The end of Tendencies? 01/11/19

I have recently discovered that my laptop files and the blog are secretly reached and read through Police servers spread across the planet. At the same time, all my life actions can become reasons to investigate interlaced events, in a sort of a very irrational way; however, in any case, this yields life disruption. In the end, I would just say that it is just a matter of time and events. But, after a more careful look at it, we can tell that it is like a negatively affected organism. It is a kind of program which is bringing me to the achievement of important objectives, such as complete security and freedom to make my choice by preserving the necessary needs to perform it, like the space and the genuine appreciation of other individuals.

The fact that every my digital or public intervention is monitored, is a reality that now has been widely proven. Therefore, what I really need to do in such a circumstance, should be objecting the regime X and promoting regime Y which is the one established according to law and human reason, so the most widely recognized among the hugest number of people. What am I essentially complaining about?

The answer is as follows: Groups of people belong to the saved ones of the regime X. They are able to surveil other’s people’s belongings and actions according to their legislative domain imposed on human patience presumably after World War II or during the Russian Cold War. The fact that I am writing this piece of sentences and thoughts, right now, has become subject of derision for some Italian commercial channels on the go because I am a monitored person whose life has to be ruined by the interlacement of my actions towards other domains of influence. This will inevitably yield drastic results in real life, which I do not really want to mention. I am desperate under this point of view because in the soil where I live I will never have the chance to gain the freedom necessary to live a life that I normally deserve to live so I will only be devoted to my study path, with a lot of difficulties on the run, minus all the preferred situation which can have their birth during the time I am finishing my studies and trying to accommodate other types of entertainment. This popularity, across various domains, will never leave me out. But the main reason behind that is the fact that this popularity is a prison for me. A prison that does not guarantee the privilege to enjoy what I really deserve in the country where I live. I will repeat that I am very desperate and no one, and I repeat, no one, is able to pull me out of this point.

I suppose this is the kind of the worst nightmare for a human being to live. And I am even forced to behave, as I am not controlling my very primary impulses and vein circulation. When I was writing this post, a police vehicle was standing nearby the place I live. It started to play out the siren sound once I decided to surf the web page of the blog. Indeed it was signed that, above and beyond, the movements made toward this page have been limited or blocked from their due execution. This should be not considered as a licit preventive action by Police, therefore I would amend to Police that I am living a very desperate status under impulse control, according to my view.

It is perfectly comprehensible that this blog post may seem a little bit crude in some of its passages, however, it has to mirror the need to end a potential conflict that may arise from any of my publishing. For example, unless I write something against someone who has been behaving in a good way with me or with other people, there should be no need to counteract a correction of any sort made through lines of plain text. Seemingly, it should be welcomed with the right spirit and uncontaminated peacefulness. At the end of everything, I suppose I am just writing a page of diary for communication purposes. And, after been specified several times, I am not trying to gain a certain level of notoriety among people I have never known or met in my life; it is not my duty to put this into action. Whether it happens, it depends on other sources of affiliate publishing, which affiliate is not but is prison-making activity. Why prison-making? Again because the results in real life are fraudulent and negative for my real living purposes, and I am even sorry to talk about my life in this way. So please, according to these things that make precise the explanation, please try not to object or work out innovations in public streaming about what I write here.

This is due to the fact, especially, that such a blog belongs to secret groups of readers and analyzers that have a primary affiliation with Police or Government servers, just to add another name, I am a desperate person because I am living in a crisis which has been built up by, excuse me for the term, infamous third parties, namely readers from Government and Police servers. It is not me that I am earning status or phantomatic roles, there are third-parties evaluators or publishers which are building up my future life and events. I have it recognized on the palm of my hands. Eventually, I only write these words down and I receive what is in the Federal, say, program, rather than to what my own industry has yielded, this is unjust, how can I get my steps back? I hope it is clear to every reader, if any. Intelligently, I should stop writing these posts, because it is useless unless I really want to be sanctioned for clicking with the mouse by Italian Television.

There will never be a way to correct such a problem and to fix it up. So, maybe, that is one of the reasons why I would really love to abandon Tendencies. It is a failure in itself, and it does not bring me the ardor to wing up and reach common objectives. It is the main reason to become the prisoner of the inner and of the outside world, it is a total loss of time. A very useless instrument for achieving purposes. It is actually how the trend works, it is actually how real-life commands. I do not actually see any plausible method to fix the current issue by writing. Perhaps I have put my efforts into writing everything we need to understand, nowadays, to tackle such calamities. And maybe this is the end of Tendencies. Because it is useless.

*I have decided to revise this blog post the morning of the next day of writing it. I maintain that many advantages have come out from outlining the most peculiar features of my past and present issues. This blog has been helpful in establishing a justified and complete organization about what happened in the past and about what has been offered in present consolidations. According to my view, there is still the need for approaching a due style of communication and expression in order to face past-related matters. I should never forget that at a certain point in life I have been directly penalized by an alleged third-party infamous intervention, and that, apparently, sentenced me for life for every action I could ever make or could have ever made. This led to the splitting of mostly two main interests by my side. These interests, by and large, are based on the very creative bilateral distinctions I constantly make through writing between two interpretative regimes, in this case, X and Y. When X will, on its side, be related to the commercial use of my name and personal effects, hence the gain in notoriety and the inherent consequences which do even fall into real-life occasions and events; Y concerns the regime of preferred and non-delinquent lifestyle made up of the normal activities to be carried out during a standard operating day and whatsoever. The role of X, as many time acknowledged, can never be accommodated to the role of Y, unless you want to mesh up, say, sweet and sour, but that is not even the case. Therefore I am induced to suppose that there is still some relevant bound to be dismissed with the X side, along with my studies and advancements in what should be the ‘regime’ all about my preferences. As long as I am, in some obscure or under-the-light way, bounded with the X side, there would be no 100% safety to bear a safe set of scopes on the Y side, which is even complete of the X side attributes, as the least is just an abnormal appendix of the Y. In so saying, the X side can be classified as a special type of illness that has to be cured somehow. One way to solve it will be examining, deeply, all the bounds which may link me to this tedious side X. Again, side X has been plainly and systematically distinguished from bigger and legitimate side Y; and this has been done in many ways across the various posts.

The fact is simple, as long as there is someone physically operating in contraposition with what is done in the first place for common reasons of healing and determining the characteristics of a given issue; there will be fewer and fewer chances to recover from X. Therefore, it can be solved in the way that X regime could be treated as one’s personal pet. Something you are bounded and obligated to take care of, perhaps for the rest of your life. It could be that this is the truth behind it. In conclusion, we have found that, by rendering such a calamity akin to an animal to control and take care of, there would be fewer chances and reasons to worry about its inner or outer manifestations and behavior, thereby contracting them in the most appropriate way according to the situation or the level challenge perceived. There is also to remember that the behavior of the X, sometimes depends on the casualty and the emotive matter impressed in Y’s actions and behavior. After stating that X is a disease, it has to be removed slowly and intelligently, but we should always remember that it has to be withstood with due diligence and consideration. For better reasoning, it should be clear to, say, a market player, that when accessing an X based platform for doing something, the market players’ objectives should be placed inside a neat note pad or rather on a piece of paper; for instance. The risks of being entrapped into a series of X invasion or abuses could be high when exposing to an X based platform like the CNBC program or a famous commercial show on the national tv. That could sensitively put real life into risk. So here is the danger explained: where we talk about the relationship between accessing and enjoying a commercial program on television and the repercussions in real-life attempts to reach common objectives. This is the fruit of the studies I have conducted in the last days, at expenses felt on the palms of my hands. Logically, it could be a danger if transposed in future life. Therefore, this outlining is very useful in order to prevent future life dangerous exposures to CNBC, commercial platforms or the like, which can be able, if not well-managed, to ruin life with extreme and fine ability.

I do not know if that is really the end, but at least some important requirements have been written down in order to be clear for the very next future perspectives. It does not seem anymore that third parties are intervening by injuring some good determination of emotion in order to reach common objectives. So let’s put it this way: I am alone and I have the great power to decide what is best for myself during a given period of time. What is at the reach of my arrow? We can put it this way for example. In fact, if I really believe that the role of commercial platforms and other types of interactions with the X regime could really affect the ongoing participation in common situations; then I should be ready to defend against the real aspects of life which, perhaps, I am forgetting in front of something artificially built and believed. So it would be necessary to make a distinction between real unluck and artificial unluck. Could ever a balancing comparison exist among the two factors? Does the artificial factor exist? In the end, I have just hoped to stay alright with myself without incurring any physical deterioration which would stupidly lead me to fall down in terror and annihilation. Indeed I was not in good shape to undergo a task of very small proportions to my usual performing. Then, was I meant to fail in that circumstance? By keeping a good faith, my desperation suddenly felt after the reception of the failure, I started to be surrounded by a purifying aura of luck and bless because I could not reach a stupid thing in life; and the most interesting thing about that, is that I would have rejected this ‘aura’ appearing very easily, a kind of spitting in the floor. So, the stream of natural promises taking shapes, in various supernatural and unexpected ways, among the various things I could come across with my sight and senses in general. Thereby, another sort of nightmare which was caused by my bodily induced desperation, so nothing to complain about external factors in the end. What still remains not-nitid, scrolling a little back among memories, is my behavior in front of the logically predictable difficulties of the crowd behind the entrance. Why was I not determined enough to try out some riskier attempts to force the guards to let me in? Again, I was not in good shape to allow me that risk, and so I preferred unconsciously to give up or rather accept the probability of not making it that night, this unconsciously. So, what is to blame? My unconscious and its inner organization scheme. In fact, something inside me was putting a brake on the most important decision to make in that stupid moment. And so, I was blocked by myself, by, say, my poor health and by a sense of no-return which was guaranteed by all the activities performed so far, plus regime X related scores. I really wish I could have never made that tactic.

Antonio Bonatesta

It should not be up there, but it’s the burden of our right. So relax it and don’t speak about. 22/02/2021

In this latest period of life I have been focusing my attention on incredibly challenging issues which in their entirety are able to insert a radical impact in the turnover of someone’s efforts and enterprises. My focus is essentially directed to the set of laws which are enabled, on planet, to determine and catalyze a dense series of outcomes characterizing a single individual or a larger number of subjects.

I understand that across the world we can all witness the presence of many operating stations which are, by themselves, transmitting an abstract or substantial content to a given amount of share of people or mass. The notional multitude of notoriety which can be extrapolated by the causes and the effects, the features and the objects deriving by the ongoing life of a single subject, namely and indvividual, might turn to be the triggering force to the formation of consequential events, propoprtioned, in a given number of venues or spaces. This venues and spaces are limited by physical boundaries and therefore they can only behave as re-transmittent or a new type of trigger for a re-worked classification of events and reactions, or as proper stages. So, the issue in question seems to be touching the topic of a chain of impacts which sometimes are not dominated by the laws characterizing the armony of cause and effect between the parties involved. What is complicated around here is the seemingly impossibility to reach and locate each single event composing the chain in order to elude any possible undesired change across the evolving matter.

I got up this morning with the hope of re-dressing any eventual chance of relagating my wisdom in more enthusiastic tasks, however, I felt the need to underpin this symbolic resemblace of worldly affairs in order to put a brooch over a fundamental and actual anormality that risks to increase day by day due to the perseverance of some human’s weakness that can be deployed against the right will.

My last desire is to feel the joyful and comfortable presence of as much good people as possible in order to concile my enterprising spirit with the whispers and the whistles of a generous land and the gentle neutrality of a pleasant sky. In reality, by taking the thing as it is, there should be little to object if somebody is capable enough to circumvent and avoid an explicit sign of negative occurrency whih can come out from any type of attended environment. If anyone would ever think to transform the world into an homogeneous heap of individuals thinking the same way, he’d probably be wrong this sense. However, by looking at the issue in a different manner, a new dimension might be possible this chance. People can still think it in a different way, but they can be able to bypass a negative sphere of self-conception and therein they should be able to engage with a new reality finalization which, in itself, is able to impose a new type of concord among the different individuals.

The equitable offering of possibilities and incentives to let a single indvidual pursue his or her objectives is fought by the will of the now stronger to take advantage on the poorer. I believe that what surrounds us, other than our self-cultivated abilities, is even necessary to increase and determine our power to defeat the difficulties rising up during the normal life. I know there are a lot of people that think of it in a different way, but the contribute that the external sources are obliged to bestow is more than relatively important, as it might occupy a share of our 33% faculty of recovering. It’s not only a matter of self-discipline and preserved motivation, our range of possibilities to succeed is also determined by the range of impacts which are continuously offered by another consistent variable, the external environment.

My finding now follows with ease: where can we spot a favorable envorinmental offer?

As already said at the beginning of the script, a given space or venue, limited by defined boundaries, is governed by a special set of laws. It is universally understood that this line of laws must be respected in order to donate a ambient prestige and workforce-charge to the destinatary of the offer. So, according to this last sentence, a prior knowledge must be apprehended before dealing with the offering and with the acceptance of the offer coming out of an external enviroment, making up the 33% share of the person’s natural interest in the task-making process. In other words it can be interpretet as a never-ending battle amongst different plans of existence, each on bearing their own laws of behavioral precepts.

Therefore here is the discovery of an unlimited atmospheric set of combinations of laws and behavioral precepts which can originate from both the experience and the novelty of witnessing the offer of a given external environment. It’s like a Rubik’s cube of possibilities which are intertwined with each other forming a wide range of historical or occasional laws concepts to respect and contemplate in order to gain familiarity with the task to carry out. How to effectively master this phenomenon?

It’s a challenge against a phenomenon which has been not explained yet. Otherwise it would have been easy to deal with it.

First thing characterizing it, is that you do not get what you have cultivated for due to the 33% lack. Since the 33% lack is rarely induced by a self-offering co-creating management, then the responsability of the external offeror is a paradigm at stake. The injust outcome features, derived, say by a 33% input and a 33% output-faith of the object demise contribution; is simply caused by an inefficient re-mastering of the third variable which is connected to the outcome willing to walk in out of the first two efforts. Errors in the making might be at stake as well as an insufficient commitment to the contribution’s fundamental aim. However, it is always unrealistic to witness that our outcomes stack is not satisfied in a positive scale, but always negative or below a positive score of 360 degree satisfaction. In fact we are tired and lightly irritated, at the basis stubs of our reasoning, almost all the time after input-output proliferation, very first two phases. So, my objection is that there is a deficit between the capability of the third variable’s managers to, indeed, manage the simplistic in-and-out exchange, and the self-managed mechanism, of the individual, to benefit and accumulate from the external environment’s offer which it is obliged to deliver us the ever-available resource. My question: will this tired and irritated basic mood be compensated by an ethical and efficient offer granted, as per official obligation of the contribute, by the external environmental agent? If, yes, how to perceive this benefit?

During my life experience, I have learned that there is a particular number of people who decided to enter, join, and work as external environment managers. So they have become part of the environment as per the third variable approach. What does this mean? They simply have to play a specifc and homologate role, as per the basics of the concept, within that in-and-out, or commercial, dominated circle. Later, they can assume new accustumed behaviors that are, though, subordinate to the scepter of the Lord of Commerce, namely the great manager of the third variable, therein the external environment.

It would be easy, and more fantastically boring, but a third variable’s agent must remember first that his role was not at all necessary at the beginning, and secondly they have to undergo the alone ever-changing design of the Rubik Cube, being careful to what the external environment is demanded for, in order to be un-policing intermediaries.

In order to perceive the benefit, well, it’s easy. Everything planned and accurately ‘designed’ can be obtained, as per definition and abastract law and scientific law, during the same circadian cycle. We have all the necessary means that, in their main essential functionalities, can be exploited to carry out the simple tasks performed within the commercial process, in-and-out precise and equitable systemic relationship. It is the fool fall of a cumulative heap of men and women that is alone capable of distorting this stronger-than-you and ethernal process. And the first responsible of this artificial mess are the third variable’s agents and their reluctancy to obey the Rubik’s Cube anti-law unlimited trust-worthy chance for the outcome.

Well, I will pray that my morning attempt will not be used in various venues to pollute an innocent starting meaning of analytical prose. If anybody reads through this, please do not forget you’ve been interested in it.

Antonio Bonatesta

Racconto: Leggende di comodino – 16/02/21

Audio lettura – Racconto: Leggende di Comodino

La leggenda di Anforo il bisacco comincia nel bel mezzo di una campagna dove lui ascolta il belare delle pecore per comprendere i nessi della natura. Ogni volta che una delle creature commette un suono, Anforo si nasconde dietro una delle grandi rocce presenti in zona e chiede perdono a se stesso per non essere stato capace di comunicare con i suoi simili. Il nostro eroe è solo da oltre vent’anni e si accontenta di quanto poco riesce a far rientrare nei suoi sensi ormai devoti al raccoglimento. Il suo motto è sempre stato quello di cogliere il massimo da tutto ciò che lo circonda, nel bene e nel male, tuttavia non ha mai saputo misurare il bene di quello che potrebbe provenire da situazioni esterne, le quali rimangono per lui più sconosciute che conosciute. Il motto prova a celare il fatto che lui tenta di spiegare a tutte le pecore presenti in zona che in realtà non vorrebbe mai nuocere a nessuna di loro. Avendo imparato la lezione, non sognerebbe mai di calpestare i reami altrui e non farebbe altro che richiedere una buona dose di attenzione da parte di coloro che invece si ostinano a venire incontro ai guadagni altrui. Il nostro caro amico un giorno decide di incamminarsi in paese ed è proprio qui che lui fa la conoscenza di altre persone che gli ritornano il favore. I comportamenti delle altre persone non lasciamo presagire nulla di buono e anzi sembrano essere caratterizzati da un folto presagire di sfida e accanimento verso quello che Anforo rappresenterebbe.

Il nostro caro amico vive in campagna ed ha a disposizione un gregge di pecore, un frutteto ed un orto. La vicinanza col fiume gli permette di cogliere l’acqua necessaria per abbeverarsi e commettere le scorte. Deve essere chiaro che nulla pare essere più limpido di un quieto vivere caratterizzato dalla presenza di semplici modi di fare e naturali possedimenti, essenziali per la sopravvivenza, anche in momenti duri della vita di Anforo. Durante la gita in città ci sono state diverse persone che hanno contribuito a creare confusione nella mente del nostro giovane eroe che in verità avrebbe voluto solamente attirare i loro sguardi per effettuare conoscenza. Lui non chiedeva altro che una semplice stretta di mano e non avrebbe mai desiderato alcun tipo di accanimento proveniente da queste persone. Il lavoro di Anforo, da un momento all’altro, fu interrotto da alcune direttive del paese che lo intimarono di lasciare in affida il lato di produttività e l’usufrutto dei suoi beni in cambio di un periodo di rilassamento in paese. Gli è stato offerto un posto per dormire e una serie di buoni pasto da consumare in una osteria locale. Non c’era nulla di cui preoccuparsi secondo Anforo che in qualità di proprietario terriero sarebbe stato abbastanza fiero di delegare i sistemi di produzione del suo latte, i suoi formaggi, i suoi frutti e i suoi ortaggi, ad altre persone affaccendate. Trattandosi questa della sua attività principale, ovvero la sua attività n°1, Anforo pensò di dedicarsi ad attività secondarie e terziarie che avrebbero dovuto prendere luogo presso la nuova zona che gli è stata affidata dalle autorità del paese. Il cambio di giurisdizione e di caratteristiche indussero il baldo giovane a preoccuparsi in seconda basta della capacità di produzione delle sue proprietà primarie, e abbandonò saggiamente il privilegio che precedentemente lo contraddistingueva ovvero nascondersi dietro le rocce mentre ascoltava il belare delle sue pecore. Per tutto il resto della giornata, oltre al lavoro ed al privilegio, lui cucinava e si rilassava sul suo letto di piume d’oca.

La permanenza in città induce Anforo a trascorrere il tempo che gli è stato abbuonato per dedicarsi alla scrittura di prosa poetica e cercare un ottimo lavoro presso un esercizio commerciale locale. Tuttavia qualcosa sembrava volgere verso un altro piede. Inaspettatamente per tutti i paesani, un giorno della settimana effettuò l’accesso in paese una delegazione del regno lontano. L’obiettivo di questa delegazione era quello di comunicare agli astanti che da un momento all’altro sarebbero stati invitati a partecipare ad un evento nella città primordiale in cui, con appassionata scioltezza, il grande e immenso sovrano avrebbe accolto chiunque a braccia aperte nel suo enorme e colossale salone dei riti. Il sovrano si chiamava Intimo e il suo regno durava da ormai 25 anni perché dopo di lui sarebbe stato sconveniente immettere un successore più giovane al trono, in quanto la prole discendente non aveva raggiunto ancora un sufficiente grado di idoneità culturale e maturità umana tale da poter essere conferito da così tanta mirabolezza regale. Intimo e la sua accozzaglia attendevano dunque che l’intera popolazione del villaggio si preparasse psicologicamente e fisicamente per essere trasportata, in vari scaglioni, presso la città principale in cui avrebbero ricevuto vitto e alloggio direttamente a spese di Intimo.

Anforo aveva anche un cane e non gli fu permesso di portarlo con sé nel primo paese dove fu costretto a trasferirsi per via dell’accanimento delle persone e della volontà di giudizio finale esercitata da parte dei sovrintendenti al collegio amministrativo locale. Nonostante questo, il guadagno di Anforo fu triplicato dal fatto che lui possedeva ancora diritto formale e realizzativo di detenere l’usufrutto dell’appartamento nel primo paese, in più grazie ai sistemi innovativi scoperti in città e all’affiancamento con altri operatori, avrebbe, con il consenso del re Intimo, valido per tutto il resto die cittadini, continuato a trarre profitto dai nuovi insediamenti accreditati ed ufficializzato nei cospetti del primo luogo di trasferimento. Finalmente, il giorno finale arrivò, e perciò l’intera popolazione del paese fu trasportata, a vari scaglioni, presso la città dell’immenso reggente.

La prima cosa che successe ad Anforo una volta messo piede nella grande sala dei riti, fu quella di innamorarsi di una donna delle sua stessa età e di ricevere ricambio di affetti tempestivo, in modo tale da poter riconoscere l’importanza di quanto stava accadendo e finalmente ufficializzare una ferita passata, di cui addirittura non si era mai reso conto. Riparata l’offesa, l’evento non cessava di continuare. Gli invitati erano tutti presi da un grande spirito di iniziativa e collaborazione poiché in sostanza pareva che tutto si stesse svolgendo una volta che il sole fosse tramontato. Che cosa significava tutto ciò? C’era in effetti qualcosa di nuovo che sembrava stesse prendendo vita. Gli invitati però non furono guidati ad essere attenti ai particolari della vicenda, bensì loro veniva chiesto di assecondare il movimento tortuoso e tormentante delle bestie di città, le quali non erano cieche, ma venivano direttamente a fronteggiare i poveri invitati della sala senza che loro potessero fare nulla per fermare l’impeto dirompente di questi animali in piena foga. ”Loro vivevano dentro di noi e adesso sono uscite fuori senza ritegno”, ”come facciamo a riconoscere quali sono le nostre?”. In verità quello che stava succedendo non era affatto bizzarro. Il lustro e l’emotività presente in quella specifica sala non avevano nulla a che fare con l’attività febbrile che era stata sempre in voga presso i canali limitrofi della città dinamica. Nulla da eccepire per il sovrano che sperava soltanto che ognuno riconoscesse la propria bestia. Vi erano state morti? Non credo, solo paura degli istinti primordiali che avrebbero potuto nuocere alla tranquillità che si era venuta a creare. Le lagune della città erano state edificate con scopi non molto misurati. Pertanto la loro architettura non lasciava pensare a nient’altro che al turbinio di istinti primordiali che l’uomo, con la sua evoluzione e col continuo incedere nel tempo, ha sempre ed obbligatoriamente tentato di sopprimere.

Anforo, il nostro eroe, in tutto questo si ritrovò rapidamente assolto da ogni sua preoccupazione e la sua voglia di ritornare in servizio presso qualcuno o qualcosa degno di essere considerato rispettoso non lo fece precipitare nuovamente nella casa di campagna, anche se ci teneva tanto. Forse aveva fatto bene a delegare l’attività delle sue proprietà a causa di coloro che si erano accaniti. Intimo invitò Anforo ad essere accolto nelle sue schiere e fece ciò perché gli piaceva Anforo. Però Anforo si rese conto che aveva solamente sognato quest’evento e che in realtà non si trattava altro di un vano tentativo di scalare la piramide del successo economico tramite escamotage bizzarri e troppo semplificati. La stupefacente notizia del ritorno presso il suo nuovo alloggio in paese lo rese finalmente unico nel suo genere perché aveva siglato rapporto con l’amore della sua vita e aveva ringraziato la giovin donna per essersi immolata al servizio di una buona causa. Anche per lei forse sarebbe stato difficile se lui non avesse configurato la situazione senza ostilità e senza troppo ardore. Ma avendo un cuore condiviso, si sarebbe optato per l’unica semplice via. Altrimenti forse sarebbe accaduto il senso del ricordo con l’identità che non serve a nulla se non a generare negatività in chi lo disprezza.


UNDERSTAND + Obey – fall

Life has never been so easy. Troubles are over the counter but in reality the easiest way to deal with them is by cutting a suffered portion of time and dedicate it to the fixing of the issue material. Covering a wide variety of topics, during the latest days, has been an interesting adventure which eventally yielded a spectacular return in terms of well-being and intelligence mastering. My intellectual capabilities have indeed increased and they have modelled a new customary set of adaptable criterions that are alone able to supervise and supersede the human and artificial composition of mistakes and faithless glory.

The criterium according to which these models have been offered into reality seems to have been commonly accepted either by the great mass but also by the single individual’s will. The results are astonishing, however, in linkage to their offerng to the public, a strange wave of packed and selected troubles has emerged as never before. Therefore, let’s have a look into this trouble-set.

First of all, I can say I am a person who is born innocent on the 22nd of May in 1991. Since my birth day, I have lived some experience. Living those experience has implied the formation of memories and bits of information. My outputs, my inputs and my final achievements can all be synthetized into a cumulative backward composition of bits of information which are valuable and sensitive to the eyes and the hands of third-party people. The juice of the concept lies within a container of bit of information where ‘bit’ stands for the unit or the size according to which the resource or the information is commonly understood. The meaning of information also relies on the surge of a new era of exchange and economic growth which is based on the commerce of the value of bits of information. It is a (raw) material from which derive the subsequent products that are employed by humans in order to yield a monetary advantage, a sentimental advantage, a social advantage or also a military advantage. Let’s put that these four last elements constitutes the four main reasons for which the value of information has become a precious resource and a motor for exchanging purposes that are aimed to bring about a reciprocal set of targets in a given field of interest.

My entire life can be subdivided into segments of time and products of space. So let’s start by using this dualism in order to differentiate among te various implications which can be paid off in a context of information gathering aimed to supersede a particular human architecture and indeed its legitimate owner. Although the concept is basic and easy to grasp, the interest of some organizations of people or, more rarely in this case, single individuals, has become an issue in the year 2021, which is the current year we are living by.

Extracting bits of information from a person’s ancient and recent lifestyle is a task which involve a first access to research material. Then it should even have been duty of the owner of this set of bits not to disclose them in environments where the undesired subtraction could have got reason to inhalate. By the way, by eliminating the second step and by becoming confident with the realm of laws and rules which govern the world against any kind of abuse; the act of extrapolating bits of information from a person’s lifestyle, namely space’s product and time’s segments, must be piloted by an action of pushing against that person’s door for obtaining the access. This is an abstract figure, though, in reality the act of getting possession of a person’s information is something that begins with an offense or the like of an act of violence against the targeted person. This will inevitably create an unbalance between ‘bits’ of information between the victim and the organization. Indeed, once the victim faces or meets the organization member, he/she suddenly becomes aware of the difference that was undergoing in terms of bits of information. And so the victim will automatically gain the difference in the value of bits which could be recovered, with the actual system’s law, in other environments thanks to an amplified and naturally endowed mechanism of accumulation of bits.

In my opinion, the examination of a person chronological life, and the use of these bits to build instruments for the pursuance of monetary advantage, sentimental advantage, social advantage or military advantage, is illegal and so it must be punished by the law. It cannot be considered, in any way, a transaction of any kind, or even a sexual invitation; this is because it has not been signed any written agreement between the two parties involved and there wasn’t either any informal consideration to the offer. Who owns the right to express opinions?

For example, I may mention some of the worst organizations in the entire planet. Why so? They perfectly mirror the unstatic situation which has been described above. There is, in fact, no correspective and agreed exchange of bits of information. In addition, the extraxtion of say 500.000 bits of my life time and space, is not correspondend with my voluntary and targeted extraction of their private and deliberatey chosen space and time bits. I might have got something in exchange, but it is something that you basically gain out of stealing, which is not fair and dis-equitable.

My current life in the planet Earth has been compromised in a large portion and my last hope is the arrival of my family in the future. I have actually been condemned to the phenomena of extraction and extrapolation of ‘bits’ of lifestyle information, according to the chronology of the events, in order for thirds to accumulate applications for the following aims:

  • Monetary advantage
  • Sentimental advantage
  • Social Advantage
  • Military / Defense advantage

To be honest, I am tired for being the leader of the modulated copying structure of secondary groups of human beings trying to reach the same goals at the same CET time but without the same final class of enjoyment. I mean, what have you reached? If you tried to copy or invade my path for reaching a particular thing during a given time of the period, what would you expect to enjoy in a fairly considered perspective of lifetime? I think it was not up to you.

Anyway, I would like to confess my happiness for a bright time coming and for now. I am considered to be a person who should always be ready to defeat depression and carry on with them main tasks, trying also to think about the good times spend in genuine relaxation and peace. Depression is my enemy, and it can be defeated only by moving my bottom and walk straight in the places where to practice interesting activities which would necessarily drive me to experience a desired exciting attitude. I love lots of things, but in reality what I care most of all is moving up my shoulders and repeat myself that I have to overcome the dark moments everytime it is possible to check them and to realize that it could be a chance for the wrong direction to show up. That’s absolutely wrong and indeed, what is relevant for me is to fight agaisnt the additional decay of ugly time and start doing what is good and healthy.

I wish I could have a fair conception of what is going on in my life. It’s a particular time and all I want to say is that I am living a peaceful period, but some trouble come after me and starts to depict a sad life which has not yet ceased to be unlawful.

The popularity is a concept that I am trying to emphasize a lot in the course of the blog posts. However, the gluttony of third-party organization does not realize that I simply want them to stop evaluating or ‘digesting’ my bits of information in order to omologate the series of the four advantages. And in so doing they can create conflict.

I have to realize the situation in the external environment but I also have to realize what is going on in the system outside me and the very close external enviroment. What is going on up there? What is the impact of my resolution? Have I given reason to some tendency to emerge? What is the degree by which I have to be happy for a global view of the national and/or international scenario? Hope I won’t find crime bits.

There are many ways to discover them. The national scenario: popularity and tendency, who is going to prevail? I obviously wish that tendency is going to prevail because it’s legal. Popularity, on the other hand, may destabilise the personal four-structured path of achievement that anybody has… it is indeed a structure well defined in our organism which enables us, in respect of the law, to reach the preferred achievements in sensual relationship with the time’s provocations. Of course, the most rational side of the issue implies a starting point which is located inside of us, so we are our primary responsibility for any type of micro or macro failure occurring during the building of THE path. The third-party group is similar to an offer, as I said, do not forget, but it is something that you might want to enjoy for whim and so it is linked to the vice of depression. You do not have to look for popularity, even if you know that a small percentage of organizations are dirty and can target you because of their illegal gluttony. So please, be strong and gather your strength in order not to get submitted to the power of the dirty world which will never crease to appear, even if you are protected by four walls inside your house. For example, there is some programming on tv which sometimes is tailor-made for my giuridical person. This is horrible. There are indeed some organizations which you cannot actually target in an efficient way in order to make a fair protest against their terms and conditions. Plus, the world is not a good place. People are more powerful than other people thanks to more and more illegal tools and instruments they are destined to use somehow. There is a cumulative crescendo of illegality which for now seems to stop at the limit of atomic bomb. Monitoring and hacking private electronic devices, is just a stupid thing compared to the vast realm of destruction opportunities which some human being like to ‘water’ and to crescendo. I am actually defending my electronic devices against monitoring of all kinds, it could even be based on strange illegal algorythms of synthesis that have been created by the responsible managers of the big tech companies. It’s bizarre, but the world rolls about this way, and you have to be careful about the data you input and output. Otherwise your achievement path, which is plainly and linearly described in this post and in a previous one, which I will protect you; can be destabilised and it could become difficult to recover in due time.

Again, popularity is a big issue in this under-developed world. I say under-develped because in my opinion the usage of personal data from far and exotic sources has to be considered, other than illegal, also mongoloid. To be honest, I do not care about monitoring the life of other people just because I want to get some capital advantage, I would rather prefer to leave them alone or just to know them for friendship purposes or perhaps because I want to arrange a business appointment and strike a true deal.

Finally, I want to say that I love a woman and she is not telling me that she loves me. It seems everything but everything, and I do not really know how to deal with this. There is of course a process undergoing, and I think it will get to a point somehow in the future, when I will be discounted as the usual bar-tender… By the way I now catch this produced opportunity to say thanks to this woman for the support, the protection and even for having done nothing with other independent channels which might have been keeping on consuming personal information about my naked-whore life, and that’s why I want to see her naked. Jocking! I wish one day all of this circulated stuff will be erased from any possible container of other people’s property.

I personally like this woman, I have to admit, and perhaps she knows that I am talking about her, in this way. If she actually wants to make this weird union, I think I will be happy for that, otherwise I’ll also be glad for sincere but true cooperation.

I would want to remain a secret package for her, she has to accept me for my tendencies, my dedicated public discloses, and my beauty, if it is. In the meantime, I would like to say that I’m actually wishing for a private studio in Rome and a comfortable flat where to position the necessary equipment for my actual life purpose(s). I can be ready, hypothetically speaking, even by tomorrow. So, don’t wait and get this package. You won’t be disappointed!

Antonio Bonatesta

Legge fissa e conveniente. Fiero di essere in Occidente. 30/01/21

Niente di particolare da sottolineare in un periodo di attività intensa e misurata. Dall’inizio alla fine del mio percorso didattico posso ritenermi fiero di quanto effettivamente si possa mettere a frutto. La motivazione e il senso del dovere sono divenuti i pilastri fondamentali del mio cammino di studente. Il mio cammino di studente potrebbe essere necessariamente costeggiato da eventi e sensazioni appartenenti a terzi scopi. Cercando di limitare l’impatto e l’attrazione verso la presenza dei terzi scopi, mi auguro sempre in primo luogo di portare a termine il cammino di studente lungo e durante gli intervalli di tempo che sono destinati a questo dovere principale. Nell’albo dei terzi scopi si configura la necessità di scambiare cenni di carattere sentimentale e cenni di carattere sociale. Come ovviare a questo scopo? E’ realistico supporre che per raggiungere la forma ambita di tale scopo è necessario tener presente che attualmente non esiste alcuna spesa atta a far avvicinare tale forma? In altre parole il quesito fondamentale della vita di un uomo deve necessariamente dividersi in compartimenti. Questa è una legge fondamentale che vorrei sottolineare e che, una volta scoperta, agevola di molto il raggiungimento degli obiettivi.

La vita dell’uomo è scissa in cinque compartimenti. Ognuno di questi compartimenti deve essere vissuto o alimentato a breve e lungo andare a seconda delle priorità che si intendono plasmare durante una dato tipo di tragitto. Si tratta di un principio o di una legge immutabile che l’uomo, consciamente o inconsciamente, segue. La segue in modo da alimentare e privilegiare a suo modo e a sue tecniche, una o più di una delle cinque classi o categorie. Sono pertanto giunto alla conclusione che il formarsi o il materializzarsi di un dato avvenimento o base di, diciamo, desiderio, dipende dal contributo e dalla razionata spesa umana che l’uomo è costretto ad elargire in vista di completare il tragitto che facilmente ha stabilito di percorrere. Impostare le fattezze finali e future di un tragitto umano è attività di facile immaginazione e di elevato riempimento astratto. Il tutto, per essere compiuto, è succube a leggi e comportamenti di vario tipo; tuttavia occorre tener presente che cinque categorie immutabili ed imprescindibili sono e rimangono i recipienti del nostro libero voto ad intraprendere un incipit di scelta e selezione. Pertanto, alla base dell’uomo, è onnipresente la piangente e fiera capacità di essere padroni del riempimento di uno o più di uno tra cinque recipienti. Non è detto che bisogna riempire un solo recipiente all’unisono, perchè? Perchè l’uomo è oggi in grado di applicarsi o lavorare in multitasking, ovverossia è in grado di raggiungere più scopi contemporaneamente, ovverossia servendosi delle proprietà che il significato ed il valore del tempo possono concedere qualora, attraverso le leggi, venga utilizzato appropriatamente.

Ora mi accorgo che non posso sforzarmi oltre i limiti del misto quantitativo e qualitativo di spesa o contributo da versare in uno o più recipienti. La legge base della libera scelta impone un criterio di performance basato su leggi e comportamenti immutabili nell’essere, i quali fungono da maestri posti in perfetta e sintonica adiacenza alle multiple attività di contributo e versamento nei recipienti. Il dualismo quantità-qualità mi affascina molto poichè grazie ad esso l’uomo ritiene di essere massimo esponente di una superba sensazione di raggiungimento terminale. Tuttavia il prodotto di questo dualismo consisterebbe, se posto ai minimi termini, in un sistema invalidante il quale necessiterebbe una variabile aggiuntiva.

Se corrispondenza reale di sentimento affettivo e alloggio soddisfacente al 100% non sono state raggiunte da un singolo uomo, entro la data odierna, dunque potrei affermare che due recipienti necessitano ancora di essere modulati secondo un determinato criterio di sconto o realizzazione. Qualora l’uomo divenisse turbato di fronte a queste sue proiezione mancanti, o esigenze incompiute, potrebbe incorrere nel rischio della superbia. La superbia si incentrerebbe tuttavia nell’incapacità dello stesso uomo di essere sufficientemente capace di plasmare i due recipienti con impavida sincronia tra leggi e performance. Ecco qui che scatta l’errore.

Ritornando alla fattibilità che nell’uomo esistono cinque dimensioni da plasmare e che ad ognuna di esse è stata assegnata una tipologia di manifestazione da plasmare, perchè non incapsulare la superbia e scendere a patti definitivi con il criterio di libera scelta? Se in questo preciso istante mi sto accingendo a svolgere determinate attività incentrate a versare spese in due recipienti differenti da quelli che devono modulare la manifestazione dello scambio del sentimento o dell’alloggio soddisfacente, perché lamentarmi, in fasi temporali successive, se le dimensioni non modulate non producono risultati soddisfacenti? Ritorniamo sempre al fatto che esistono cinque dimensioni all’interno dell’uomo, il processo di derivazione dalla modulazione resa in rapporto a leggi, comportamento, qualità e quantità di performance, potrebbe riguardare un fraintendimento dovuto ad esasperazioni superbe e prive di fondamento. Si tratta di un complesso sottile e genialmente rilevato il quale potrebbe spiegare, in termini di facile comprensione (cinque recipienti), perché l’uomo farebbe i capricci quando non è contento di quello che la sua intera attività ha effettivamente e realisticamente prodotto. Pertanto, in altri termini, si potrebbe trattare di uno studio approssimativo sui caratteri che contraddistinguono l’utilizzo dl tempo da parte di un singolo uomo e il funzionamento del libero criterio di scelta dei recipienti in relazione alla sua capacità di estendere il multitasking. Arriverei dunque alle conclusioni che all’infuori dell’uomo non esiste nulla in grado di arrestare la forza di volontà dell’uomo in questione. La malignità degli atti interiori od esteriori di superbia potrebbero sfortunatamente indurre l’uomo a precipitare in sentieri angusti posti a deturpare, e dunque rallentare, il valore di conversione (leggi e performance) del tempo adottato in precedenti scambi lavorativi. La perfezione percepita nello svolgimento delle attività maestre può condurre a fraintendimenti e capricci interni quando si tratta poi di sottostare a nuove leggi e comportamenti che, in avanzata istanza, spiegano e scontano il motivo per cui non si è effettivamente maturi o pronti per afferrare il profumo reale della manifestazione preposta a desideri di umanità effettiva.

Cos’è l’umanità effettiva? La presente concezioni è singolare nel mondo moderno, a mio avviso. L’uomo deve necessariamente rendersi conto che il primo essere umano a diventare qualcuno su questo pianeta non è stato nient’altro che l’essere più sfortunato al mondo. In altre parole, l’uomo è attorniato davanti alla mostra infinita di fotografie veritiere che potrebbero da un momento all’altro indurre o ricreare la formazione di desideri ardenti. Ho utilizzato il termine fotografia per sottolineare il fatto che durante il cammino terrestre, la visione o il vivere esperienze particolari, potrebbe erroneamente accendere desideri o ambizioni che lungo il corso dell’intera esistenza, una facile previsione, non potrebbero mai essere consolidate. Per questo sono prettamente e felicemente convinto che bisogna essere consci solo del raggiungimento di piccoli e utili scopi, niente di esagerato, i quali finalmente potrebbero innalzare il valore della libera scelta dei recipienti e accrescere il desiderio di produrre ed essere attivi e forti nelle vicende non di peso!

Se l’amore della mia vita mi avesse chiesto di scoprire in che modo il livello di occupazione in una data regione statale si potesse mai incrementare, io allora le avrei risposto che in fin dei conti non è precetto di singolo uomo. Tuttavia sono dell’idea che da un lato incidente dell’economia, il lusso di perdonare e lasciare svolgere ineluttabilmente i doveri principali alle fazioni di competenza è prerogative netta di stato.

Se in 6 reti nazionali fosse posto in essere un criterio di messaggistica implicita nei riguardi di pezzi raccolti in ordine sequenziale dal presente organo di scrittura, dunque si ovvierebbe senza dubbio verso la rapida e invisibile costruzione di vacanze di lavoro messe a frutto dalla tacita eliminazione di fondi di reddito usa e getta che non avvalorerebbero la tesi dell’ambizione inutile per tutta la vita, certo nel 100% dei casi. Cosa vogliamo veramente? La risposta ce l’abbiamo ed è mostrata unicamente e stilisticamente da ciascuno di noi giorno dopo giorno. Sono i nostri capricci a mascherare il valore effettivo del risultato di performance e non ci fanno riconoscere gli errori quando la riconoscenza degli errori è una priorità da cui non si può sfuggire, talvolta anche in un innocente istante del presente.

Prometto che sarà mio dovere affascinarmi nuovamente dell’amore della mia vita e concluderò la riflessione fluttuando verso un universo più tecnico quando completerò il problema con una stesura sul blog tecnico.

Intanto vorrei solamente precisare che i post pubblicati su Facebook, la sequenza di significato, i posto dei due blog gestiti, i dati anagrafici, la conoscenza delle attività che svolgo (ovvero percorso accademico, televisione e basta) e manie e deliri annessi; potrebbero costituire una fonte di scopo per terzi individui. Questi individui potrebbero essere giornalisti, personaggi giuridici, agenzie di intermediazione pubblicitaria, ragazzi e ragazze che ricevono informazioni privilegiate da gruppi social appartenenti a persone di ceti abbienti, esponenti maggiori o minori di partiti politici, investitori di grado basso o alto, alte personalità di spicco a livello nazionale ed internazionale, forze dell’ordine, persone dal grado di cultura inferiore al liceo statale, conduttori televisivi, investigatori privati, gente interessata ad una storia che non conosce e non mi domanda come sia la mia storia, criminali, imprenditori, gente corrotta in generale; tutti colori i quali sono stati nominati potrebbero costituire una minaccia di grado serio e progressivo alla mia incolumità mentale e fisica. Non posso dire che il mondo sia mio, però gradirei non essere disturbato perché, come è ben noto e dimostrato, non sono mai stato in tutta la mia vita capace di arrecare la prima offesa a nessuno.

Infine vorrei solamente tentare di suscitare nell’amore della mia vita un forte senso di devozione perché si tratta del vero bene più grande e costoso che potrei mai darti.

E’ ovvio che mantenendomi sulla posizione dell’offerente ho maggiore potere di trattativa. Offro pertanto la mia semplicità come uomo, la lealtà. Fidati di me, tutto il resto non lo guarderai proprio. Vorrai solo me per come sono.

Amo il mio alloggio, in ulteriore istanza. Tuttavia mi avvalgo della facoltà di celare proprio tutto quanto riguardi questo compartimento della mia vita. Lascio confidare nel principio di lealtà e legalità che lega tutti noi. I ‘ping’, di ogni tipo, saranno considerati ed interpretati. Sistematicamente e legalmente, non dovrei essere soggetto ad alcun tipo di ‘ping’. Lascio al resto delle persone competenti giudicare qualora fosse essenziale violare le regole internazionali e costituzionali per richiedere funzioni irrazionali da non so cosa mi appartenga.

Antonio Bonatesta

Living with a reason can be associated to privilegd burdens. 22/01/21

These days I’m getting close to a purified state of mind which is clearing up all the unnecessary issues that have characterized my life path during the previous academic sessions. Why this? Problems seems to have accumulated as seeds in the desolate earth and after a given period they started to blossom and to give life to issues. This is simple to locate once the seeds are identified as what they really are. Howver, once got at this point of time it appears to be hard to determine what is the root of all these issues. The answers lays on the jurisdiction I personally choose to deploy all over the circumstances of these issues which can be spotted, so mirroring measures, around various sources scattered around.

The most important thing of all the structure I will try to outline is that at the end of the paradigm of problematic life, two main problems seems to be laying and creating unecessary but motivating fluxes of energy and reason to drive forward. What happens when I drive a car? It happens that I am motivated to do so on a first place. Why so? When I drive across the street I have to take into account the presence of the danger. I cannot solve this danger from its roots, therefore I necessarily have to deal with it. I love my life in all its facets and dimensions. That’s why I would extermely love to give consideration and respect to the most important problematic seeds I currently regard as problems. Making a projection with the most important figures of my life, with whom I have to share moments of precious and animated content; I now had the possibility to discover the to witches that are giving me a restless motivation to carry on with the whole set of my activities. Now I guess it is time to reveal the substance and the identity of these two chronic issues, however, I do not think it is the best idea. Why anyway do I say chronic? In reality these continuous war-flags constitutes for me the miroring projection of the content shared with the main figures of my life path. Therefore it is a sort of quartet leaving opportunistic and challenging behavior to the choice’s of life and the need to concretize actions. Thanks to this innate, precious, fundamental and sometimes irrational motives, I can fiercely compete in a world which would not try to enrich me otherwise.

I do not actually think I am holding some correlations with justice issue about all the interpretable circumstances of my past, present and future prospectives. Anyhow in order to gather all the motivation necessary to perform the great variety of action I have at my disposal, I have discovered that I need to take into account the presence of something which could be counter-intuitively regarded as tedious and with a negative impression. Another thing is the unnecessary attachment to a disordered bunch of unproper desires to achieve the physical presence of someone in particular. By setting aside all the relative circumstances concerning the outdoor reality, I do not actually manifest, in my deep and my upper consciousness, the need to be surrounded, under imperative and ill-expressed terms, of a specific kind of personality.

I have tried to analize the situation around. I’ve found out that the chronic problems are destined to be solved somehow in what the very root of them is. Perhaps, they’re even more than two, but that’s not what matters to me. If the destiny theory holds, it is then discounted that the actual reality is just an expendient to carry on useless and slave attempt to cover up a present issue. However, I do not actually agree with this. This just matured state of mind is extraordinarily suggeting me that I am using my reason in a half way. The other way of my reason would instead have suggested me that the materialization of the solution of these issues would instead be provided by the entire setting of my internal forces and dominant emotions. Motivation therefore occupies a special footstep on this hierarchy and automatically solves the dilemma of getting in touch with the beauty and the magnificence of the action standards. This means that I am not actually worried to fail or to get tired during my activities because I would somehow lose touch with the fundamental theory of the main issues. Since this fundamental theory tends to be regarded as valid only form a half way of the reason, then I am pretty sure that I need not to stop for stupid reasons and therein I have to demonstrate myself and other that all the issues I am trying to solve are the most precious goods I have now at my disposal and they are not interconnected with my past, present, or future. These issues, these bunch, belong to a timeless conception of the mind which is taking lucid vision of the realiy and is using its unlimited power and re-distributable resources to follow up the new schemes. I bet this is the only method to carry on with good work and to do it fairly. However, it is not a complete way, it a strong vision of the reality which we borrow to light up and speed up the engine of well-doing. In other words, I love for having got in touch with this new sphere which has characterized me every time of my life without me realizing its power everytime. If we do not get an answer to an issue, we should stop relying on stupid tools or demonstrative powers in order to deceipt time and get what we think expects to us. Then once we getwhat we discover that it doesn’t actually fits our wishes.

Finally, I just want to open a little parenthesis about the love I currently send to someone. When I send love to someone, or whatever piece of writing willing to communicate a sentiment, I do not intend to be nice or verbally cultured. I just want to confirm that my intentions are plainly located within a given branch of affectation. If the endeavor is reciprocally admitted, I take my chance and my duty to replicate the acceptance by simply saying that I will be available for a chat, if that’s regarded as necessary. However, I know there may be various and various reasons takeable on planet earth which can delay this promise to materialize. I understand and I confirm my love anyway. My promise will be kept open, under the responsibility of its inherent requirements to stock it forward, until the wish to love for real me takes place also by the counterpart.

Antonio Bonatesta