thing we are talking about here, I guess, is the thing which regards the present war in the war. Which essentially should be about, in its roots, just analyzing it, the fact that abuse of personal data for fiscal provision is not made in a good way. Thereby, there will be a gap between a legalized aggressor and a victim that cannot rebel, due to a lack of resources that they are promised to ‘have’ in the future; hence, for instance, that is why I have to withstand my relatives’ choices to watch commercial advertisements streams at high volume while I try to do my activities, it seems that they are piloted by an external force that I do not know why seems to be present inside my mansion, otherwise my real father, to give a name, would never decide to keep me from, just to name one, trying to cure my headache for continuous media assault. So a strange paradigm explaining why a given conflict may emerge between two counterparties that will be always fighting against each other for this radical reason, plus, in this case, the equipment detained by the legalized aggressor to commit the crime, from their …, which is not ‘artificial’ I should amed, elevation in comparison with the rest of the victims, that are not the general mass, again amending.

My studies at university seem to be prohibited by the society in which I live. Why? Because I cannot afford a good health status to proceed with my readings and comprehension. So, all in all, it is a matter of ‘life points’ as if in the videogames or in other types of games. But in reality, it is something regarding the health status that is subtracted by someone committing a crime against you or in other chances cooking poisoning dinner in a Calderon until the effect punishes the very focused individual.

To be honest, another time, I do not want to hear anything about Rome in a way that has to subtract me from a lot of things. I could even be accused of these people that I kill people. Again, and again. I have never killed anyone. I have never assisted in a crime like that either. So, indeed, I hate Rome and I hate the people in Rome that are in conjunction with this if existing, the alliance of Europe and Russia. If that is the case, I hate and I do not want to have anything about with all the people regarding this situation.

If the cost of my choice will be losing any chance to get married in Italy, I will pay this cost, as apparently, I am actually doing in this exact second. This is one of the most beautiful things I would ever love to do in MY country, BUT, it is not possible because of the European and Russian alliances plus Rome. Let’s put it clearly.

 I am a simple guy, I never get angry even if yesterday I raised my voice tone with my mum and told her ”What do you want”? Why did I do that, because she came to me and said something with a very weird voice tone? It was not she, or something about that! Anyway, I do my activities in a very relaxing mode, I go out with my friends and drink some long drinks, I get up in the morning and have breakfast, study and watch some tv to cover up the very recent side of my studies, it a normal break. I have lunch with my parents and watch local tv, then I relax on the sofa.

I do not want to be indicted for becoming an angry person or for committing actions that might practically, in the very sense of the word, destabilizing other people’s mind. We know that I received insults and wounds. I just wanted to warn someone that they might have been responsible for my receiving of insults and literal wounds. I never wanted to deepen into such an analysis. I never want to open a case or lead up a process against such a phenomenon. However, the reality of the wounds received, so the weighted aspect of the wound, the wound itself in real terms, is worthy of consideration; therein I am sad but I have to check whether a given third involved person is actually holding the responsibility of any act committed, directly or indirectly, toward my juridical person and not toward the conventional mirror, unnamed, of national tv news stream, which is different from the person I am for the good deeds I have undergone in the day, for instance.

I know one important thing now. What do I know? I know that time has to go by and the evolution of this written piece of digital paper will softly or arguably expire. The same will happen in my head and so I will not have the impression that what I have said today is a reality to which I have to account on. However, I am completely aware of the fact that I am a simple guy who has never committed any crime and is free and will remain free forever. Why free? Because I promise under the feet of my mother, that no empowered agent coming from I do not know which distant area of the planet, would ever make me think about that I am arrested with a blocking-shirt somehow, so my muscle will be subject of a quick downturn that will lead them to yield less energy and so on. Plus, I will forever fight not to be arrested according to media streaming. Why this? It is because media streaming can manipulate consumers’ minds with advertisements and radio waves. So I will always find a way to fight this resistance adopted by Rome, intelligence agencies, Europe-Russian Alliance and the like.

One last note will be about something regarding my actual situation. Why are my immune defenses so low? Why do I take care of the outer street and the national tv news? It may be because I should do something else in another place, and perhaps I would have been watching a different program. There is no linkage between me and the people outside my house, it is a real nightmare instead, I granted as a free-lunch for any presumable future collateral advancement! What about national tv news, well, when I listening to it, I always strive not to get my attention deviated or to completely crash my courage in remembering notions as it happened during my last exam at university.

Indeed, such a chaos package has alone induced me to perceive useless pain. It is a kind of combination which on one side puts the people on the stake of this case, so the people on my neighborhood; and on the other side, their lawyers, characterized by the intervention of the anchors and the speakers in tv, or at least this looks like to be the reiteration of their advancements in the morning, after my due, unfortunately, elaboration of the content heard and perceived, in a way or another. For this reason, still, I do not intend to lose any working contact with the administration of the academic institution I am actually subscribed to. Actually, I did not know it was in Rome when I initially subscribed.

So again, if these letters really have the power to change, as amended everywhere in code telling, this is my request:

  • Eliminate the D.I.G.O.S. and the like check-ups on my laptop’s private data
  • Try to unravel the mystery of the European-Russian alliance on fundamental issues they think are fundamental.
  • Try to find me another place where to stay where no inflammatory pressure form the very outside is felt, plus I need to have a firm possibility to change program with the remote every time I decide to; so I need to be in a different place at dinner time if, for different reasons, I cannot switch program.

Antonio Bonatesta


One of the best days of my life 18/10/19

This is one of the few times when I feel that it is necessary to write and release my thoughts. Today it was a wonderful day. Although it was not rich in people and things, it was rich in content. What do I mean by that? Well, let’s start by saying that I spent the whole morning reading an interesting book about finance and I also watched a financial television program which is called Bloomberg. The happiness that came from the series of activities carried out in the morning was astonishing for me. At the end of everything, I am a simple guy who underwent a lot of imagined troubles and indirect consequences in the external environment that was caused by internal troubles. I was surprised that I could afford to live in my house today and learning so much interesting stuff, also by a sense of uttermost effort towards the learning.

To be honest, I would like to tell anyone, if there is any, that I am happy with what I am today and for what I have reached so far since the very beginning of my life. Probably, there is to say that change and progression have led to a continuum of gains and losses along the way. But, to be honest again, I still have everything I had before at my disposal, and I am even talking about my equipment for forex technical analysis. There could have been a suspicion that I was abused by someone. But I think that all in all the models of behavior are always the same in every circumstance, so for anything happening in the controlled external environment I should not worry about any harmful targeting, because everything perfectly matches my very consciousness, prefer not to act on that.

I have reached the conclusion that this is the ideal life I would like to live from this moment in the present up to the very future. I have re-established my relationship with my parents in a very smart and profound way. So I will be sure that my parents will be on every decision made by me for my future path of life and achievement. Anyway, I think that in the past there was no reason to suspect that they were contrary to my decision to invest their resources to proceed towards a new life path. Or rather, instead of investing in their resources, other solutions can be found in order for me to achieve the desired result in what matters most for me in life.

So it should be a success the only thing regarding my parents and their will to support my decisions, independently from their individual perspective.

Talking a little bit about me. This afternoon I have discovered how various and colorful can be my mind approaches towards another person. And this was done in terms of an explanation of important subjects of study.

I wish I never feel the need for maneuvring topics that are out of my ordinary requirements from the type of career I have chosen to pursue.

There is something for example which I would like to point out. If for example, the topic is finance, why should I be involved also in the topic of war and in the topic of politics? I think that these processes, in my mind, may alter the preferred conduct of the finance topic to be faced.

The thing is that I could never become a financial robot, but at least there should not be other interesting material to analyze at the same time. In corroboration with my studies, then, a wider oversight on financial completeness should belong to me as I had been a diligent student focused on this subject only.

So what I am trying to do is a kind of operation aimed to return to the student status achieved after the summer holiday. During this status, I used to take notes of the lesson and I was very fond of financial topics that I even knew them in advance with sharp skills. Now it seems that that oversight has been overwritten by obscure material which is useless for my life and for my conduct in university. It is no doubt that there has been a change in the mindset from the beginning of last September until now. This brought me to work with unexpected studying skills and memory capabilities. It was a change I chose, in the first person, to cause on me. However, I should say, my choice was due every time it was taken. Basically, I just wanted to study and revise without incurring unexpected changes.

Antonio Bonatesta

It is impossible to spy me now 12/10/19

I would initially like to put a condition upon this blog post:

Media, Military, Major political parties, and Central Banks, know everything about me.

According to this fact, if it holds true, they are similar to my father, my mother, my sister and my brother. Why? Because my family members know everything about me. Well, this paradigmatic actualization of a mix of data and factual convergences brings me to the conclusion that the previous post, “You can’t see me 24h”, cannot be adapted and successfully pressed in a context made up of conglomerates of institutional surrogates of family members or the like.

I can talk about an important advantage, taken this true. What is this advantage? They are two-fold. On one side there is high and complete protection scheme around my single person. On the other side there is a guarantee that every my investment or action, has a return in a fixed or variable period of time. So again, we are talking about a weird type of investment bank which uses mechanisms to make the guaranteed able to earn something in a future date.

My actual situation is in line with my inner desires. I can tell that the course of the main activities I conduct for personal necessity is carried out according to my sole capacities. This is an important achievement I would like to highlight in this post because otherwise, I would have not been able to carry on the necessary activities in a good way.

There is a weird event though, or a shadow of events, which influence my private life in a direct way. Such an event has been the hypothesized check of my personal computer by violating the standard privacy concerns. This brought my instinct to spot the issue and, eventually, it led me to behave accordingly with an uncontrolled reaction, in a 100% instinctive way. I do not want to be mean, but I have realized that being mean might become a subordinate factor of the mind, which, I should amend, is gloriously emphasized by the external emitters, like music or radio, for example. Why? Because, during the force realization of a tort accused, the brain produces something different from, say, honey. If you do not control properly and you want to perform well while doing the necessary activity, for example, you might be able to summarize in mind the effects of the event happened. The result? The mind could be able to release a fenced amount of negative feeling which is 100% useless for any reason attached to the mind. So this feeling can also be called the wound of the realization and of the effects of the above mentioned cyber attack.

Please, I do not want to hurt the sensitivity of anyone. We have already put an eye on the fact that there are institutional-like family members, like Central Banks and Political parties, which act as protectors and guaranteers. So theoretically I do not have to worry if in the “Game of Thrones” something wrong and illegal happens by my side. Even if I accuse pain and negative feeling, which, notably, subtracts time frames from my life in which I could have been better enabled to invest and act for a more prosperous future achievement and the like. The “Game of Thrones”, overall, is supervised by the Public Authorities, like Military, Police, Central Banks, Political Parties, Media and even some municipal/regional entities.

As a matter of fact, the underlying meaning of the previous post, according to the existence and the validity of this paradigmatic set of Public Authorities; is a superb underwriting of revolutionary rocketing administration. As to recall a previous term. Who can ever be able to destabilize the nucleus of the Public Entities? I have cited 7.

Let’s try to encapsulate in a single compart the real meaning of such authorities. One little advantage I was given or may be earned is that I have free choice whether or not get involved in Public transactions, brought in through Television network and the like, military contribution, which can happen through satellite supervision, for example, and free-world actions; then there is commercial and marketing contribution which is a marginal deterrence of non-financial capital which can be automatically or on-demand conveyed to a defined share of Television auction or free-world show-like requests in public space.

Thereby, my aim is justifying the “kingdom” of such an Authoritative structure above the light of the “Game of Thrones”‘ saga or race. First of all, it would be easy to cast innovative analytics about such a reality. Can it be squared or rooted as a real phenomenon? If the answer is ‘yes’, well, it would be notable to see that if you do not belong to the “kingdom”, you necessarily belong to the “game”; if you do not belong to the “game”, you belong to the “Middle East”, say, and in so subscribing, you are constraining yourself to take part in one of these Socio-Political dimensions. Later on, you might decide to belong to your own private dimension where you have the right to do what is respectful according to the good behaviors and the general norms, and so on.

The three dimensions described before, are not, unfortunately, deprived of mistakes in action, which can even be called sins, according to the major religions. So, according to this line of thought, someone could decide to reduce the schizophrenic-paper-prism of a bunch of idiomatic market laws, for recalling the old principles of the bible or, in other terms, the similar principles they were using when history was studied in school and when, just to give a general path, a period of stable economic growth in a country occurred. So, such traditional principles should be, in the various forms of expression and manifestation, an important trademark or law, if you want, for a correct working out of managing decisions.

This is a kind of contradictory note. Why? Because no one has ever wanted to become the slave of his or her bone marrow. I am joking. When I think about my bone marrow I think that it is important for stable health of bones and even for the correct functioning of the spinal cord. And the spinal might be useful when I sleep on the sofa or when reading a book.

The conflict of religious thinking, normally, I guess is related to the fact that a holy and poor soup of vegetables could be able to create an enormous disaster. Why this image? If there are three men sit around a table with a soup of vegetables in the middle. How many implications could arise and superimpose according to the 10 principles of the Bible, for instance, which are the principles of the Christian Religion?

So in the most common and pensioned situation ever imaginable, namely a soup of vegetables shared by three hungry men, how many things can happen in concatenation with the 10 principles infringement? Will they be able to succeed in eating the soup shared in three exact parts?

So, once the eternal conflict of religion is solved, let’s move to another sad reality, which I want to call Greece, Symbolism, Heredity and British Pound.

Let’s suppose one initial premise, what can I ever lose from inside myself that my hyper-intelligent organic system is not currently accepting? Who or what is putting a brake on the repulsion of such and presumably existent monolithic factors, if any? It should be me, but, my will is supported by external forces and phenomenons of physics. These things contribute to the sustainment of a physical cloud supporting the presence of anomalies in my organic system. Such a set of anomalies, in a first instance, has been discovered by me after the 2011 mental accident. It perpetuated growth and flourishing, with a dense rate of formation, during 2015, 2016 and a half 2017 period. It is a mental anomaly which was once considered as a productive mental asset, unremovable but confined. A sort of mental inheritance that was guaranteed to me by an inner sense of gratitude and grace acquired through experience. As time went on, I realized that this asset was becoming more and more risky to use and to recall. I wonder whether it is still present in me nowadays. Anyway, such a thing is an artificial mental organization, which must be abolished by my thinking system. One of the reasons for that is related to the fact that such mental organization is a branch of my inner conception of the universe. My question now is: Can my mind ever be able to store the exact amount of power, energy, and information available from the universe? I would be the least powerful and energetic person in the world, and I will tell why in a bit. I believe that whatever concerns the universe in the overall conception that human being can ever stipulate and state, if it is inside ourself, as an artificial organized asset, it would consequently be an illegitimate proxy of the real universe concept and theory. Why, because nobody is able to understand and to know everything about the universe, and if ever one person will be able to know everything about the universe (and I limit my analysis to the word “know”), he will never have sufficient time in life to work out a proxy asset in his mind to have the greatest power of the universe. In the end, I have just matched that this reality is an ugly reality. Therefore, I will not consider as talkable, people who suffer from such a problem. Rather, I might suggest reading these lines to find the right comfort.

In so writing, probably the actual problem of fast and insidious thoughts in my head can be related to the irremovable rests of such a mental anomaly. Therein, I am still tributing efforts to such a Vanguard mix of expired assets in mind: this statement is an anomaly itself because I should not consider having assets in mind because it would be outrageous for myself, in the first place.

So the Greek aspect. Which is related to Greek Mythology. It is something that regards me in the first person. Why? Because I used to use Greek Mythology objects and constructs, which my mind was apparently able to build, in order to justify and release the abilities I could dispose of in a moment of need. Such a process could be exemplified as follows:

The battle between Theseus and the Minotaur. Let’s start with the fact that such a battle can never happen. What’s more? In a given situation, for example, a meeting with two other friends, it may happen that you are recalling a mythological based construct from somewhere inside your brain or body. Then you hold it in mind and you believe you are encouraged to use such an instrument to develop an argument or a fight among people. After that, you realize that your intervention is made for a reason which goes beyond the normal conduct of the fight. Afterward, you encapsulate the memory of the fight inside your mind or somewhere in the body, or at least you think that you are doing this. Such fight with the monster has now assumed an uploaded structure that you may call M2. Here we can have the symbol and its idiomatic meaning but also content. All this stuff is supposed to be stored inside the brain or somewhere in the body. All this stuff can be stored somewhere in the brain or in the body with countless occurrences. In the end, what you will have is a conglomerate of objects and constructs that should be linearly arranged in given arrays of memory or something like that, so, basically, your brain or your body is hosting some material. My question now becomes, is this material a real material, namely consistent with the needs of the body tissues? Is it accepted by the brain and the body tissues? Is it a normal thing to store in the body? Is it a process that actually happens and that deserves evaluation for its confirmed existence?

In so writing, the problem with Greece and Symbols is a destabilizing problem. Why? Because essentially such collateral nutrition that you offer for your brain and body functionality is not coherent with the natural but also artificial criterion of nutrition that is recognized worldwide by science and other sources, so the one recommended for correct health status. So it can be described as a negative phenomenon happening, in a passive uncontrolled way, among brain and body tissues. Therefore it might even be considered as incipit of cancer cells among tissues. But this is just my opinion.

What are the effects implied in such functioning? First of all, the amplification of such supposed material can distort the perception of the bearer. How? Since the path inscribed in the tissue, if ever inscribed, contains elements of an irrational matrix, derived from fights and arguments with different levels of reasoning, for example; it is supposed to release irrational arguments that are, however, supposed to be ignored in the external environment.

What is the difference between a Symbol error and a normal error? The Symbol error is easily recognizable, as it derives from bricks and constructs of applied angry sentiment, such as rage, in contexts where inappropriate reasoning is used in order to justify not ordinary ‘attacks’. A normal mistake can be a mathematical error instead.

Herein, the phenomenon should be abolished from the common consciousness of the united people. Plus, it should be identified across those nations which are in trouble with conflicts of any sort. The removal of such incumbency could contribute to the series of remedies for the bad conduct of internal affairs or political issues.

What do I mean by inheritance and British Pound?

Here we have another type of constructs, which, I bet, is even more harmful than the first one explained. Here substantially we are speculating against the disposition of the constellations in the sky. Why doing that? Because we want to model in our mind a generous proxy of mental elements that can gather strength when the mind is full of endorphins or when such constructs are endorsed in a given situation, by talking about connected staff whatsoever. So we are talking about an organized set of mental slots, each of them carrying the memories and the relative brain material needed to reinforce the slot. Thereby, I can call out the slot when needed. If I call out the slot and the slot is dense of ‘aggressively’ (so against the body’s will) held material, what I can have is a pseudo-aggressive and irrational behavior which roots depend on the irrational matrix of the slot. So, starting by the fact that the mental asset, the slot, cannot be considered or stored by the mind without the brain or the body accepting it; then such a thing is strange and might induce severe consequences on health and external manifestations of behavior. So, it can even be believed to be stored forever, but the consequence of health can be disastrous. Why? Because we keep on realizing in ourselves that a false slot exists. Then, the longer we think about such an object, the longer will be the suffering accumulated. Moreover, such accumulation is able to deteriorate health status, by reducing once active cells in passive ones. Thereby acquiring a dependence on the function of the slot. The function of the slot, therefore, is not essential for us to survive.

I would not like to open a bracket on the inheritance of such slots. Are these slots inherited or are they gained during life experience? If they are inherited, how can the transferring process happen?

Probably I hold the answer now. That is the fact that I saw so many prominent people in London while I was attending at Queen Mary University. The men’s figures attracted me in a very illuminating way. So that is why my mind was able to falsely create slots in it. One day I have the chance to spend a morning with a man. We talk a lot after taking high-grade drugs. We looked at each other in the eyes. Both I and he said something in a very augmented mind status. At the end of the conversation, we separated. What about my head? Basically, my eyes and my head heard with interest and involvement what the man said, but they also took into consideration what I said in that conversation. So a plausible effect could have been that the number of words and facial expressions exchanged during that conversation, would have put a marked influence on my future actions and decisions. Aside from considering the external factors, like commercial interventions for the future, the conversation was able to shape a marked pawn in my head and body, which could alone gain its unaccepted identity in the brain and develop erroneous decisions or actions for the sake of my trust in such ever-vivid accumulation of unaccepted material.

The period from 2015 up to 2018 (July), was not a positive period due to the continuous fuelling to slots, symbols, and mythological objects and constructs. By the way, such mental material could never be squared (namely deployed) enough to produce effective and definitive results in the outside world. Why? Because the results of my actions and behavior were completely dictated by my sane will. Mental disease material was just collateral I thought I had to depend on which sometimes could cause unexpected or undesired alterations.

What does British Pound mean? We may be talking about the possibility that someone in the Pound Council might have ‘invested’ on me, even after my return to Italy. In so doing they were able to access my private files and surveil on life in general. In the meantime, I could receive a lot of encouragement for fuelling the slots, the constructs, and the symbols.

Only a little note. Since the beginning of the new university, I completely stopped to fuel and accredit disease material. But, there was a problem. At least, I can affirm that I have seen Jaguar branded cars that were trying to be watched by me, in the sign of mysterious forms of cooperation or something else. I do not know why, but I think that Jaguar branded car drivers, more or less like me, still use such type of disease material to develop their thesis in driving or on the other issues. So the connection with my new life from 2015-2018 should have been disrupted. But apparently, this has not occurred yet.

The role of the British Pound in this situation is relative to the multitude of sad incumbencies that might have taken origin since my slavery conditions started and since I was ‘invested’ by someone in England when I came back to Italy, in 2011.

As it transpires from my words, I do not want to be crude by saying that something like that might or might not have happened. The thing is that I still consider myself lacking the basic privileges that I could be happy for in the period, say, 2005-2011. Now, it seems that I am hated by the people in my town for no reason, for example.

Thereby I would like to say something if anyone has ever tried to justify my last 8 years of life in a way or another: there can never be love strong enough happening when finally selling Antonio’s slave period for the sake of me, to a new kind of life package coordinated by supervisory authorities, again. I will never collect the fruit of such kind of love. I have to admit that in the recent past I tried, conscientiously, to re-acquire what I thought was for me a right to have back, such as my health. But I failed to redeem this alleged right, so I understood that nothing could be done for equilibrating my personal point of view of life and ideal living situation.

So, the aim of this blog is not pointed to the conquering of the ideal living situation. Why? The relativity of the concept is large. Now, at this exact moment, I live a life full of joy and intensity. There is nothing I should complain about. I think that everyone is able to withstand such a concept because otherwise, we would all get mad. What is normally due in life consist, by and large, of duty and pleasure. What I am doing now is giving me the change to get along with my contrasting thoughts about a semi-ill past from which, apparently, I want to totally detach from.

Finally, according to the analysis of recent and past facts, there might be a girl in town to whom I am interested in having a conversation, at least. This is something which has never happened since the day I met this girl. So I would like to remind myself that if such a conversation could have never happened, then there is no chance to meet this girl again and know her a little bit more. Probably this happened because some person knew about my interest in this girl and kept her from meeting me because they were 100% sure that I am a killer.

So this is what should have happened with me and this girl in the period from 2018 up to the end of 2019. There is me, a famous wanker, say, and the other people who never stop saying that I am a killer. I never ceased to accommodate each of them to the interest they are able to pay for the girl in question. Apparently, they also say that I am a killer. In addition, they keep the girl from talking to me, or at least this is what looks like.

Since in the deepest part of myself, I dislike this reality, because I have always been a generous and accommodating person to every type of guy I could ever have the possibility to meet, and I suppose cannot do it differently; then I would like to decline any kind of relationship intake with this sort of ‘agency’, namely the group of people that are behaving in this way by presumably knowing that my interest was sincere. Consequently, for any chance that this back-called girl is aware of such a mixture of events and contradictions, and she also regards my interest, I have to give up my sincere inclination toward a possible meeting concretization.

A note for the European Central Bank. It might be possible that this brain damage might also have been caused by this entity. There is a subtle fact that has not to be ignored. The organism is, sorry my blog for the word, winning the daily chance to prevail on my net products of actions and thoughts. This is weird to say. But there might be a not unveiled convergence which brings adrift all the efforts products to an idiomatic bank deposit. That can be in Belgium or in Germany, it does not matter, just to mention. The reality is that a phenomenon is recorded and has to be analyzed.

In 2014 and in the period between 2015 and 2017 I used to listen to music with my headphones. In 2014 I found that there was a possibility for me to supply requested convertible information to a Tv news provider. When I was listening to music I used to listen to love songs. I used to address this song, so simply thinking and imagining, to a girl in Belgium. I then thought that in Germany and in Belgium there was equipment that could sustain and take over whatever could be transmitted through such listening. There was no change for me to link with that girl in Belgium as it was for the Television news provider. I tried to do that because in that period I loved this girl a lot and I wanted to have back the occasion to talk to her.

Thus, the role of the European Central Bank and the German equipment might be the cause of the current issue of winning over the concretizations of my actions and intents. For example the relationship with a relative or with a friend. The winning capacity of the ECB is able to influence, with my power of influence converted, the will of my relatives and my friends.

Antonio Bonatesta

You can’t see me 24h 09/10/19

Well. Many affairs in the shadow tale. What does it mean? In the previous hours, I could record the activity of the following affairs:

  • Car industry brokerage
  • Police safeguard
  • Banking fraud

What are them?

Car industry brokerage is a service composed of a given number of vehicles which run through a given distance, could it be a highway, and shape semi-financial security to grab in mind and use for external reason. As per the material published on ABCL (AB Consulting Limited FB page), the security offered by the organizer of the car industry brokerage is subdued to the consumer’s primary choice. Thereby the service can be rejected or grabbed in the form it can be mentally grabbed. So perhaps, it could have been useful to store it in memory.

When talking about such service delivered, I am not talking about an issue. Why? Because this service could be a creative proxy of a financial security which, instead, is denominated in real money. So, the realistic impact of such service delivered, which could be even a direct consequence of a market of similar services, can be surpassed by the primary choice of rejecting the service offered and delimiting the visual impact in a subordinate region of the mind. The existence of such a service should not be abolished even in a world of fantasy and endless recreation. Why? Because there is an innate capability in people to understand the characteristics of the car industry brokerage and to behave with the correct psychology.

What about police safeguard? Police safeguard is a particular mental “device” which puts an individual in control of police movements and dynamics of actions and the like. As it is a ‘device’ a militar guard, for instance, may try to subtract it to you. But as it is the product of experience which can be taught to other people and not transferred, we are not talking anymore about a ‘device’.

Bank fraud. Bank for me is a corporation that must be the power and the legitimization to gather and save all the best effects of its customers. But when the bank starts to abuse their customers, a problem arises.

For example. I have written a book in 2016. Why did I write a book? I write a book because I did not want to kill people.

What is the problem? A fraudulent bank might have subtracted to me the digital copy of the book. This seemingly proved to be the existence of another portion of the world made up of people who are no more worried about every life problem.

These seem to be people who are able to defend their status and their property in a perfect manner. I would agree with them. But there is a little issue. And the issue is that my book, just to mention one thing, can never be their property.

The mechanism talks alone. I would have taken advantage of such kind of investment in a given future date. As if this is a future contract where I ‘decide’ a custodian for my valuable merchandise and in the meantime, the contract matures with various effects.

This type of future contract, I believe, is one of the main causes of the disruption of the global economy. And I am trying to say that in complete neutrality with respect to any party or counterparty who would be involved in such conflict; whether or not I am talking about conflict. Indeed, I do not even decide straight away to sign such a contract but another person, which is superior to me, is apparently allowed to sign against my will.

The following case connects the bank’s future contract of the book to another case of similar features. When I printed my book in my town Brindisi, my mother forced me to choose her favorite printing shop. So I obeyed my mother.

So, according to the probability of the facts re-emerged, such a book could have been delivered, from the printing shop, to some third-parties which were never involved in my life events and so on.

With similar dynamics, such a third-party nucleus might have gained possession, with the excuse of the bank’s future contract, of the following goods; so, again, a benign seizure according to the external explanations:

  • Book
  • Car: Peugeot 108
  • Music
  • Written files from the laptop (this is what also concerns the other banks, but the attribute is different with respect to future contracts)

So essentially, a seized good, guarantees, by the law of finances, a precise degree of maturation of a supposed future contract on which the good has been denominated. In effect, this degree of maturation is a measurable and quantifiable asset that can even have an unlimited time horizon, in the case of a seizure, as there is no apparent guarantee that the seizure would redeem its object.

What are the consequences of the life of the individual? First of all, this system of market bribery is consolidated and is hidden from the public view. Indeed I will never be certain whether or not such a system exists. Suppose we live in different planets: how can this circumscribed banking conglomerate be completely detached from the global hemisphere?

So my question is: can such a system ever pollute or hinder, in some sense, the smoothness of achievement and of processing of the normal individuals in the global scene?

Whether or not an answer can be delivered to me this night about this fundamental question for people and most of all for market investors, I do not think that the hazard of targeting the market bribery system is worth the try. As I said before, those who represent such a reality, if I am not lying or distorting any truth, are able to protect themselves in the best way possible. This is due to the fact that they are the group of the most powerful people and their principles are mixed intelligently.

According to this group, their life is amazing and it should be worse for those who have not adhered to this group.

As for the military situation, which was explained in many of its dots, the bank fraud cannot be removed in one click. And I say it in advance to any repercussion that this simple blog might create among excited readers.

Therefore I would like to remind that this bulk of statements is not aimed to say that someone is criminal. I will never dare so. However, the statements might be used as valid instruments to recover any apparent misalignment between disputing factions or counterparties.

I believe it is a prerogative of each community state or states that are bonded to each other by trade solutions or other reasons.

In fact, the only real solution for me is working as if I am my personal intermediary or my personal future bank in a context where nobody else would ever enter my affairs in order to generate conflicts between two or more parties. If such an idea could advance the scenario would see me facing the external world with the market conditions, the real ones, that adheres to the general law system, without useless appendixes or revolutionary rocketing. So we are talking about a law system. At the vertex of such discussion, indeed, there are laws and their interpretation. How can so a re-convertible institution be my market if the market is one and one only?

I think that if an ignorant person goes to a desolate island, the market rules will apply also for him without him knowing anything about them.

It is always the same discussion. That is because the use of fraudulent future contracts, even the simple deed of making them, is capable of creating disregard between the parties involved. And this disregard would only impair life achievements and processes. Thus, this might be the root signal, saying that again, of the cause for the biggest problems of the global economy. How can it impair life? Let’s try to make an example:

My car gets stolen. So I have good stolen. The good was organized stolen. So higher material for meditation and body reaction. My body reacts to the steal and I absorb the product or my body reaction, say. The product is a lot of exquisite blood in the veins. This drives my appetite for finding back the car down.

The process, in the same way, happens through the exchange of future promises or contracts. Indeed, my blood, as my brain understands the issue, and my body starts to produce a lot of endorphins and this happens subconsciously. So I become the strongest man on the planet or something like that. This particular bundle of prizes and premiums is my life today without the contractual and present evaluation of the achievement which should have been achieved, in very simple manners, and not delivered, by my side, by my market, by my ‘bank’.

Hereby the notion of the boy who came into the light of the world to be considered a ‘slave’ by the global community. I would not like to reason about that, but the life of a slave in the past should have been almost the same as mine today.

Did I decide this?

I did not decide this.

So I was imposed to live such a kind of life hindered by those who love me, that should never dare to promise me a kiss in the future, thanks.

Therein is logical to bend my head to the most powerful group. Because this is how it works today.

But I want to deepen a little bit more.

What was essentially happening when I used to drive my car in the city and on the highway for backing up working and analytical “Kilobytes” in my mind and indirectly accusing other people of illicit activities or trafficking?

I should say it was an interesting job. The only bad thing is that I was treated as a “slave”, that meaning already explained, and I did not get remunerated. I could store in memory the lines of reasoning and the paths of actions found in the street, believing it was perfectly alright with the law and with the community’s sentiment, at least how it should have been with a normal guy, and in a very natural way I could take advantage of such ‘asset’, but also of my skills, during my contribution with the Us television networks, such as CNN.

Essentially, I felt free to convey my backed thoughts and impressions because they could have picked or not by the centrally appointed personnel of the television network; it depended on their discretion and evaluation.

The same is for all the other ‘target’ people. I will never hold myself responsible for the repercussions accused of somebody’s rage toward a wall, who later saw, on the television, that I was put into an ADV of sumo fight. At the same time, I will never hold me responsible for any act or thinking stream that occurred inside my head or in contrast with certain attitudes of people, in the external dimension, that were explicitly out of order and not correct, so to amend such incongruency, just to say.

In conclusion, I would just like to attach a little note about an interesting topic: Fame and risk of being killed in the street. I would always like to remind you that what is famous about me, is what I have that makes me famous. In other words, I am not famous because I have done something great, I am a slave, as said before. An outer protagonist or protagonists, constantly contributing to my rendering in a famous status. And this is not correct. Plus, such fame could be able to undermine my security condition in the midst of a free world. What does it mean? Basically, the indicator which signals the accumulation of the degree of knowledge of my existence in a given area would necessarily bring, at some steps of its stepping in, that there could be occurrence of violence from a free area, and I could be the target. Such a measure should not be applied in a real context where the usual remedies have to be applied, however, it could shape the contingency factor which would induce a given individual or an organized group of individuals to indirectly inflict virtual damage, instinctively punch me in the face, or directly coming across my side and commit crime.

Antonio Bonatesta

State vs statE, what is it? 07/10/19

The analysis and study of my mind and my attitudes should not allow certain people to illegally search my private files, while, at the same time, I am not given the same chance.

Put these existing and measurable unbalance apart, withstanding with its weight, let’s talk about three fundamental dimensions of discussion which are actualized in different areas of broadcasting, could they be local, electronic networks, or belonging to groups or associations operating in a certain territory.

The bulk of thematics which could be drawn from the records of my life experiences and of my written operas or even not written operas is of exorbitant dimension. The ever ridiculous thing is that the whole amount is correctly in line with what is required from a given society to do its best so to automatically earn the best it can.

For this reason, any eventual picking of some historical events or old opera has to be viewed with a suspicious interpretation especially if it has not happened without my direct or indirect consent.

The clear syntax is aimed to justify the possibility of fraudulent picking of such material which might have occurred, strongly, in the last two weeks.

The problem is that, if such a thing has really occurred, we are talking about an illicit over-usage of gluttony related sentiments across the various usurer, in this case. Why usurers? It is because their actions might produce certain types of repercussions in my daily routine which, if not deviated or eluded in a correct manner, could deteriorate the quality of the day. Therefore I have poited out the problem of illicit picking of private resources.

Another problem I would like to simplify is related to my latest weekend experience. In my latest weekend experience, I spent a night out with some friends and I lived certain moments in intensity, however, there are no irregular episodes to record since my mind was lucid for the whole night out. Probably there is to say that I had a little fight with a fellow in the city, but it is not something worth noting. The thing is that I have crossed a Police checkpoint at the end of the night before getting into the car. But of course, nothing weird happens, and I think that nothing weird could ever happen even if my mind was full of joyful connection of manic sort whatsoever.

I got up on Sunday very early and I heard what was broadcast on television. So I thought that what was broadcast on television could have referred to me. So my actions could have been used to create a consequence but I did not personally create a consequence. I realized that again without getting close to delirious perceptions about a different shell of reality, which would have revealed incorrect at each step of compilation.

The same Sunday I went to a place in the region Basilicata. I lived in that place and I even preferred the solution to normally get a pleasant return of my actions towards certain people in that place because I thought I was quite nice with certain people. In some moments I believed that my relatives were trying to push me towards the achievement of a television talk show seat. But I still kept on wishing that my good actions were yielding a normal return. It is something that I do now as well.

When I was going back to my town, sitting on the backside of my father’s car, a hoard of cars and vehicles were getting smeared on the road. These were vehicles from the military and ancient cars in good mint conditions. In a moment I think it was ok. But in another moment, when we were almost heading to the city main entrance, a suspecting thought, which in my opinion was legitimate by the incurrence of the recent events, rose in my mind. So I put my head outside the car window and I watched the face of the people driving the military trucks. I watched a total of two military trucks with respectively one driver and another driver inside them. When I come back home I heard fast thoughts in my head saying that these people were ‘paying’ me, ‘that I killed people’, that ‘I threw a bomb on some people’ and so on. For whatever reason I have done this, please excuse me organ of the military because I do not know what are the consequences of my actions. Therefore I would like to toss another coin with respect to this militar encounter, which is not even an encounter for me, cannot define such a thing. I would like to say that for whatever reason I would ever try to meet you in the future, please do not consider me as a valid instrument or threat or someone to evaluate, just to say if ever noticed me, as I definitely will do for you, with high respect and devotion, for a reciprocal agreement. Plus, I really hope there will be no conflict of interest for the reaching of private objectives, like for example, in my case, marriage and graduation.

If for any stance done the case of picking up my personal effects is still running at the stem, then I would like to point out that the first problem related to this picking is the usage of the resources picked. Why? Because consolidated truth and statement could revive in a new situation by offuscating what was really consistent at that moment of time, for example, and so they might deliver a wrong expression of causes and effects. So there could be an interpretative distortion of the legitimization attributed to the historical event or the material picked which could yield harmful consequences locally or in concert with other streaming of similar relevance. I really hope this last theory has already been explained and radicated by historians all over the planet.

On a second instance, it seems correct to point out that, if the military attempt would have ever been justified by peaceful means, in relationship and coordination with the real event occurred in the previous days, and if it does not depend on my behavioral tendencies and actions; it should be just to accrue me the responsibility of feeling guilty for having, in some way, disrespected such organ by showing my head outside the car window.

Alongside this awareness, it is still muted the blink of solutions to an issue that remains stainless around this mass of greedy yokes.

Let’s talk a little bit more about the picking of my personal properties. The first thing which comes up in my mind is that I could never bring about justice in this case because the only fierce attribute which I could retain, at the moment, seems to be harshness. However, I might be able to write that probably the military side, let’s name one, is in unconsented possession of my operas and, in some ways, it might take measurable advantage of my actions and let’s say life. Can everyone believe that an assault rifle plus a satellite can control the life of citizens while they have, in their jurisdiction, marble sex assured for life and after-death with the belief of life on planet? Let’s say then that it would be impossible to determine and evaluate such a thing, and also solving it, by talking about the issue in an unread blog. It is the same thing when I said that it is right to have back my robbed car from the people who, and I have proof, know where the car might be left.

Therefore we are talking about, on the military side, a Constitution of law and manners which is respected by those who have adered to such an organ and protects them from people who are respecting the Italian constitution for instance, as to say.

On the basis of my observations, the so-called order of military might have orchestrated a plan to steal my old car on the 16th of July 2018. Plus, on the basis of the material gathered about my life, operas and so on, they have kept on reducing my general purposes to the absolute negative value every time it could have occurred for me to succeed with the normal terms provided by the Italian Constitution, as to give an example. So, in few words, the so-described organ of the military, more than being an organ, is a constituent tumor-like entity affecting the bigger organ, which is the legitimate living of innocent people, as, I suppose, I have always been.

Indeed, if for any reason I would be indicated as a person who, after someone read these lines, that is addressing this paramount self-protecting accusation against the whole members of the body of military, is wrong. What I am trying to point out is the misusage and the wrong affectiveness of personal material plus, should amend, this amazing reality:

I receive more support from those who are not looking at my stuff without my consent, I can say a word of love to a beloved one in order to stay well for a whole week if in need. But I will never understand this type of so-called protecting service. Probably one day I will understand the reason behind I had to serve the other one, instead of staying not in a better place, but the place where I was continuing my journey.

If such a scenario is realistic, I know that Antonio Bonatesta will be able to forgive all these figures, anyway I do not believe such a thing can be really put into account because it is evident that it is just me leveraging such a framework of facts and manifestations.

Antonio Bonatesta