The end of Tendencies? 01/11/19

I have recently discovered that my laptop files and the blog are secretly reached and read through Police servers spread across the planet. At the same time, all my life actions can become reasons to investigate interlaced events, in a sort of a very irrational way; however, in any case, this yields life disruption. In the end, I would just say that it is just a matter of time and events. But, after a more careful look at it, we can tell that it is like a negatively affected organism. It is a kind of program which is bringing me to the achievement of important objectives, such as complete security and freedom to make my choice by preserving the necessary needs to perform it, like the space and the genuine appreciation of other individuals.

The fact that every my digital or public intervention is monitored, is a reality that now has been widely proven. Therefore, what I really need to do in such a circumstance, should be objecting the regime X and promoting regime Y which is the one established according to law and human reason, so the most widely recognized among the hugest number of people. What am I essentially complaining about?

The answer is as follows: Groups of people belong to the saved ones of the regime X. They are able to surveil other’s people’s belongings and actions according to their legislative domain imposed on human patience presumably after World War II or during the Russian Cold War. The fact that I am writing this piece of sentences and thoughts, right now, has become subject of derision for some Italian commercial channels on the go because I am a monitored person whose life has to be ruined by the interlacement of my actions towards other domains of influence. This will inevitably yield drastic results in real life, which I do not really want to mention. I am desperate under this point of view because in the soil where I live I will never have the chance to gain the freedom necessary to live a life that I normally deserve to live so I will only be devoted to my study path, with a lot of difficulties on the run, minus all the preferred situation which can have their birth during the time I am finishing my studies and trying to accommodate other types of entertainment. This popularity, across various domains, will never leave me out. But the main reason behind that is the fact that this popularity is a prison for me. A prison that does not guarantee the privilege to enjoy what I really deserve in the country where I live. I will repeat that I am very desperate and no one, and I repeat, no one, is able to pull me out of this point.

I suppose this is the kind of the worst nightmare for a human being to live. And I am even forced to behave, as I am not controlling my very primary impulses and vein circulation. When I was writing this post, a police vehicle was standing nearby the place I live. It started to play out the siren sound once I decided to surf the web page of the blog. Indeed it was signed that, above and beyond, the movements made toward this page have been limited or blocked from their due execution. This should be not considered as a licit preventive action by Police, therefore I would amend to Police that I am living a very desperate status under impulse control, according to my view.

It is perfectly comprehensible that this blog post may seem a little bit crude in some of its passages, however, it has to mirror the need to end a potential conflict that may arise from any of my publishing. For example, unless I write something against someone who has been behaving in a good way with me or with other people, there should be no need to counteract a correction of any sort made through lines of plain text. Seemingly, it should be welcomed with the right spirit and uncontaminated peacefulness. At the end of everything, I suppose I am just writing a page of diary for communication purposes. And, after been specified several times, I am not trying to gain a certain level of notoriety among people I have never known or met in my life; it is not my duty to put this into action. Whether it happens, it depends on other sources of affiliate publishing, which affiliate is not but is prison-making activity. Why prison-making? Again because the results in real life are fraudulent and negative for my real living purposes, and I am even sorry to talk about my life in this way. So please, according to these things that make precise the explanation, please try not to object or work out innovations in public streaming about what I write here.

This is due to the fact, especially, that such a blog belongs to secret groups of readers and analyzers that have a primary affiliation with Police or Government servers, just to add another name, I am a desperate person because I am living in a crisis which has been built up by, excuse me for the term, infamous third parties, namely readers from Government and Police servers. It is not me that I am earning status or phantomatic roles, there are third-parties evaluators or publishers which are building up my future life and events. I have it recognized on the palm of my hands. Eventually, I only write these words down and I receive what is in the Federal, say, program, rather than to what my own industry has yielded, this is unjust, how can I get my steps back? I hope it is clear to every reader, if any. Intelligently, I should stop writing these posts, because it is useless unless I really want to be sanctioned for clicking with the mouse by Italian Television.

There will never be a way to correct such a problem and to fix it up. So, maybe, that is one of the reasons why I would really love to abandon Tendencies. It is a failure in itself, and it does not bring me the ardor to wing up and reach common objectives. It is the main reason to become the prisoner of the inner and of the outside world, it is a total loss of time. A very useless instrument for achieving purposes. It is actually how the trend works, it is actually how real-life commands. I do not actually see any plausible method to fix the current issue by writing. Perhaps I have put my efforts into writing everything we need to understand, nowadays, to tackle such calamities. And maybe this is the end of Tendencies. Because it is useless.

*I have decided to revise this blog post the morning of the next day of writing it. I maintain that many advantages have come out from outlining the most peculiar features of my past and present issues. This blog has been helpful in establishing a justified and complete organization about what happened in the past and about what has been offered in present consolidations. According to my view, there is still the need for approaching a due style of communication and expression in order to face past-related matters. I should never forget that at a certain point in life I have been directly penalized by an alleged third-party infamous intervention, and that, apparently, sentenced me for life for every action I could ever make or could have ever made. This led to the splitting of mostly two main interests by my side. These interests, by and large, are based on the very creative bilateral distinctions I constantly make through writing between two interpretative regimes, in this case, X and Y. When X will, on its side, be related to the commercial use of my name and personal effects, hence the gain in notoriety and the inherent consequences which do even fall into real-life occasions and events; Y concerns the regime of preferred and non-delinquent lifestyle made up of the normal activities to be carried out during a standard operating day and whatsoever. The role of X, as many time acknowledged, can never be accommodated to the role of Y, unless you want to mesh up, say, sweet and sour, but that is not even the case. Therefore I am induced to suppose that there is still some relevant bound to be dismissed with the X side, along with my studies and advancements in what should be the ‘regime’ all about my preferences. As long as I am, in some obscure or under-the-light way, bounded with the X side, there would be no 100% safety to bear a safe set of scopes on the Y side, which is even complete of the X side attributes, as the least is just an abnormal appendix of the Y. In so saying, the X side can be classified as a special type of illness that has to be cured somehow. One way to solve it will be examining, deeply, all the bounds which may link me to this tedious side X. Again, side X has been plainly and systematically distinguished from bigger and legitimate side Y; and this has been done in many ways across the various posts.

The fact is simple, as long as there is someone physically operating in contraposition with what is done in the first place for common reasons of healing and determining the characteristics of a given issue; there will be fewer and fewer chances to recover from X. Therefore, it can be solved in the way that X regime could be treated as one’s personal pet. Something you are bounded and obligated to take care of, perhaps for the rest of your life. It could be that this is the truth behind it. In conclusion, we have found that, by rendering such a calamity akin to an animal to control and take care of, there would be fewer chances and reasons to worry about its inner or outer manifestations and behavior, thereby contracting them in the most appropriate way according to the situation or the level challenge perceived. There is also to remember that the behavior of the X, sometimes depends on the casualty and the emotive matter impressed in Y’s actions and behavior. After stating that X is a disease, it has to be removed slowly and intelligently, but we should always remember that it has to be withstood with due diligence and consideration. For better reasoning, it should be clear to, say, a market player, that when accessing an X based platform for doing something, the market players’ objectives should be placed inside a neat note pad or rather on a piece of paper; for instance. The risks of being entrapped into a series of X invasion or abuses could be high when exposing to an X based platform like the CNBC program or a famous commercial show on the national tv. That could sensitively put real life into risk. So here is the danger explained: where we talk about the relationship between accessing and enjoying a commercial program on television and the repercussions in real-life attempts to reach common objectives. This is the fruit of the studies I have conducted in the last days, at expenses felt on the palms of my hands. Logically, it could be a danger if transposed in future life. Therefore, this outlining is very useful in order to prevent future life dangerous exposures to CNBC, commercial platforms or the like, which can be able, if not well-managed, to ruin life with extreme and fine ability.

I do not know if that is really the end, but at least some important requirements have been written down in order to be clear for the very next future perspectives. It does not seem anymore that third parties are intervening by injuring some good determination of emotion in order to reach common objectives. So let’s put it this way: I am alone and I have the great power to decide what is best for myself during a given period of time. What is at the reach of my arrow? We can put it this way for example. In fact, if I really believe that the role of commercial platforms and other types of interactions with the X regime could really affect the ongoing participation in common situations; then I should be ready to defend against the real aspects of life which, perhaps, I am forgetting in front of something artificially built and believed. So it would be necessary to make a distinction between real unluck and artificial unluck. Could ever a balancing comparison exist among the two factors? Does the artificial factor exist? In the end, I have just hoped to stay alright with myself without incurring any physical deterioration which would stupidly lead me to fall down in terror and annihilation. Indeed I was not in good shape to undergo a task of very small proportions to my usual performing. Then, was I meant to fail in that circumstance? By keeping a good faith, my desperation suddenly felt after the reception of the failure, I started to be surrounded by a purifying aura of luck and bless because I could not reach a stupid thing in life; and the most interesting thing about that, is that I would have rejected this ‘aura’ appearing very easily, a kind of spitting in the floor. So, the stream of natural promises taking shapes, in various supernatural and unexpected ways, among the various things I could come across with my sight and senses in general. Thereby, another sort of nightmare which was caused by my bodily induced desperation, so nothing to complain about external factors in the end. What still remains not-nitid, scrolling a little back among memories, is my behavior in front of the logically predictable difficulties of the crowd behind the entrance. Why was I not determined enough to try out some riskier attempts to force the guards to let me in? Again, I was not in good shape to allow me that risk, and so I preferred unconsciously to give up or rather accept the probability of not making it that night, this unconsciously. So, what is to blame? My unconscious and its inner organization scheme. In fact, something inside me was putting a brake on the most important decision to make in that stupid moment. And so, I was blocked by myself, by, say, my poor health and by a sense of no-return which was guaranteed by all the activities performed so far, plus regime X related scores. I really wish I could have never made that tactic.

Antonio Bonatesta

Procedere senza intoppi, mente chiara. 07/05/21

Tutto sommato non è stata una cattiva idea. Ho trascorso dieci anni nel pieno delle mie possibilità. Devo dire che l’approccio che ho scelto sarebbe provenuto da un’accurato preambolo di bisogni ed esigenze. Non è stato facile cogliere i giusti segnali ed effettuare la scelta definitiva prima dell’inizio di un nuovo cammino.

Da giugno 2011 fino a marzo 2015 fu il periodo in cui decisi di convivere con me stesso nei minimi e nei massimi termini. Ho affrontato una brutta malattia ed ho esaminato l’ambiente a me esterno. Sono perdurato in uno stato di depressione per un totale di tre anni abbondanti. Ho attraversato tre fasi maniacali acute ed ho fatto la prima conoscenza con l’ambiente esterno a seguito del primo crollo.

Il secondo periodo cominciò nel marzo del 2015 fino a slittare nel luglio del 2018. Fu in questo periodo che scelsi di intraprendere un determinato stile di vita con l’obiettivo di fare carriera in un paese estero e di riconquistare un amore andato perduto. Il percorso fu ricco di episodi ed emozioni esilaranti e profonde, ricordo che le mie giornate erano predeterminate in modo tale da compiere i vari passi verso il raggiungimento degli obiettivi. Posso dire che, sebbene la constatazione di aver fallito negli intenti iniziali, il secondo periodo fu utile poiché mi permise di acquisire maggiore padronanza con il mio stato di salute e con la conoscenza del mondo esterno. Questi due avanzamenti avrebbero appunto raggiunto uno stadio superiore.

Il terzo periodo ebbe inizio nel settembre 2018 ed è attualmente al culmine. Posso tranquillamente affermare che tramite il terzo periodo sono stato capace di acquisire un ultimo e ultimante stadio di autoconsapevolezza del mio stato di salute e un sufficiente ammontare di conoscenza del mondo esterno.

Tre periodi che a loro volta costituirebbero un arco di tempo pari esattamente a dieci anni, i quali, stanno per divenire tondi.

Tre importanti obiettivi sono stati raggiunti con pieno successo. Tra poco starebbe a me effettuare una nuova scelta e proseguire con il cammino ora che possiedo tre importantissimi resoconti di vita consolidati in una singolarità di uomo e in tutto ciò che questo singolo uomo potrebbe mai aver seminato nel mondo a lui esterno.

Non posso negare di essere stato sempre vigile e premuroso nei riguardi del mio stato di salute. Non nego in effetti che benessere vero e mitigazione dei rischi ambientali siano da considerare come due fattori totalmente esigui. Esiste un legame tra quanto mi passa per la mente in questo momento e ciò che potrebbe capitare all’infuori di me. In poche parole, il tentativo di mantenere un corretto e stabile stato di salute psicologica e fisica, oltre alle ovvie e naturali precauzioni, deve essere coadiuvato da una serie mirata di attività miranti al controllo di quello che potrebbe accadere nel mondo esterno. Nel mondo esterno possono prendere luogo varie circostanze le quali possono indurre la stabilità emotivo e fisica a vacillare.

L’ambiente esterno, in effetti, può essere fonte di peggioramenti in quanto esistono dei fattori preponderanti, chiamati esternalità, i quali sono in grado di giocare un ruolo decisivo nei cospetti dei ‘settaggi’ interni al nostro sistema corporeo. Non è mio compito concedere a questi fenomeni il lusso di infrangere le barriere del mio ardentemente cercato rilassamento o godimento. Tuttavia, l’incedere ed il manifestarsi di questi problemi esterni, spesso coincide, in maniera casuale o maligna, con il ritmo del mio intento di godere un eventualmente abbracciato stato di benessere.

La situazione attuale non soffre della mancanza di risorse o possibilità per godere di benesseri economici o psicofisici. Anzi, da questo punto di vista, potrei definirmi appartenente ad un ceto abbiente. La gestione del tempo, tuttavia, reca con se degli imprevisti e questi imprevisti assumono la forma di esternalità.

Uno dei miei obiettivi attuali è consolidare uno stato di salute ottimale che mi permetta di compiere le attività necessarie con ordine e con qualità. Pare in effetti che non sia consapevole di quanto stia contribuendo nei rispetti di coloro i quali ho scelto come diretti o indiretti beneficiari dei miei attributi. Potrebbe mancarmi il grado di riconoscenza necessaria per attribuire ai miei sforzi quotidiani il giusto calibro di impressione e rivalutazione.

E’ come se esistesse una grande forza che mi spingerebbe a credere che non abbia più bisogno di cimentarmi in attività simili. Quello che vorrei è semplicemente una difesa efficace al 100% contro la trinità delle esternalità e un grado di consapevolezza interiore, effettivo e razionale, atto a favorire il lieto proseguimento delle giornate.

Il resto vien da sé. Sono una persona abbastanza qualificata per proseguire con i suoi intenti e scegliere, con sottile accuratezza, cosa fare a seguito del prossimo termine. A seconda delle esigenze, di sicuro sceglierò il percorso più giusto, conveniente ed adeguato.

Per curare lo stato di salute attuale, suppongo abbia ad oggi raggiunto una situazione di stabile e solido equilibrio psicologico. Per tale ragione, preferisco quindi volgere un piccolo sguardo alle successione di eventi che avrebbero potuto prendere luogo nell’ambiente esterno in tempi remoti o anche vicini. Sostanzialmente, sono stato in grado di ricostruire, rivivere e ri-setacciare le dinamiche di un passato che forse aveva determinato la qualità della vita di oggi. Suppongo, oggi, di essere riuscito a ripercorrere tutte le tracce passate che avrebbero potuto influire negativamente con la qualità del presente, per cui prendo consapevolezza, sperando non mi sia soppressa, del fatto di aver raggiunto un quieto e stabile stato di salute mentale.

Sono un ragazzo abbastanza semplice. Non mi piacciono le persone che pensano male degli altri, e non mi piacciono le persone che mi fanno qualcosa di male o di non comprensibile.

Io spero solamente che possa realmente tornare a rilassarmi come si deve. Tuttavia non vorrei perdere contatto con il mondo delle attività. Confido assai in me stesso in questo periodo, e soprattutto nella mia capacità di gestire la routine. Ciononostante, il verificarsi con successo di un’esternalità o di un oblio mentale improvviso, può causare spossamenti nell’equilibrio delle cose. Se solo potessi difendermi da queste materializzazioni di attacchi e tornare felice così come dovrei essere, oltre che continuare ad essere sano di mente e proiettato verso una vita carina e piacevole.

Antonio Bonatesta

This one finishes wit a bit of history but the issue is outside. Be like me with me. Love you all. 26/04/21

The purpose of the following article will be centered to the analysis of the perfect model of behavior that is going to be intentioned to deliver the most efficient outcome in terms of time saving and performance moderation. There are a few temporal and spatial variables that need to be taken into account in order to define the issue. The first variable to introduce in the lack of a free domain of sentimental balance. Therein the initial part of the discussion is going to dwell to the role of my internal feelings and their capability to express in any given context or in any provided casualty. What I have to say, on a first instance, is that the feeling that I keep on nourishing while I set up m working procedures, can meet some obstacles when it comes the moment for them to be externalized or expressed within an internal environment. Both the circumstances, in a disparate variety of cases, may show a symptomatic incapacity to deliver efficient outcomes and expression designs. Such outcomes and design, in turn, are essential to me for the development of the required abilities and memory slot in order to accumulate enough confidence and preparation for performing in the right way during whenever a given test occurs. The mechanism is aimed, therefore, to offer the subject in question the final capacity to perform in the right way whenever satisfying degree of performance is requried. Sometimes, in fact, the expressing power of my feelings does not match the equilibrium circumstances of a given context where some agents, actors, or factor can play a disturbing role. This disturbing role can be attributed to a huge variety of systematic occurrences which can span from a war context to a very domestic (in-house) situations such as the normal livelihood of a house. Of course, these are two extreme points of analysis, but I want to leave a closer consideration to the house theme and the variability of disturbing casualties that might originate in this environment. Firstly, I am pretty much sure that the impact of the disturbing sequences characterizing a house environment are similar (internally) to the disturbing impacts that characterize a place that is affected by war tensions or even another place where a disease pandemic could be on its highest spreading peak. In so thinking, I logically convene that the disturbing sequences are all characterized by a common variable or numerable degree of influence which can be quantified into a numerical range say between 0 and 100. Therefore, in a house environment, as well as in a war zone, the disturbing impact, ambient or environmental at the beginning, can be categorized within a numerical range that is between 0 and 100 quantifiable amount. In the house, secondly, I had the possibility to scourge that the both the frequency and the degree of disturb can derive from the psychological approximation of a given list of phenomenons. At the basis of this phenomena there is the house mutual environment, this one is followed by the interactive television system and eventually, approaximately speaking, the disturb factor might originate from the living people in the house. Generally speaking, it would be easy to come to the conclusion that perhaps I should find a new place for myself where the living standards and the internal management are fully dependant on my managerial discretions. However, since this soluton is not possible now, I have to find a way to cope with the three above-mentioned phenomenons. Therefore I need to focus on the living environment at first, the television system on a second moment and finally on the social sense deriving from the living people, this is because I do not live alone but I live with other people.

My head is living a period of stability in terms of psychologcal reaction and inner constructions in order to distinguish what is sane and what is manic. This is basically what I am expecting from my hard working during the current period of time, nothing more than that. However I have to say that I am weak in some sense because I can fall victim of external pseudo-attack which can damage my internal setting and permanently change the equilibrium axis of my thoughts and my ever-existing, re-creating or shaping out abilities. Such an intricated discussion has been developed many times across the previous blog posts, still there would be so much to talk about. What are these pseudo-attacks? I have found that I am the only person in the planet that feels and thinks that these penetrations or pseudo-attack are negative for my health’s, work’s and social’s outcome possibilities. The weirdest thing ever is that these penetrations are felt as positive phenomenon by everything else apart from me, and this is not a joke. Therein I guess I am living in a nightmare where the only person who is not comprehending the situation is me and only me. These mental penetrations take shape thanks to the precise and lethal action of external actors, agents or factors that I described before with lovely care. Who and what can be responsible of such attacks are the living environment, the television system and the living people in the house. It’s logical that in the most anticipating case I have to elude and get away of these occurrences.

It’s ok to accept the fact that I would love to make and do things on my own rather than interacting, in a wanted or passive manner, with other agents or other factors. Indeed, the discourse about finding a better solution and live where I can manage on my own, should be the best alternative to be undertaken at this point. However, since this is not possible I have to opt for co-living and coordinating myself by admitting the presence and the unpredictibility of some external penetrations.

This problem must be solved with due care, in the meantime I have to assure myself that a loss derived from an external penetration is going to be covered in the future. But, if I think it in a fair manner, I will give up my naturally deserved future time in order to recover the lost amount of time. Will I be given more spare time in the future? How insane is this observation?

Therefore, the cancer which stomps in and out the whole time progress, by punishing me with unwanted penetrations, is literally killing me. With such an awareness, I’d prefer to die rather than living an automatic life running after the reconquering of the time losses.

To be honest, there should be other approaches to be thougt and imagined when dealing with such an issue.

Meantime I am preparing a main project which is requiring me a consistent amount of devotion which, most of the time is not compensated due to the fatality of the disturbing impacts. I live a life in which I do hard work and I try to let myself socialize in the cleanest way possible. However, the usual agents and factors play the recurring attacking role and many time they make it to penetrate into my inner environment by distorting the wanted equilibrium. The dominance of the external trinity creates a cancer into my organic systems and my cells are reluctant to obey what the managing organs are wiling to dictate. Everytime, in fact, after accepting the penetrations in my brain, as they are firstly felt by the brain, I take some time in order to forget or rather accept the evil of the day, or sometimes the evil of the entire life as it were a sory re-told, this creates a sort of forgotten and automatic motors which dissolves very quickly after I start working. The prison state then starts after I finish my hard working activities, like a sort of modern slave, and the interplay of the external trinity re-emerge killing all my hopes and distorting the external equilibrium. Thereby the cancer creation and accumulation. Useless matter that is deposited inside my body system which does not guarantee nothing but an automatic motivation to keep on doing the right thing in spite of the non-given biological compensation.

Now, I just want to be sure that no unwanted penetration will be leading toward my protected and innocent status of things. The idea that this penetration behavior of thing and people is exhalting what is outside me and saddening what is inside me, makes me conscious of the likelihood of living in a well-constructed nightmare where the reality is subject to the magnitude dicta of the damage I have welcomed in my mental and corporal system.

My abilities must then be enhanced and well-preserved during this period of uncertainty of outcomes and unpredicted change in internal equilibria. I have cultivated and then assimilated the whole amount of notions and concepts that are contained in the project I have to ultimate and present at a given day in the close future. I have in fact reached a terminal point in which, thanks to my future attitude towards the continuous enhancement and the preservation of the theory, I can relax more while rehearsing less, at least in term of a quantitative approach. The only thing that I have to keep in mind is that the more I keep on reading the subjects and the modules composing the whole thing, the more I will sculpt the entity of the future presentation/conversation to be delivered at a specified future date.

I wish I can conclude this article by fiercely saying that my main aim is not to get materialized and used as an object for commercial purposes or military purposes on both television and other public domains such a public police station. The role of television in relationship to my everyday life may become relevant if considered in a certain sense or degree of acknowledge. Distorting my perception can be tolerated, however some prominent public accusations or insinuations hovering my entirely private life steps and chronology have not to be accepted at all. Therefore I train my mind and everything I can legally manages with it to legittimally oppose to the television tyranty and also to invent and recreate all the possible methods to deliver any type of produceable unfavor to those who I have sensed or witnessed that have dared to accuse me improperly or to subtracts me whatever can be taken out a targeted individual from omnipotent venues and characters. Furthermore, the Holliwood Cinema production can obviously be aware of my public releases, but they must not, herein forbidding this, understand or know anything concerning my private life, thereby risking to reproduce such a content inside any movie plot. A famous person is famous because it has sign a precise contract with a managerial house or a film production company. I have not done both, so every action taken in relationship with my public and private status of honest citizen must be sanctioned and, most of all, prevented.

Then, I would love to accuse an astute hacker who successfully entered my Facebook account from a place near Dallas,TX, and secondly I just want to praise at myself for having overcome all the medical and psychological barriers by becoming and retaking my very set of abilities and, generally, all the virtues of a sane individual. This occurrence was however altered by a sudden and unprecedented systemic penetration which destroyed my brain in a couple of seconds causing me a lot of pain and causing the external environment and overall participants to exhalt the loss at my poor, nightmare(ing), discretion. Indeed, I lost everying in a matter of a couple of seconds. I was the ‘king’ of health because I felt very ok, as I should be, regardless of what the external damage and pressures are likely to promote and cause.

In the end I just want to say that the process of preparing for the current managed project will be happily postponed to tomorrow morning. The unknown factor dwells on the reality that it is uncertain for me to keep on working in the afternoon, why? Due to the usual group of externalities joining that convenient-to-preserve side of my ‘life package’. I will concentrate on the main issues but I will also take care of the rest since I love it and I appure that the firmly acquired knowledge will be useful to train and continuously recap, wiht joy and appreciation, the overall material during the remaining days before delivery and presentation of the final project.

By the way, this is the last thing to say. I wish a positive series of calculated moments to each one of us. I strongly hope the concept is clear, we all have the right to enjoy the fruit of our active world participation. This will be done against the external trinity and even against our fast and proud way of defending against the life injustices. Hold on a second, I am still living a downturn, my health conditions are not the best or not within an acceptable margin; therefore I kindly ask to slowly bring me to sense and re-introduce the previous health conditions dating back to Friday-Saturday 16/17 of April current year.

Antonio Bonatesta

Making up the preferences. Can day time last this way? It could even be forever. 17/04/21

With the following article I would like to talk about what is driving me healthy and sane during this last period of time. A sober regard will be directed towards the surprising concatenation of the events and its love for what is essential to carry on and the same love to what must be avoided in order to strategically come across it.

During the last seven days life has never been so easy. My general behavior towards each and every moment of necessity is ok and is bringing in important results in terms of future prospectives and motors but also in terms of present quality and quantity enrichment. My past is a period which is full of intense moments that I used to live in a way not to give rise to any conflict in the actual time frames. There could be of course some episodes in which the interest of the common man could be transposed over in order for them to wish or require an additional amount of material and useful matter from that source of episode. People do not usually understand what could have happened to me in the past. This is strictly connected with the ability of understanding of the those who are very close to me, to other far commentators. I should not complain, generally speaking, about my health situation today. Why this? It is mainly due to the fact that I have got amazingly familiar with a behavioral structure which allows me to get rid of the not essential wishes and habits while giving me the basic and ever-increasing motivation to engage in serious-like activities that are the crucial and main point of the analysis I am actually carrying out. I live in a big sphere, and this sphere is located in my mind. Thanks to the role of this sphere I can oblige myself and surrender my istincts to a vision of life which contains the basis of a holy commitment to the best range of useful activities according to which I am destined to achieve the best result within a fair and pre-fixed amount of time. The non-essential things I have tried to mention before are about to be connected to my social and sexual attitudes towards the annexation to other human beings. Indeed, the lunch and dinner pauses constitute to me a fixed moment of detachment from the ordinary core activity which, otherwise, would have been continued, at least in terms of the same sensitivity, even during the pauses. This is then the circle regarding the social world. After this, I do not have to deny the existence of a further circle, namely the circle of the secondary activities. One of my favourite secondary activity is recording audio-video sessions with my laptop, another activity I like so much is posting on Facebook on a quite regular basis. Nothing so special if thinking about. A bunch of time spent in recreational opportunities, some spare time occupied in the function of two to three secondary activities and the entire rest of time dedicated to the main tasks of the daily routine. This is my life. It definetely yields positive and rich moments during the recreational phases and the social intercourses. It provides a lot of fun during the secondary activities. And it eventually, and foremost, nourish my day as it has to be during the main tasks approaches.

What about the events? My only monitors where to face some worldly ‘missions’ are the Facebook platform, the people I live with, and the system of the television. Today, and in the last seven days, I have to admit that with a smart choice among the television channels to watch at a given time of the day, linear and plain behavior with the people I live with and willingness to engage social relationships with the digital platform; I live a wonderful life. There is nothing I should really complain of. I am eating good and fresh food, I have interesting conversations, I follow the tv programs with interest, attention and serenity, I feel free to publish some content of Facebook platform by accurately selecting the content to be released.

Problems? Perhaps, my consequential and easy-to-spot ‘public’ remittance can be taken into consideration by some agents that compose the world’s tertiary state, so the state that is not mine.

So this may conform an issue in some ways. Let’s discuss a little bit about it.

I live a life in which I do X main daily tasks, Y secondary activities, Z recreational moments. W is the rate at which one of these three moments or activities has gained the characteristics of a public release.

So if the daily hours are equal to 1 or 100% then let’s define the model with a sample of:

  • 65% X – 3% W
  • 15% Y – 10% W
  • 20% Z – 7% W

In this sense I would have a 20% of W in my regular day and this 20% W is subject to the tertiary state appropriation in each possible way.

For example, let’s say there is channel ‘Don’ which decides to convert 10% of my W into background insults and two to three days of anti-psychotic programming, indexing my person, of their tv main list. It could seem surreal, but it is one of the worst-case scenario.

Therefore, the concept I would like to express is that this well-defined W material can be used from many purposes by the world system (composed of people and programmed lists) and the television channelling.

On the other side of the coin, the W material could not even be used.

Since I have not signed any contract which allows the use of my W by broadcasters or world systems, this material must not be used.

The use of this material is hence not correct and not lawful.

I should define myself to be so fierce for having beaten the big weigh which used to characterize me during the period in which I used to bear the consequences of a high depressive status. Now, I can feel myself deprived of all the bad effects of an empty mind which used to force me dreaming about an uncertain tomorrow and a bad present. There is something I would like pin to my consciousness and that is the great power of a wonderful determination that drags me forward against each kind of issue. I have to say that I have finally defeated the nightmare of the destiny and of the girlfriend. I am a completely free guy with no problems on his back and no impediments for his present and future tense. Everything is moving in the right direction, even though I am forced to live my recreational moments in a scenario that I would have preferred to be different sometimes, I have to admit that good food and the likelihood of supporting the weigh and the importance of the number of tasks I am carryng on for my future career, is giving me a strong feeling of acceptance toward this synchronic and perfectly settled life situation or talent maintenance whatsoever.

The situation inside the walls of my house, in fact, is the best becasue I should not demand for anything else.

I simply do not understand why there could be someone, probably, that is still investigating or envying me. I can easily spot this synchronic of more usually asinchronic behavior thanks to what the television systems provides through their channels and communication tunnels.

Putting it simply, if you have anything to tell me for whatever possible reason, please write me somewhere like in private, or if there are these people in my life and they are somehow influencing me right up to my breathing capabilities, then I would praise a real lawyer to stop their behavior and fortunately to prepare a law suit in the tribunal house. We can do it in the future at a fixed date, but we have to suspend all the bad influences, the insults, and the self-allowed bad reactions, now.

We can make it for this law suit!

I promise you.

My aim is not to get popular for any reason beyond my conscious demand to get popular.

My second aim is not to get badly considered by anyone in public system. The television is a public system.

Antonio Bonatesta

Understanding the facts: Evolving humans, don’t lie yourself, you don’t have it. 12/04/21

The only thing I need out of this grandly beautiful period is the recognition of the facts. My life has actually never been more fulfilling than it is now. I am actually living in a dream where every bit of wish is becoming true in a way that does not disturb the parallel courses of events. It would be difficult to imagine such a perfect scenario which is a fabulous mix of plain and exact emotions and positive timely yielding enterprises. It has been a week since I am getting up quite early in the morning and after a short while I start reading the material I have to present during the oral presentations. It is such a quite and peaceful way to spend time since it is also bringing a systematic set of chances in order to take advantage of different opportunities. I have caught the oportunity to stay with a lot of people, even though my main aim was to get ready for two important and difficult oral presentations which had to be taken in a handful of three days distance between each other. I am so happy now because I have successfully overcome this final period of examinations and I have now fulfilled my house with the emotions, the fortune, the motivations and the spirit necessary to roll over new strategies and incipits for carry on a good life and lifestyle. I am now occupying a position of complete and calibrated satisfaction. Though, my mind is going through a new type of mess that I have to figure out somehow. What is this mess about? In few, I have used my mind in several manners during the last 10/20 days. For example, I have deployed my mental skills along a deep and everlasting reading job, then I have used my mind skill to develop some structured conversation in order to loudly and orally explain what the subjects of study were about. Meanwhile, I have set aside my dominant profession therein abandoning the four projects I usually construct during the periods in which I construct for the examination rehearsal walking path. My four projects are very singular and unique, in a way that their constitutions must only regard my life and my career path without it to be interfered with other individual’s propension to use the same or similar tools or development techniques. I have to say that my family has helped me in stretching and evaluating my walking part to examinations. I have to congratulate with them for their help because otherwise I would probably be alone in the dark. My final results are also to be accrued to my family, who indeed participate actively and also passively in the process of rehearsal and for building up the required skills for the oral presentation. One thing I noticed, though, was that at a certain point before the examination starting, I normally feel very excited in a way that my five senses begin to perceive the surrounding reality in a different manner; probably that’s why I sometimes find it difficult to exhibit and perform in the way I would like to do. Going back to my projects, I guess it would be necessary to explain them in a correct manner in order not to bewilder the ideas and the circumstances. So these are my four projects and I wish to continue practising them in a way that it will be easy to carry out and finish the relative tasks. What is the aim of my projects? Their aim is contributing to the main profession in a way that their existence must occupy an important slice of the overall amount of contribution and energetic provision needed to set up a fair life scheme. The role of the four projects can be seen as a function of the two human arms. They constitute an extention to the overall functioning of the big machine. The extraordinary thing that can be deducted among these, is that every one of us has got four projects which are all different from each other. They are additional activities which play the contributive role of adding completeness and finished sense to the individualized and then collectivized life of each individual.

I do personally belive that the most important thing to bear in mind is that at the end of the whole process, that is now fixed until a certain period of time, there will be a new beginning and this new beginning will be characterized by new certanties, new columns, new milestones where to leave the great hopes and the trust fo the oncoming tomorrow. My life is brilliant. I have concretized a fortunate series of life steps which were both programmed and felt; my aim, of course, is to get at the end of the series, in a way that life and its natural concept will be fulfilled with all its components. My projects and my physical and intellectual belongings are and form the solid and unchangeable equipment for keeping on following the path. In my case, my path is learning and paying attention to the profession. Updating in an official manner and devoting myself to the application of the acquired knowledge, is the most important thing I could every live for. On the flip side, my four projects, which are part of me, and the relative supplements, are the kane on which I sustain myself against the darkness of the world. I cannot live a life without my learning skills, my professions and my kane. Figuratively speaking, these are the three things with which I will continue to prosper and stay well, automatically and timely, against all the adverse outcomes of the real life scenarios. I feel to be indestructible in a positive way. I perfectly apprehend that I currently and I will always dispose of the most essential capabilities that are going to be used to overcome each possible life obstacle. I can be alone in a big metropolitan city or I can be relaxed on the sofa trying to concentrate at the TV screen. There could be different possible scenario an individual like me could bump into. One thing is certain, however, in each and every case of reality, the adverse outcome that is going to be produced can be successfully and automatically eluded or even anticipated. We are free to do so, and this simply depends on our capabilities to counter the effect of life’s laziness. We are right when we are fully capable of predicting the course of the events, without anybody disturbing us. Imagine a perfect life scenario where all the distortions and the criminal problems can be effectively avoided in order to construct the linear harmonic equilibrium. We do not need to be involved in circumstances where there are a lot of contendants, or people voting for different things. It’s useless, therefore it shall be avoided. I personally prefer to build and construct my life pace and future by using my tools, my four projects, and by paying attention to the first and foremost truths of my current life path. My problem is not dwelling on the fact that I am jealous of what my object is. My problems surround the idea that I suffer from the detraction of something that is mine, which will never belong to the subtractor after they steal it from me. My pain is enormous when I realize that some people are taking advantage of the material I have disposed in a certain type of manner. The world is large, but my view does not extend itself anymore when I witness some forms of personal steal and betrayal. This phenomenon should be interrupted because it is unfair. I feel the only person in the world that is believing on this thing. Nobody is listening to me. Perhaps, I should raise the white flag when it comes to surveil any form of misusage of my published effects. One important thing, now, is that I need a good amount of protection and will power against the abuse of some group of people. I am the only one who perceives these forms of abuse and call them this way. Perhaps, in the end, I am wrong. But there is still something inside me that forces me to tell something about this. That’s the point of the story, indeed. I costantly complain with the television for them exploiting badly my releases and my contributions to society. Maybe I should acknowledge the fact that that overall bunch of knowledge was still on the go but now it has become a popular trend. For example, the steal of my property bought at has induced only me to feel tortured by a N amount of mass of people knowing my alleged and idyosincratic discovery. Perhaps they did not need it. I cannot exactly estimate who effectively needed it. But the object I bought at is now prey of the market and the media stream. Perhaps is just the product of knowledge. People want to know more. People are not normal. People are crazy. The problem is that I am not going to use my object because of the mess that other people have voluntarily or unvoluntarily created. I am a good guy. I am more than lucid every minute and every second. I love staying with other people and actually my life is getting close to a point in which it will be fullfilled by events of secondary importance life party and re-meeting with old acquaintances.

The media is a large problem which can, from its close bubble, interfere with my private and local public affairs. It has done this in the past and it is cruel enough to this again. In fact, I have to write posts like this one in order to back my mind up and re-order the thoughts. I am so happy now that I can melt an iceberg with my inner warmth. My family is more than perfect becasue we’ve talked about my future, anticipating where and how I will have to keep up with my studies. My old friend Francesco would be happy about me right now, I wish I could meet him soon. Going back to the problem of personal data, I think that after having got at this point of life, I have to introduce and admit the function of a new concept: evolution. What is evolution? During the last 10 month circa, I have released some crucial information about the private sphere of my life. The two fold face of this information booklet can be expressed through a series of mediatic responses which normally refer to the logo of this two brands. One brand is the Sound and the inherent programming language; the other is the object I bought on Amazon. The only thing I hope is that when mentioning one or the other on public venues, this does not refer to me, both in a direct and in an indirect manner.

For example, I have been known in the stream for using a certain programming language and for having bought a certain product on If only these two things could have got banished form the system of broadcasting, I would be very happy to continue making and doing good stuff for my self and for the benefit of who is willing to meet with me. Evolution? Perhaps the recipients of my endeavors are happy or are experiencing such a positive amount of marvel derived from my discoveries and autenticity in the use of the two objects I was talking about. In a way or another I am the founder of something that is accumulating, in a certain way, followers from all over the planet’s scope. So I am currently in a privilidged position because thanks to who I currently am plus the use of the Amazon object and the Sound language, I can define myself in a forwarded position against the entire human context who is searching the same thing I seach and I don’t know why they do so, it’s crazy. Be aware, I am not saying this because I want to be superior, but I am actually trying to estimate my social position with the relative legal blocks. Indeed it is completely legal that I am who I am + Object1 + Object2. The curse is that I have revealed what these two objects are about and I have to risk over the people vanity. Therefore in order to defeat vanity, this kind of problem, I have to process a solution and start finding the correct application to the issues. The less I deploy myself to practice, the more interactive vanity increments, especially if I recline quite much on the beauty of things and diabolic judgment if so. The more I deploy myself to practice, the less interactive vanity.

Antonio Bonatesta

Trying to solve something until its depths Could it be diluting enough to free the whole web? 02/04/21

Vorrei aprire questa pagina di giornale per mettere in luce un fatto davvero eclatante che mi sta caratterizzando notevolmente in questi ultimi giorni. Un serio acciacco mi ha colpito in tutte i versi possibili e mi ha costretto a limitare il campo d’azione nei confronti di ambienti e luoghi dove ero solito contribuire per sollecitare il bene pubblico a migliorare le sue aspettative.

Quello che ho dovuto affrontare è spettacolare nei termini basilari. Per quanto riguarda il campo della salute psicofisica, posso dire di aver raggiunto una forma davvero ottima se paragonata ai momenti passati in cui facevo fatica a racimolare energie e pensieri in maniera bilanciata e utile ai fini del mio lauto proseguire quotidiano.

Le prospettive a breve e lungo termine hanno corroborato il loro senso di arrivo e continuazione, non c’è assolutamente nulla che mi blocca dal proseguire se non un senso interno di affaticamento e di psicologia contraddetta, paradossalmente, dall’andamento lineare degli eventi. Si è trattato di un cambiamento repentino e, nell’esattezza, egregiamente gestito da tutte le parti coinvolte nel processo.

Ho dovuto trascorrere delle giornate riflettendo su quanto inutile possa apparire un bagaglio di esperienze di fronte all’ineluttabilità del tempo ed alla sua immensa e imprevedibile maestria di mettere a tacere, caparbiamente, ogni umana riluttanza e assuefazione. Posso a questo punto affermare che all’interno e all’esterno della mia vita, diverse forze hanno preso piede ed hanno giocato un ruolo determinante all’affermazione e alla mutazione di diverse opzioni programmate.

Può darsi che alcuni impatti fisico-temporali abbiano influito in un modo inarbitrario e sia positivo che negativo sul ritmo di successione della vita quotidiana e sulle capacità di poter riacquisire un determinato tipo di controllo al di sopra di quanto effettivamente deleterio prende origine intorno a noi ad elevata frequenza.

Ci sono alcune cose che in effetti non i tornano. Sono giunto ad una consapevolezza fissa ed immutabile la quale mi vede posto dinanzi ad un corridoio unidirezionale che mi piacerebbe percorrere sapendo perfettamente che non nuocerei a nessuno.

Il caso della popolarità, è misto agli affari della gente, presa in maniera singola. Ci sono le grandi compagnie assicurative, i mass media, le speranze individuali, e molto altro ancora, che farebbero affidamento in maniera diretta o meno, sulla promessa di costruzione di un mio futuro in qualità di marito, lavoratore, residente, membro di un team, vittima difensore e fonte di reddito per elitè di personaggi di spicco come i politicanti di destra e sinistra, presidenti di stati, scommettitori, agenti segreti, esponenti delle forze dell’ordine e gente di vario genere.

Ci sono diverse compagnie colossali e di elevatura multinazionale che hanno deciso di controllare e svolgere indagini sulla mia persona legale. Svolgere indagini su una persona giuridica comporterebbe, per queste altre persone, svolgere analisi sul mio modo di pensare, sulla mia fisiologia e organologia, sulle mie proprietà materiali ed intellettuali. Ad esempio posso dire che vivo in una casa di x metri quadri. E in questa casa custodisco proprietà intellettuali e materiali che non mi va di condividere con la gente. Facebook, ad esempio, ha avuto la possibilità di risalire al mio possedimento di alcune proprietà materiali perchè io, da ingenuo possessore, ho trascritto i dati di queste proprietà su portali online per ricevere delle informazioni aggiuntive sui prodotti. Niente di che, ma il timore di essere perseguiti per il possedimento di un qualunque tipo di proprietà fisica, è un sentimento scomodo che non augurerei a nessuno. Infatti Facebook, ha messo in corrispondenza un annuncio relativo alla mia proprietà fisica con una notizia sul pentagono e con la foto del politico italiano Giorgia Meloni.

Ecco, il fatto che Giorgia Meloni sia connessa ad una ragazza che si è incastrata nella mia vita per via di coincidenze dovute ad impatti polizieschi, è deleterio. Non c’è alcun destino, ad esempio che mi lega al fidanzamento con una determinata ragazza. E non c’è alcun politico che deve capire e impaurirmi se uso un linguaggio di programmazione del suono per scopi completamente personali e del tutto legalizzati dal fatto che il programma è totalmente consentito.

Ci posso essere vari intrecci nella vita di un uomo. Ad esempio Mediaset e CNBC continuano a mandarmi messaggi subliminali grazie all’elettricità che consumiamo nel nostro appartamento. Continuano a dire che devo allearmi a loro e che dovrei stare attento a non farlo.

In pratica il giorno 21 maggio del 2011 scelsi di ritornare a casa con i miei genitori grazie al consiglio affrettato e sragionato di un medico che era in stanza. In quel periodo ero molto stralunato e vedevo cose strane che non devono interessare a nessun poichè si trattava essenzialmente di ragionamenti sconnessi che sarebbero potuti essere elaborati con raziocinio se ne avessi avuto le capacità. Infatti si trattava di una momentanea perdita dei sensi. Per cui l’imprinting con questo dottore, o persona, non ha alcun significato di legame con nessun altra persona presente sulla faccia della terra.

CNBC e Mediaset questo lo sanno, così come anche sanno che dovrebbero lasciarmi stare, completamente. Forse lo stanno facendo, e a dire la verità di recente si stavano comportando molto bene, e per questo ricorderò di far loro un encomio. Tuttavia le loro politiche di sfruttamento del privato personaggio sono illegali ed errate.

Conosco queste persone, sono in debito con le brave persone. Per cui quando viene emesso un dato nel sistema pubblico, queste persone si arrapano o si eccitano per il semplice motivo che nel corso della loro esistenza mi hanno sempre fottuto. Altre persone non si arrapano.

Ci potrebbero benissimo essere altri modi di interiorizzare e comprendere l’effettività di un lascito di informazione pubblicato su una pubblica piattaforma. Azione legalissima che non deve essere in nessun modo e con nessun criterio penalizzata. Intanto, a seguito di campagne di informazione mirate e studiate grazie al denaro che i miei genitori investono per l’istruzione e al mio impegno di pubblico e privato cittadino, sono stato pazientemente in grado di cogliere l’attimo e mettere in chiaro l’inefficacia e l’illegittimità del legame tra la mia persona privata e le reti commerciali che di commerciale hanno poco ma che inseguirebbero scopi meno etici.

Con tutto quello che ho fatto in questi ultimi anni, ho peraltro fatto in modo di disconoscere e separare nettamente il vincolo storico-politico che mi legherebbe ad un persona specifica sulla faccia di questa terra. Il senso di indagare sul mio conto da parte di agenzie politiche, intermediari della televisione e esponenti delle forze dell’ordine di vario genere, è ovvia che si debba limitare al contenuto di stampo intellettuale che è stato cordialmente espresso su piattaforme pubbliche.

Qualora il senso dell’indagine assuma dei caratteri più crudi e tenta di affondare su campi come la biologia, la proprietà intellettuale e materiale, la cronologia della vita e altri elementi di questo tipo; dunque diverrebbe solo invasivo e distruttivo per entrambe le parti.

Io personalmente scommetterei tutto l’oro del mondo che a seguito della pubblicazione di questo post alcuni membri della CNBC e della Mediaset continueranno a dire in spazi pubblici o tra altre persone, così come lo potrebbe fare anche gente normale, che per motivi a parte il sentimento, ma è ovvio che dicono per sentimento, devo ancora congiungermi con una ragazza specifica.

La scaletta dei pensieri è stata ben stilata, ma sappiamo tutti che il mondo non è un posto dove una cosa rimane sempre tale. C’è sempre spazio per cambiare. Quindi in sostanza se chiedo al bullo di lasciarmi stare, dopo cinque o dieci giorni il bullo ricomincia a darmi fastidio.

Pertanto, chiudendo tutto, rammento che il pericolo delle forze politiche di sinistra ma soprattutto di destra, potrebbe continuare ad usarmi come oggetto in fama pudica per intensificare il loro grado di competitività all’interno delle rispettive schiere di confronti e dibattito politico.

Vorrei essere lasciato in pace perchè in realtà sono come tutte le altre persone. L’unica differenza è che alcune mie capacità possono far interessare gente malvagia ad indagare su di me. Quindi se la forchetta di Marco Zucchina ha lo stesso valore e la stessa capacità della forchetta di Antonio Bonatesta, perchè la mia forchetta deve essere indagata ed io devo subire sensi di timore a paranoie mentre la utilizzo?

Questo è un appello a tutti coloro che hanno attinto alle mie risorse senza rispettare minimamente il senso di parità di umani interessi per coloro che agiscono nella più totale legalità(!): ”Io mi sono già accordato con gli amici e le amiche del futuro. So già che strada dovrò prendere. Questa per me è una fase stupenda e anche impegnativa, gradirei pertanto essere lasciato in pace. E’ innegabile che negli ultimi mesi abbia prodotto e realizzato molto in termini di percorsi carrieristici, è la mia eredità verso il mondo. Prego, accoglietene i frutti, ma evitate di essere i cattivi di turno.”

Dato che la mia bontà è confinata, in ultima analisi, nei post liberatori in cui effettivamente rendo noto i miei dissapori per quanto percepisco di errato nel presente, il bilancio di negatività subita per male-intenzioni attive da parte di persone che fanno col testa loro farebbe di me il detentore di un credito di immensa quantità.

Dato che sono detentore di credito nei riguardi di quelle persone o conti correnti aziendali che hanno tratto vantaggio dalla mia persona giuridica, è ovvio che dovrei votare, in ultima fase della vita, verso l’avvicinamento a queste persone e conti correnti aziendali. Non facendolo, potrei incorrere nel pericolo di subire ulteriori svastiche onnipresenti, e il primo che comincerebbe a farlo sarà il mio vecchio psichiatra.

E’ altresì giustificato che il legame storico-politico del dottore incrociato il 21 maggio 2011 è un’ideologia attinente al pensiero democratico di Liam Nieson, CNBC, Mediaset e di tutta la schiera di maschi e femmine che si attengono a questo spettro di legislazione ed instabile accordarsi tra uomini e donne.

E’ un partito, il partito della ragazza di Antonio. Fenomeno vero e attuale. Il destino intrecciato da un fattore comune che lega Antonio a questa ragazza. La paura di Antonio, la scelta di tornare in una Brindisi diversa, un sentiero da percorrere per guarire dalla malattia e attenuare i disturbi. Sentiero X, direi indipendente dal flusso di eventi che ho bollato ed etichettato in prassi infinite, una volta che ho tentato di fare una bella figura con una ragazza incontrata per puro caso. E la storia pareva carina, tutto qui.

Poi altre persone, come Liam Nieson, CNBC , Hollywood production, e Mediaset, hanno fatto business.

L’unica cosa che ancora non mi torna è il ritratto che feci a Barcellona. Credo appunto si tratti di una fregatura. E vorrei tanto che non faccia più parte della mia vita. Questo perchè sono un bravo ragazzo che può dire che realizza ritratti del genere quotidianamente, e non soltanto uno solo al giorno, credetemi.

Questo ritratto, da solo come un cretino, rovina la mia vita, la natura è assuefatta. Pertanto chiedo alla corte suprema degli Stati Uniti d’America di emanciparmi da ogni diritto riservato e contenuto in tutto quello che il ritratto in questione potrebbe testimoniare.

Infine indico Facebook e il suo staff di regolazione post e motore di ricerca come responsabile di manovre sovversive atte a far cadere principi di concentrazione e allerta psicofisica per eventualmente indurre al cedimento di informazioni riservate. Chiedo versamento di ammenda.

Antonio Bonatesta