The end of Tendencies? 01/11/19

I have recently discovered that my laptop files and the blog are secretly reached and read through Police servers spread across the planet. At the same time, all my life actions can become reasons to investigate interlaced events, in a sort of a very irrational way; however, in any case, this yields life disruption. In the end, I would just say that it is just a matter of time and events. But, after a more careful look at it, we can tell that it is like a negatively affected organism. It is a kind of program which is bringing me to the achievement of important objectives, such as complete security and freedom to make my choice by preserving the necessary needs to perform it, like the space and the genuine appreciation of other individuals.

The fact that every my digital or public intervention is monitored, is a reality that now has been widely proven. Therefore, what I really need to do in such a circumstance, should be objecting the regime X and promoting regime Y which is the one established according to law and human reason, so the most widely recognized among the hugest number of people. What am I essentially complaining about?

The answer is as follows: Groups of people belong to the saved ones of the regime X. They are able to surveil other’s people’s belongings and actions according to their legislative domain imposed on human patience presumably after World War II or during the Russian Cold War. The fact that I am writing this piece of sentences and thoughts, right now, has become subject of derision for some Italian commercial channels on the go because I am a monitored person whose life has to be ruined by the interlacement of my actions towards other domains of influence. This will inevitably yield drastic results in real life, which I do not really want to mention. I am desperate under this point of view because in the soil where I live I will never have the chance to gain the freedom necessary to live a life that I normally deserve to live so I will only be devoted to my study path, with a lot of difficulties on the run, minus all the preferred situation which can have their birth during the time I am finishing my studies and trying to accommodate other types of entertainment. This popularity, across various domains, will never leave me out. But the main reason behind that is the fact that this popularity is a prison for me. A prison that does not guarantee the privilege to enjoy what I really deserve in the country where I live. I will repeat that I am very desperate and no one, and I repeat, no one, is able to pull me out of this point.

I suppose this is the kind of the worst nightmare for a human being to live. And I am even forced to behave, as I am not controlling my very primary impulses and vein circulation. When I was writing this post, a police vehicle was standing nearby the place I live. It started to play out the siren sound once I decided to surf the web page of the blog. Indeed it was signed that, above and beyond, the movements made toward this page have been limited or blocked from their due execution. This should be not considered as a licit preventive action by Police, therefore I would amend to Police that I am living a very desperate status under impulse control, according to my view.

It is perfectly comprehensible that this blog post may seem a little bit crude in some of its passages, however, it has to mirror the need to end a potential conflict that may arise from any of my publishing. For example, unless I write something against someone who has been behaving in a good way with me or with other people, there should be no need to counteract a correction of any sort made through lines of plain text. Seemingly, it should be welcomed with the right spirit and uncontaminated peacefulness. At the end of everything, I suppose I am just writing a page of diary for communication purposes. And, after been specified several times, I am not trying to gain a certain level of notoriety among people I have never known or met in my life; it is not my duty to put this into action. Whether it happens, it depends on other sources of affiliate publishing, which affiliate is not but is prison-making activity. Why prison-making? Again because the results in real life are fraudulent and negative for my real living purposes, and I am even sorry to talk about my life in this way. So please, according to these things that make precise the explanation, please try not to object or work out innovations in public streaming about what I write here.

This is due to the fact, especially, that such a blog belongs to secret groups of readers and analyzers that have a primary affiliation with Police or Government servers, just to add another name, I am a desperate person because I am living in a crisis which has been built up by, excuse me for the term, infamous third parties, namely readers from Government and Police servers. It is not me that I am earning status or phantomatic roles, there are third-parties evaluators or publishers which are building up my future life and events. I have it recognized on the palm of my hands. Eventually, I only write these words down and I receive what is in the Federal, say, program, rather than to what my own industry has yielded, this is unjust, how can I get my steps back? I hope it is clear to every reader, if any. Intelligently, I should stop writing these posts, because it is useless unless I really want to be sanctioned for clicking with the mouse by Italian Television.

There will never be a way to correct such a problem and to fix it up. So, maybe, that is one of the reasons why I would really love to abandon Tendencies. It is a failure in itself, and it does not bring me the ardor to wing up and reach common objectives. It is the main reason to become the prisoner of the inner and of the outside world, it is a total loss of time. A very useless instrument for achieving purposes. It is actually how the trend works, it is actually how real-life commands. I do not actually see any plausible method to fix the current issue by writing. Perhaps I have put my efforts into writing everything we need to understand, nowadays, to tackle such calamities. And maybe this is the end of Tendencies. Because it is useless.

*I have decided to revise this blog post the morning of the next day of writing it. I maintain that many advantages have come out from outlining the most peculiar features of my past and present issues. This blog has been helpful in establishing a justified and complete organization about what happened in the past and about what has been offered in present consolidations. According to my view, there is still the need for approaching a due style of communication and expression in order to face past-related matters. I should never forget that at a certain point in life I have been directly penalized by an alleged third-party infamous intervention, and that, apparently, sentenced me for life for every action I could ever make or could have ever made. This led to the splitting of mostly two main interests by my side. These interests, by and large, are based on the very creative bilateral distinctions I constantly make through writing between two interpretative regimes, in this case, X and Y. When X will, on its side, be related to the commercial use of my name and personal effects, hence the gain in notoriety and the inherent consequences which do even fall into real-life occasions and events; Y concerns the regime of preferred and non-delinquent lifestyle made up of the normal activities to be carried out during a standard operating day and whatsoever. The role of X, as many time acknowledged, can never be accommodated to the role of Y, unless you want to mesh up, say, sweet and sour, but that is not even the case. Therefore I am induced to suppose that there is still some relevant bound to be dismissed with the X side, along with my studies and advancements in what should be the ‘regime’ all about my preferences. As long as I am, in some obscure or under-the-light way, bounded with the X side, there would be no 100% safety to bear a safe set of scopes on the Y side, which is even complete of the X side attributes, as the least is just an abnormal appendix of the Y. In so saying, the X side can be classified as a special type of illness that has to be cured somehow. One way to solve it will be examining, deeply, all the bounds which may link me to this tedious side X. Again, side X has been plainly and systematically distinguished from bigger and legitimate side Y; and this has been done in many ways across the various posts.

The fact is simple, as long as there is someone physically operating in contraposition with what is done in the first place for common reasons of healing and determining the characteristics of a given issue; there will be fewer and fewer chances to recover from X. Therefore, it can be solved in the way that X regime could be treated as one’s personal pet. Something you are bounded and obligated to take care of, perhaps for the rest of your life. It could be that this is the truth behind it. In conclusion, we have found that, by rendering such a calamity akin to an animal to control and take care of, there would be fewer chances and reasons to worry about its inner or outer manifestations and behavior, thereby contracting them in the most appropriate way according to the situation or the level challenge perceived. There is also to remember that the behavior of the X, sometimes depends on the casualty and the emotive matter impressed in Y’s actions and behavior. After stating that X is a disease, it has to be removed slowly and intelligently, but we should always remember that it has to be withstood with due diligence and consideration. For better reasoning, it should be clear to, say, a market player, that when accessing an X based platform for doing something, the market players’ objectives should be placed inside a neat note pad or rather on a piece of paper; for instance. The risks of being entrapped into a series of X invasion or abuses could be high when exposing to an X based platform like the CNBC program or a famous commercial show on the national tv. That could sensitively put real life into risk. So here is the danger explained: where we talk about the relationship between accessing and enjoying a commercial program on television and the repercussions in real-life attempts to reach common objectives. This is the fruit of the studies I have conducted in the last days, at expenses felt on the palms of my hands. Logically, it could be a danger if transposed in future life. Therefore, this outlining is very useful in order to prevent future life dangerous exposures to CNBC, commercial platforms or the like, which can be able, if not well-managed, to ruin life with extreme and fine ability.

I do not know if that is really the end, but at least some important requirements have been written down in order to be clear for the very next future perspectives. It does not seem anymore that third parties are intervening by injuring some good determination of emotion in order to reach common objectives. So let’s put it this way: I am alone and I have the great power to decide what is best for myself during a given period of time. What is at the reach of my arrow? We can put it this way for example. In fact, if I really believe that the role of commercial platforms and other types of interactions with the X regime could really affect the ongoing participation in common situations; then I should be ready to defend against the real aspects of life which, perhaps, I am forgetting in front of something artificially built and believed. So it would be necessary to make a distinction between real unluck and artificial unluck. Could ever a balancing comparison exist among the two factors? Does the artificial factor exist? In the end, I have just hoped to stay alright with myself without incurring any physical deterioration which would stupidly lead me to fall down in terror and annihilation. Indeed I was not in good shape to undergo a task of very small proportions to my usual performing. Then, was I meant to fail in that circumstance? By keeping a good faith, my desperation suddenly felt after the reception of the failure, I started to be surrounded by a purifying aura of luck and bless because I could not reach a stupid thing in life; and the most interesting thing about that, is that I would have rejected this ‘aura’ appearing very easily, a kind of spitting in the floor. So, the stream of natural promises taking shapes, in various supernatural and unexpected ways, among the various things I could come across with my sight and senses in general. Thereby, another sort of nightmare which was caused by my bodily induced desperation, so nothing to complain about external factors in the end. What still remains not-nitid, scrolling a little back among memories, is my behavior in front of the logically predictable difficulties of the crowd behind the entrance. Why was I not determined enough to try out some riskier attempts to force the guards to let me in? Again, I was not in good shape to allow me that risk, and so I preferred unconsciously to give up or rather accept the probability of not making it that night, this unconsciously. So, what is to blame? My unconscious and its inner organization scheme. In fact, something inside me was putting a brake on the most important decision to make in that stupid moment. And so, I was blocked by myself, by, say, my poor health and by a sense of no-return which was guaranteed by all the activities performed so far, plus regime X related scores. I really wish I could have never made that tactic.

Antonio Bonatesta

The mystery of corporate debt and its will to make me happy. 05/08/20

The actual tendency still seems to exploit the data deriving from the chronology of my actions, behaviors, and thoughts that are expressed and glimpsed by undesired third-parties within the external environment. The burden of corporate debt is such an important issue which is alone able to interfere, in a complementing way, with my everyday life affairs such as the construction of a personal career plan, the conduct and the result of my study efforts, the pursuit of any form of emotive or sentimental relationship and the free-of-charge and timeless shaping of social meeting opportunities. By the way, the last points of the analysis are just part of a technical view of the overall issue, in fact, there are few technical and behavioral solutions, connected to the realization of this practical premises, which could ever be embedded in a theoretical systemic approach for making the situation great again. In other words, I cannot just limit myself to study and examine the issue as it is theoretically, rather, I must pick a different way of analyzing it which would be indicated for a better rendering of the objectives. What am I talking about? Basically, I am talking about a form of behavior or essential commitment that all in one, is capable of encompassing the entire set of premises I am willing to bring on for the sake of my past actions, the quality of the present tense and the development of a bright future field of opportunities. The result? I am actually happy and satisfied with the ongoing progression of life events and tasks’ performance. There is actually nothing I should complain of or strive to adjust in order to live a better life in this particular period. In spite of this, some acknowledgments should deserve a little bit of attention due to the fact that they might constitute a look of concern along the period following the latest recognition of facts and impressions. What am I talking about?

I have been already mentioning the sensing burden of the corporate debt which in reality and in the details is something where I have never got through. I have always wanted to believe this to be a pretty much stable and flat situation according to which there should be nothing to worry about for my everyday life commitment. I have been experimenting several ways to undercover and to distantiate myself from the reality of the corporate debt, in the simple way that I could contribute to its fixing only thanks to the indirect product of my effort without, hence, be ever considered liable, in any sense, to the fluctuations and the impacts bouncing up from the change in its balance sheet. According to this criterium of analysis, the prospect is suggesting me that any failure and percussion in my personal health domain or in the various casualties of the field of opportunities, is not a direct or even indirect result of the change in balance sheet within the corporate debt reality. If such view holds true, then I myself would be the only one held responsible for the number of accidents and failure pathways that would have inexorably characterized the long term or very short term course of my life path. Sliding down to this viewpoint, then, perhaps, a more personal examination should adequately and faithfully replace the initially hypothesized active or latent role that the corporate debt reality would have ever played or would have ever mirrored throughout the accidental or failing course of my long term or very short term life path. Which are, then, the main protagonists of this active and latent cluster of causes leading me to embrace the accident, damage, and failure sensations?

In the last few days, I have undertaken a deep examination of all the possible series of causes which could have led my preferred life status to encounter and live a new worrisome paradigm of sensations and psychophysical alterations. If I have to be good and generously comprehensive with myself, I should admit that the actual situation is delving into a less troublesome and more effective life status due to the fact that it brightly looks like that the future assurances have been well established and that a newly acquired, reversed, recollected and recognized security status have been established with fine care towards my direct private and public interest. However, what about the expense side?

According to my latest experiences, there is still much to apprehend and discover about the mixed series of possible pits which are capable, as if they were parts of a curse, to impose me an unmanageable amount of interactive and data taxes and fines to ‘pay’ and respect until the supposed end of my marital status term, whatsoever. This is such a complicated case to resolve. And, according to my personal perspective, this is a strong part determining my life’s accidents and failures alongside mirroring, with a more or less faithful emphasis, the rather unjust changes in corporate debt’s balance sheet. Thus it might even be capable of designing a vicious cycle where the set of penalties and weaknesses derived from interactive taxation would finally walk through the cumulative and finalized efforts’ products for fixing up the corporate debt balance sheet. Herein, a limitation of the corporate+personal team for a better achievement can be highlighted. The only remaining tool, logically, is hoping that the exploiters would eventually repay what they promised after endlessly and even consciously taking away the team’s raw resources by denying a pure and undisturbed rendering of the operations, the achievement, and the personal objectives, as they must be without the stupid conflict of the time-tower players which the whole sum is equal to 1. In this case, even important state representatives who might have joined the discussion can deliver an example of this ancient superb time-stretching desire. Any loss derived from this attack is saved and lonely preached inside my intimate world safety and custodied within the corporate’s hope to grow without the usual unfairness, just to mention a few.

It is hard to be effectively heard, but it is even inconsistent to come across a reality in which I personally realize that the balance sheet change seems to be more than 50% dependent on third-party choices and decisions. Personally, I do nothing to actively repair this deficit, therefore I should not interfere, as a third party for a beneficial word to the mentioned situation. My situation is different and it mostly depends on direct and indirect interactive taxation which I am obliged to step in in front of entire big states and damaging demands. Similarly, the corporate debt issue might mirror the dynamics embedded in my growth and objective pursuance process, it is because the balance sheet resizing is dependent on the major and more powerful political and economical influence of well-designed third parties that, according to their forthcoming picture, are more powerful in establishing and persuading other people in what is more convenient for them to obtain and fully alter. In a right or in a wrong way, the corporate debt decision-makers have been named for the financial and economic sake of corporate life, without considering the proper company life cycle as per what is clearly discussed in the economic literature and recent examples. Why? Because, evidently, wrong political factors have been put into play. That’s why the deficit is in the red zone in extra time and I, as an early economist, would just propend towards rectification and a backing up of whatever deal might have been discussed for the automatic and continuous decimation of the corporation in exchange of something which is not well defined but that should be translated, in the very end of this political deal, with the remuneration of hopes, efforts, and accumulations of misfortunes which, as the current study suggests, due to the fact that the corporate reality mirrors the personal one, are caused and triggered by an exaggerated and persistent use of interactive taxes and unfair competition measures adopted by people that, still, apparently, seems that are unaware of their real own parental degree.

Antonio Bonatesta

Comincia la settimana, non variano i principi. 03/08/20

Si è quel che si è. Ebbene, oggi sembra essere tutto così complicato che purtroppo la mia sola testa non è in grado di fronteggiare le sfide attuali per via dei pensieri scomodanti. Tutto è risolto, il mondo è al corrente della mia situazione ed è il mondo stesso a prendere parte degli avvenimenti salienti o meno della mia vita. E’ come se il mondo e l’intero universo cospirassero a favore del mio successo. Questa fase la definirei inutile. Tutti mi capiscono. Non hanno capito però, che sto passando uno dei periodi più brutti della mia vita.

Divenire preda di un disturbo psichiatrico è un lusso che abbraccia solo le persone brutte, antipatiche e negligenti come me. In questa società, si diventa preda della conoscenza permenente di diversi individui che a loro volta utilizzano questa conoscenza per provocare sintomi inerenti al disturbo.

Dovrebbe essere semplice, a questo punto dell’antologia, comprendere la minima forma di traguardo irreale raggiunto, per me, non dispone di alcuno spazio all’interno della mia mente. Forse bisognerebbe immaginare che il mondo non è posto per i cattivi di cuore come me, non lo è mai stato.

La cronologia della mia vita e ricca di dati. Sono la persona più sfortunata del mondo perchè purtroppo la gente che non conosco prende possesso di questi dati e crea insulti rivolti a me. Non voglio essere famoso, prego il Signore affinchè ritorni ad essere una persona normale, posso rinunciare a tutto, pur di non essere famoso. Purtroppo sono nato con delle caratteristiche di personalità che sono facilmente in grado di instillare nel prossimo un senso di focoso riconoscimento nei miei riguardi. I miei genitori mi fanno capire, tacitamente, che in futuro avrò una vita soddisfacente. Tuttavia posso immaginare il volume del progresso che ho portato avanti dal giorno in cui tornai. Loro questo non lo capiscono. Non capiscono che è stato il mio progresso, unito ai miei forti dolori causati da loro, ad averci portato a questa nuova consapevolezza estiva.

Ad esempio, data la mia situazione, che è una situazione brutta e non gloriosa o fantastica, ci sarebbero potute essere opportunità di colloquio con un avvocato di fiducia. Per prima cosa, mi sarei levato dai piedi la ‘malata’ presenza di alcuni pretendenti al regno di non so cosa, e mi viene da piangere per questo. Non sono mai riuscito a trasmettere, e me ne pento, il cupo non-significato dell’edificazione di costrutti psicotici all’interno delle menti di coloro a cui ho voluo tanto bene. Per quanto difficile possa apparire il ragionamento, posso assicurare invece che il risultato dell’elaborazione è facile da osservare e giudicare. Perchè è ciò che si specchia nella realtà, nostra amata figura onnipresente.

Non voglio essere qui a vantarmi della gravità della forza punitiva che ho dovuto subire lungo il cammino. Lei è al mio interno e non può essere nè amata nè acquisita.

Il mondo esterno è un posto prevalentemente infame e caotico. Quello che altre persone fanno a me, non lo devono fare, perchè non è giusto!

Vorrei che terminasse l’incubo dei pensieri sinistri e incontrollati. Col solstizio d’estate ho incominciato ad accusare dei cambiamenti a livello chimico e forse il sistema pensante si sta riversando verso nuovi sentieri di elaborazione dei contenuti.

Sono nella posizione di ammettere che è malvagio l’atto di procurarmi dolore invece che mostrarsi con un minimo di cordialità. Essendo un cattivo di cuore, brutto, demente e impotente, posso solo essere lo schiavo di tutte le persone del mondo che ricicla il dolore con tecniche psicotiche per ideare un vaccino contro il Covid-19. Ad esempio, tanto per dirne una. Nel mentre spero di non essere tormentato dall’assillante rassicurazione di aver vinto qualcosa di importante. Lo dico a ciascuno di voi, in questo paragrafo d’attualità, mando avanti la mia vita nella negligenza e nella cattiveria, vi prego comprendetemi adesso, non so effettivamente cosa vinco e se lo vincessi davvero lo avrei già avuto tra le mie mani, quindi, perchè mi tirate sassi e cenni di sfida contro? Può succedere in svariate tipologie di ambiente, quel che non mi spiego è il motivo per cui si debba concretizzare una catena di eventi spiacevoli direttamente a bersaglio della mia incolumità fisica e materiale.

Non voglio sapere nulla riguardo alla vera o fittizia fonte del mio male, sono prettamente cosciente che nel loro profondo conoscano già l’ammontare delle conseguenze che subiranno, non da me, per l’affronto mosso su ‘di me’. Non è mio incarico impadronirmi del destino di una fonte non accreditata. Intanto lascio che questo mondo si comporti con me come esso decidette a partire dal giorno in cui mi avvelenarono per ragioni varie che nessun altro al mondo volle mai discutere con un avvocato. Intanto vivo in un abitazione che mi permette di studiare il materiale scolastico con il quiduplo della fatica o forse anche più. Studio presso un’università telematica che mi conosce, e sono costretto a vivere con i ritmi circadiani sballati per via dei continui sforzi quotidiani in un ambiente inadatto agli scopi.

Vorrei in ultima analisi precisare che il quoziente di difficoltà per l’elaborazione di questi pensieri, giunti così al termine del famoso mese di Luglio, è altamente elevato per via della frenesia e del grado d’impatto degli ultimi giorni antecedenti la fine del secondo mese estivo. Non posso garantire la massima correttezza d’introspezione e grado di esternalizzazione dei pensieri data la complessa entità della situazione che mi vede innanzitutto essere pervaso da una netta e innovativa mole di soffrenze da sopportare e comprendere. Da un lato, in effetti, sento di avere leggermente ceduto una parte di me che una volta costituiva una lampante certezza dei sistemi interni e della coroborazione combinata tra personalità e sicurezza emotivo-sentimentale. Credo che appunto quest’ultimo punto costituisca parte del significato da utilizzare per identificare eventuali falle o ferite in campo psicologico all’interno del totale complesso inerente agli scopi di appagamento psico-fisico, o almeno ad un parte assai necessaria di essi.

A. B.

Cope with relaxation. But it is very good! Here are some tips… 30/07/20

The inner struggle between what is good for my health and what must be done to cope with the daily boredom has become a fixed anthem for this newer summertime. Complying with the task schedule is such a hard duty to cover during these days of deserved relaxation. Besides this, the recovering and the recollection of buried memories in addition to the re-modeling of the past inappropriate forms of behavior is directly improving and contributing to the resettlement of unmixed and balanced health status. To sum up such acknowledgment, the insurrection of a limited set scope of issues might become actual if it is embodied within the overall process of thought recollection and task requirement’s diligence. So let’s start to have a close look at the situation.

The first issue I would like to point out is the issue concerning popularity. Popularity is a negative and detrimental extension of the mind, it begins from irrational roots, these roots are represented by the emotive and conscientious relationship with specific people in the circles of life knowledge and finally, the effects of popularity are mainly based of auditive misperceptions, threatening inner and outer voices, bad induced reputation mechanisms, indirect or direct insults, and badly managed mentioning. The mentioning is made according to the fact that the popularity syndrome still has reasons to fuel itself in the roots of unintended social approach or acknowledgment.

In a more controlled sphere, here I introduce the concept of aggressivity. Aggressivity must be the product of the impact of a mixed mold of thought which need is to quickly express in the inner or the outer spectrum. The accumulation of erratic waves and thinking material could, if not properly managed, yield a useless and sometimes harmful output to the inner system of the single individual up to the mass congregation as a whole. At the moment, however, I must admit I have become an expert manager of the aggressive input-output river. In fact, the only way to reduce the struggle at its minimum dots will be enhancing the attempts to re-consolidate some specific broken relationships and the reason for it to be done, by traveling over the pseudo-egoistic requirement of my health status balance, is due to an overall accepted reciprocal relief from past doubts and begging memories. This is going to be evaluated as an instrument to live a structured life for the sake of a common and greater good.

The symptomatic feeling of surrendering, both physically and psychologically, to the huge requirement for deserved relaxation has transformed me in someone who is richer in resources but poorer in motivation and satisfaction to exploit them at the best. Indeed, it looks like there has been an exchange between the degree of duty and diligence, and the open chances to engage in leisure and productive activities in terms of study and work. I cannot really imagine which kind of propulsor or engine, taken as a metaphor, could help me in fulfilling the need to balance the lack of motivation and personal satisfaction with the new set of possible life options to attend to. At first sight, I have even take a significative distance from any factual, real, or paradigmatic re-development of past social and emotive interaction which could ever affect my sentimental well-being and rational settlement. And I am happy about this last point because now I feel free, free of choosing what is good and simple for me, and free of unnecessary weights.

One of the great things about life is that it is complicated. However, I have recently discovered that we do not need to always give a perfect interpretation of what exactly life is for us and for the people we love and appreciate. There is a common chance for everybody to bend upon the never-changing rhythm of time and live upon, rather than just waiting, the achievement of a special gift. It can be of enormous or medium or low impact, still, it never changes its substance. It will always be an honor for me to forge and withstand the magnificence of an extraordinary view, a rare spectacle for my eyes, and an inexplicable matter that links me to them. If there is something I have understood from the brutal nature of human beings, is that we differentiate each other from the sacrifice we are consciously and intelligently taking to be loyal to a great fellow and to reach for something one’s had never thought of. That’s what make us force our time for an ever-insisting rendering rather than setting apart, or disrupting ourselves because the rest of the fallen has suggested so.

Antonio Bonatesta

The world is globalized if a pigeon can travel from Africa to the US is 2 minutes, or even if an electric cable can make a sensitive byte, from the most envied person, floating into one’s irritated blood. In this case, globalization must be fixed. 2/07/20

In this new post, I would like to depict what is actually going on in the today’s scenario according to my personal perspective but also by projecting the view towards a larger scale of appreciation.

In the last period of my life, I have bitterly acknowledged that both the status and the degree of peacefulness can be altered or compromised quite easily. Whatever is the right and grandly shared attempt to fix up the collective and the individual issues of one’s tendency to approach a given status of facts, runs the risk to be misintended and altered on a future instance. Therefore, in order to shape a correct and systemic set of ordering thoughts and bits of communication, the best approach would ultimately be reduced to a wise and cunning self-protection ruler of measures. Because those who are eventually correct will only assure about the future. Why is this one?

According to my individual degree of visualization, the level of notoriety and popularity across some defined groups or tools of expressing the sentiment or the news about this aberration, can be easily spotted and quantified from a discrete variety of sources. Well, what are these sources? I would start talking about the television realm alongside with the cityscape. These are, according to my view, the hypocentres of the popular sentiment which is able to breach inside my immune system of understanding and comprehension. I am in the position to believe that due to some public acts, such as the posting on my Facebook wall or even the private messaging, I can fall prey of someone which can exploit some means of their conduct to express a sentiment or to raise a piece of news that is related to my past, present or future life status.

The world is a complex reality to be easily apprehended, this is because due to the globalized net, any relevant information could be retrieved and manipulated with the present degree of communication power at disposal of the information winner.

In a few words, what would I like to obtain from the remarking of these steps?

First, I would like that the memory of my participation in worldly, municipal, or television intervention, or whatever is the social or working bond built and confirmed with whoever belongs to these entities, must be erased. This will be done in a way for allowing me to be free in continuing my preferred set of activities without improper interference.

Secondly, I would like to cancel any connection that might irrationally exist between my real-life situation and the messy situation of the worldly, the municipal, and the television eventual recipients.

Thirdly, I would like to announce that I will be preferring moving toward a dense direction to social relationships with people that count to me. And then I will seriously detach from everything regarding my important and accountable social bonds, which is a container in worldly, municipal, or television abstract or irrationally emotive recipients.

Making it simple, the actual situation is delivering the experiencing of some decisive episodes which presumably have been commented and commonly and politically interpreted by a more than large faction of people. So a faction of commentators that is large above a certain threshold. In a way, hence, to place the timeline of my lived episodes under a popular degree of appreciation and inherent third-party consequences for my time ahead.

I am talking about my last examination for the university and a comment I wrote under a video posted by a seemingly unfair television service. During the last episode, I wanted to ask some clarifications about the suspect of an illegal connection between my privatized resources and the illegal use of these resources for, say, television propaganda. The result was that I received no answer and that my mind had to get accustomed, the entire day, to the mental figure of the person claimed for having illegally maneuvred my resource, in addition, my mind was accustomed to hear and perceive the indirect invective of this person though other television programs, saying something that he wanted to give me a prize rather than gaining implicit control of my blood circulation, for instance. Another thing that was indirectly apprehended, which I hope not to hear anymore, was about the possibility to arrange a physical meeting with this person. My question emerges, what is the point of meeting a person whose behavior had been perceived, most of the time, as a never-ending product of unfair competitiveness and a chronic attempt of tampering without any valid reason? I guess that if these findings might ever hold true, someone else should be invited during my physical meeting with this person, and I am talking about my newly appointed lawyer.

The second episode regards the timeline of my last examination for the university. I felt ready and prepared for the examination but in the end, I felt treated for my behavior. The reality is horrible. I wish I could do something to gain the right justice for what I have made and what I have gone through so far. I am not fully accepted even by the closest people with whom I live. I surrender to the big power of captivity. I have understood that, at some points in life, the realization of love is the most horrible thing a man can ever experience after putting his feet on this earth.

The last point would be about the continuation of my business and of its multifacet line of categories. After unleashing a new plan for my very forthcoming activities I would love to express my happiness for having released some confidential content about my most relevant business activities. Even if it seemed that it procured me some undefined popularity, the inner sentiment for accomplishing more and better in terms of business has lightened up in a way that it could never stop. It is capable of bringing me the endless amount of confidence to bring about my studies, the relentless spirit to become part of the beautiful and real social world, and the fundamental ingredient for tolerating love’s lack and continuous falsification. Plus, it is a reason to increment the likelihood of my family’s enterprise to overwhelm the micro and macro issues concerning the main parts of the business. Finally, in line with those mentioned elements, the private business facets will allow me to gain a multilateral conception about the money and capital management, herein personal finance, and, besides that, it would let my intelligence sharpen its capillaries and my temper becoming stronger than ever.

Love can be kept into the refrigerator and that part of me will be always suffering the physical lack until the day in which this simple and scarless calculus will be reaped.

For the very last, I would like not to be at stake of any worldly, municipal, or television program which could, in a way or another, include me inside the venue or even in the current electric cable, I think that, globalization or not, it is my right to decide so. In a few words, I do not allow any more natural, artificial, or more extreme bits of information or degree of natural energy, to be transmitted into places of the world over which I have nothing to do, and I never intended to.

Antonio Bonatesta

A piece of reality cannot be restored neither organized. It is up to the force of the monster. 12/07/20

Up to now, my actual situation is immersed in the middle of my town unlucky status. There is no way to get out of my house in the company of a trusted friend. My mobile phone is capable of rendering my achievement range a total mistake, and the problem lies within its technology, or maybe not. The positive atmosphere that has been created both inside and outside myself at the expense of my entire social life’s big opportunity, is very incredible. The future expectations of a rich life that stands behind this enormous plot of inner and outer non-social and non-sentimental achievement, are driving up my hope but at the same time, they bring my present tense mood to infamous moments of despair and resentment. The environmental encouragement is more real and effective on the wave of my short term and long term purposes. The human, objective, and subjective understanding of the concept of social failure, makes me leaving out the rest of the activities connected to the utility assessment. Therefore, the business projects and the university endeavors have been literally put at risk by the compromised sequence of unlucky social events.

My reaction? I do not really want to trust any of my traditional friends anymore. My town, sorry for the term, literally sucks. That’s why I would like to restrict the boundaries of my social-meeting hunt or seek by rather centering my hopes and the need matter to those activities that I can afford to manage and to carry out. Apparently, I have been unconsciously and indirectly cultivating the sacrifice of my social sphere of contacts and meeting, for the sake of something else. Could it be the development of my career path, the pursue of my academic objectives or, even worse, the useless search of someone to love and to stay close by. The failure in human relationships has been a hallmark stone for the last 9 years of my life. Nine years ago, in fact, I underwent a mental and outer transformation that induced my social sphere to change direction and preferences. And, since I am living in my native town, the capacity to achieve a real social relationship is very low. This will continue to be part of my mental disease and I will always consider my supposed-to-be friends as liable for my hurting and defective status. It is such a complicated environment to explore, and I know that even in 20 years of time I will never be able to defeat the great demon which permits the departure of my friends’ direction and preferences. Hence I do not want to talk about this social injustice anymore. If there is a hell somewhere, well, according to me, they can all go to that hell.

I am only going to be sorry with that part of me who has been always seeking for some moment of spare time to spend in the company of some trusted partner. Life, unfortunately, thanks to my friends and so many people around me, is the most horrible side of my entire mental and physical complex. If ever I had to quantify how much would have to be saved on a credit account over my life right to manifest, then it would certainly scare those who could have ever been at my disposal to spend social time with. The fact that I will deny this time and company to all the people that today are perfectly aware of the possibility to arrange a meeting, is put clear now and now it will stand. Therefore, as per the statement, I completely decide to cut all the relationships with the friends I have been growing up with since my arrival in Brindisi 9 years ago.

The only thing I have to keep in mind, at this point, is that I have to endure against the need to live a good life. This kind of need especially bumps up after the end of a working session or after dinner time. The infamous attitude of the people, sorry again, is not going to be considered. In the end, I will pursue my daily and long-term objectives, but when the infamous need of living a good life starts to knock at my soul, I wish you are spending your best time in your never-ending social abundance. In case the problem is confined and tends to blossom inside the walls of my house, due to the co-participation of some third-party assistant to the procurement of my social provisions, well, this is true unluck and a sort of organized crime over my civilian right to expose. This failure I am talking about can never be remunerated, both by money both by the environment. Part of my life-connected behavior has been compromised due to this erroneous development of the events; I perfectly know that due to my benevolence, whoever feeling liable for this disaster will never react to any consequences, because they are not going to sense them. On the other side of the coin, I am going to be the only one who has earned everything a man would have ever wanted to earn, at least conditionally, but I would have rather preferred to spend my time having fun with good people that, dear house and dear Brindisi, I will always wait to re-meet in London or elsewhere right in the world. The fixing of this issue, after the social opportunity, must be considered outdated. The natural rebalancing of the need for the life of a human being must be converted into a resetting of the memory of the failure and a driven a guided path to the finalization of the exam study procedures, with the cancellation of all my local social bonds as it was plainly exposed some text line above. Something ugly and weird has happened to me and my social relationships, I hope I am not going to touch this button anymore in my life. The crude reality penalizes me over this aspect and cannot give back the entire life credit if it would ever be correct to define it in this way. So please, go away and never try to meet with this scumbag.

The operational check and active control of my outputs’ stack, must be put on notice at the top of where needed, of the authority of the Security Exchange Control. The delicate and porn finger move made by an authorized agent, if ever present, have to be immediately scrutinized by the above-mentioned authorities. The identification of the manipulative subject will be the preamble of his or her exchange, with my life account, of his social opportunity capacity of realization, and the artificially induced crisis with his or her consort. Thank you in advance for your very help.

Antonio Bonatesta