Company Ace Remover (C.A.R.) ©

In brief, a Company Ace Remover is entitled to take advantage of a whole company’s factory and service knowledge in order to sort out its radical issues. Plus, with this unique job, the carrier will be also able to visualize a company’s worries and outer noise, familiarize with them, and remove them if necessary.

What is the Curriculum Vitae of a C.A.R.?

  • Constant update with the international news and continuous changes;
  • Up to date analysis of the most influential market trend;
  • 24/h brain workout;
  • Understanding of market interactions;
  • Interactive social platform;
  • Wide range of independent activities;
  • Concepts of business, enterprise, and leadership;
  • Real enterprise promoter;
  • Welcome and “chewing” constant updates;
  • Distant contributor;
  • Understanding of critical matters.

A given company could be in need or could not be in need of a C.A.R. ©.

For example, alongside with the multiple interactions deriving from an important political case of the day, or an unexpected deviation of a market trend, a Company Ace Remover might be useful to gather the knowledge necessary and systematically address the company to a better rendering, which should be the standard one or even a better one.

The active presence of a C.A.R. in a company course has not to be a must. In fact, a C.A.R. is able to act by keeping a certain distance from a company’s spokesman. That’s why a C.A.R. is able to bear the most relevant, and even the less relevant, company’s stakes.

How a company expectation can ever be deluded? It is the C.A.R. fault, but that is not the end of it.

For more information about this job, please do not hesitate to forward the conversation with this actual promoter. Can say this job has been revealed itself useful to the many unofficial associates I have gathered so far.

Thank you for your time,


Company Ace Remover (C.A.R.) ©

For further information please: C.A.R. furthering functions


Look at the market 23/04/19

In order to harvest the whole and organized overview of the market today, the first thing to do is gathering some fundamental data around various sources. The Dow Jones heatmap is indicating a surprising growth of the index despite the pre-market congested status. The most prominent indicator of such awakening is the Oil rebound and projection towards record high for this season. What is also ahead for the economy today? The S&P 500 US index is beating record high as well since March.

What about Tesla stock today? At the moment I am writing the stock is edging at +68% from opening value. What could this mean for the economy? A recent tweet from Tesla company tried to advise the audience that buying Tesla cars should be unique and only fundamental choice for car buyers. Why this? Perhaps Tesla cars are now supposed to drive the automotive market in the US and even abroad. Perhaps the new implanted technologies in cars are signaling a mere advancement in efficiency of the vehicle, though, there can be also value-adding options such as a practical interface for the new installed technological tools.

What about the economic situation outside the US? Signs can be spotted everywhere, and actually, there seems to be an echelons based structure of data display. In better words, the situation in some continents outside US might now be facing a ”stylish” reality. What does this mean? It means that the data and rating coming from indexes do not match with the currency path and does not mirror the proceeding of the investments. How this can happen? Reading the economy is not always easy, nor it is convenient, at least sometimes. When can this happen? Sometimes when interests rates are high many investors might choose to deepen in a bond venture, however, it could be in such a situation where a temporary lay-off from investing might occur. This can be due to heavy inner pressure from the investors’ country, and the type of pressure might point to human and material resources such as commodities import and export. In my opinion, when this phenomenon occurs, the most important thing to do as an investor would be thinking about the overall confidence and wage growth in the country alongside the price of commodities coming in and out. How can this be intertwined with investing in bonds? There can be a huge increase in interest rates as a result of inflating commodities prices and considerably re-sizing wage rate. It is a kind of dog trying to bite its tale without succeeding in that.

Is this phenomenon happening now? It may seem to happen anytime. However, there can be clear signs telling investors that such undesired events may trigger and stream in. Hence, I would advise any investor of such kind not to fall into the dog bitting tail trap.

Putting economics aside, the days in which commodity inflation, wage growth, and confidence oscillations might be productive under a different point of view. Why this? One of the reasons will be the advantage which will be guaranteed to households and all commodities related activity. As demand for commodities rises, even the price bumps up.



The discovery of my lifestyle 16/04/19

We ought to understand that the will of a beast of inflicting damages to someone else, in the realm of human behind and even beyond, will always bottom up into the breath of the supposed adversary who is breathing in the beast’s territory. Briefly, the fact that someone, let’s say a beast, justifies itself and brings about a hit of any kind toward an enemy of any sort, for any possible reason, will be always redirected to the principle of breathing in someone else’s territory.

This short introduction is going to help me familiarize with a current issue which currently appears as the justified precursor of whatever type of thing I have done in the past. In a previous post, I have talked about the meaning of the such-meant stories of every single individual. If I remember well, I have emphasized the fact that a determined series of facts and events, happened due to a specific reason in that place and in that time, would be developed in a continuous saga of cause and effect facts and events, thereby determining and resolving any potential wrong turn which might have concretely arouse as a consequence of those facts and events in their due course.

This explanation looks like a little bit cumbersome and complex mechanical. Hence, there should be a better way to ease the meaning of what I am trying to say, just to render it to the multitude of points of views floating in and out my mind and to make it clear that in order to understand a concept it is essential to glimpse its meaning in its correct form.

First thing I want to deal with is this very subtle topic: the accumulation of suffering and pain.

I believe in the existence of men and women who, at a certain point of their lives, consider that is now the turn to accumulate pain and sufferings along their way. Why this? They might force themselves to stand about a pain position where they could finally enjoy the best part of their lives. And the thing is this: what is this best part of their lives about? It should be about the gaining of what has been pulled out from them by accumulating pain and suffering. So for example, if they decide, in the middle of their twenties, to live a life of submission by doing heavy jobs, such as a waiter, then at the beginning of their thirties they might start to glean the fruits of their painful job perhaps doing things that would not normally fit in the society scheme, like gambling over the limit for example. The exhaustion of pain and suffering accumulated during a certain period of time, as a security investment for life relief in the future, is a risky practice, in my opinion, because it can lead to an erroneous behavior.

I would have personally preferred not to incur in this kind of things. However, during my latest experiences, I fell victim of some particular facts and events where the accumulation of pain and suffering looked like a duty to be fulfilled for some professional purposes. In other words, what it looked like to me, was a direct bad treatment towards my person which finally led me to a path of pain accumulation and desire to renovate it in the future, even with, and that is the main point, the release of patterns of erroneous behavior. What is then this formation process about? It is simply about stating that my person is not able to carry on a life without taking in pain and suffering, this because, I guess, a person can never receive gratuitous amounts of pain unless he or she is really really unlucky in a certain moment of his or her life. Therefore I would lean towards a paradigmatic and exemplary interpretation of the phenomenon by saying that it simply recalls and redirects to unsolved matches which occurred some way in the past sections of life.

The last finding may look strange because it is hard to explain it. I think that no one in the world is capable of glimpsing the meaning of a perfect balance within the world surface. So, no one will be able to find it. And indeed, there is no need to look for it because otherwise there should be pain and suffering accumulation which, in my opinion, has nothing to do with the concept of life and of the way someone chooses to live it.

But let’s suppose this is not the case. Let’s suppose that we all need a balance between pain and life achievement, between justice and injustice and whatsoever.

I have to admit that perhaps this post will be the last of the long saga of the latest two months. Now I find myself full of difficulties while I am writing it and I think it has become even more intriguing for me at least.

The challenge against myself has become more brilliant than ever. I feel completely drained out and discouraged by everything which rotates around me. It looks like that, in the end, I will not be able to fulfill the requirements of this post and that I will finally end up with nothing in my hand but with the only glimmer of false hope that I could finally join someone of my choice and make it better with them. So the point here is, I can do nothing but writing meaningless words and wait for a lumen to come in and give me the capability to extend within the topic in a totally capturing manner.

But again, this is not the case, I think I am now capable of talking about this issue as I was never before. I have become addicted to writing these types of posts when I first realized that something was not going wrong with my state of facts. Indeed I was complaining about something like personal data abuse and the various implication with third-party agents of any kinds. I wish I could have the enlighting power to keep on talking about that now, but unfortunately my life, at this point of the scripts, is bringing me towards another perspective, more or less similar to something which I have never ridden before. Why? Because I feel impossible today and even tomorrow, to incline my attention to other people’s wrongdoings. I do not know how to do that anymore! I have basically forgotten and in some way relinquished the self-defending spirit which characterized me the previous days. Indeed I would like to focus on a more reliable and self-accepting lifestyle, a lifestyle that is about breathing in my own territory with or without whatever may derive by the presence of other bodies or things. I do not care. I might have learned so far that one’s life can never belong to a collection of people. It is an unimaginable concept!

I have my life and it is only mine? So why should I be busy to indict a “thing”?

I can do this even for 300 years, and perhaps, in an imaginary world, someone could take advantage of it because I am good at indicting. Indeed, I was good at indicting data abusers so I could be used as a data abuser’s elite indicter. I love you data abusers. Please be aware of how you use your hands and whatsoever. I wish I could find every day the rarest flower in the mountains and show them to the data abusers, but it is difficult and there will be new flowers every day. Maybe what I have just said is a little bit complicated so I will leave it to the free interpretation by whoever will be interested in reading this article.

Another complicated aspect of the initial mechanical approach to the post is again the composition of the such-called balance of events. I have always wished to live a life in love and in agreement with the whole. Well, why should I be so unjust at some point? This is a delicate concept I would like to bear in mind today because perhaps there are two types of equilibrium. There is a temporary sensation of acquired equilibrium and there are the real achievement and uncontrasted annihilation of all outer perturbances and actions due to the absolute certainty that everything has gone in a good way with my life. This seems to be true. And actually, it is. So, why should a human being reject any perceived progress towards the second instance? Secondly, is there a real way to reject such signs of progress? Thirdly, who is really harming us? I bet it would be easy to be skeptical with such affirmations, however, the condensed manufacture underneath them is stronger than whatever the result has been recorded or projected into.

Thus, what I will write for you now, if any reader, is this:

The encapsulated, unsinkable and eternal symptom of human progress is something that should never worry animals, vegetation and also human beings in some ways. No action, including for example offending, should be necessary in order to alter the outcome of achievements. I really wish my saying is in line with the aims of progress itself, even if I do not really care. This should primarily serve as a self-imposition for the following days.

I strongly believe certain things, like what is written here, it’s meaning and its consistency, its embedded identifier or whatever attribute this script can receive; should not be associated to me, my brain or any kind of storage place I might dispose of. I guess that the meaning impressed in this post is just its meaning, and I believe it already was part of my general understanding. Therefore, I do not see the aim of this post along with the others, since nothing has been resolved by my side and indeed I found myself devoided of the capability of rendering this article as more exciting as possible. Probably that is why I do not understand any of the offenses directed toward me and perhaps, wrongly perceived by me; which will probably not return this time.

Antonio Bonatesta

What is the limit of your exaggeration? 14/04/19

During the whole proceeding of the day, I can now predict that this evening will be a great evening. I have re-discovered one important thing, which is that there cannot be put an end to the evil deeds. Evil deeds in the world surface will always generate in a way or another, and they will progressively spread and reach everyone’s interest, every day. So, according to this view, nobody can even circumvent the evil impact of planet Earth. Hence the distinction is serious: there are real evil impacts against those things which are reproduced by one’s own behavior and daily choices. There is a factor, an undeniable factor, which originates mysteriously and ultimately affects every person with distinctive amounts of evil impacts. According to me, everyone can change everyone’s opinion by stating such a thing in the correct manner. The effect of the change, as numerous and impressed with magnitude they can be, have of course to be re-mastered by the so-called changer and then managed with correct commitment because, as we all can see, they, as universally just and useful for everyone, they can be only be compromised by the rise of the evil factor which is elected by its first supporters by a natural and opposing origin of such called dirty propositions.

This is the description of the evil factor that I have provided with about eight words. But this does not matter. The thing that matters runs through the objectification of such factor as the coined symbol of national anthems of nations like, I would say, socialist nations, just to render with a practical example. I do not if this true, but if it does affect the coined disorder of some nations, say, in some ways, then I would probably be indicted as a changer of some institutional criteria of structuring nations. However, I will be glad to observe the course of any unmanageable and unsent impact I would have generated to nation anthems due to the writing of my personal thoughts for internal interests of discovering why a pre-existing condition of thoughts, for example, could not receive any more importance if reflected toward a sample of viewpoints who should have been put into scale of my precedents in administering the art of saying some normal and innocent truths.

One thing is certain and I am happy for it: “I do not want to fix this issue.” Why? I simply can’t.

I would like instead to talk again the data and properties detractors for delivering me the ”bread” and the ability to ”change” the common view in a more rectified one, as properly and mannerly demanded by each one involved in certain instances, especially those who have committed the detraction. I will be also glad to keep on living in this chasm where the direct or indirect recognition derived from the writing of this article will exacerbate the greedy status of the data and properties detractors which will again rage against the methods and the belongings of a person that has presumably changed the world again thanks to them. Well, wait a bit. Rage against a method? (?) I do not how this action can fit into the regime of actions. If someone wants to discover how something has been created and spread, for example, in a given regime of things and participants; well, think about. How can a person have changed the opinions of the world, what power does he or she have, what are the tools he or she has used, what is the liver he or she has fed for the entire month in order to achieve this result with excellence? Well, the thing is, does someone wants to stress the liver, actually this can happen, of some other person, in order to glean whatever is necessary to understand that person’s methods and belonging attributes? It finally stresses the liver and indeed it is something I have suffered a little bit due to some stress accumulated during the experience of data detraction towards unlawful means. In my opinion, this is not right because I wish I have not done such a thing before in order to deserve “revenge packages” of any kind.

Another thing I would like to say is that: I would suppose the existence of certain kind of people, let’s put them in two brackets, who might misunderstand the content of the blog’s articles, and might enlace idiomatic remedies to the interpretation of the articles, like for example manic supposition like “this guy is number 5 and he is a doctor”, I would answer in this way to make any relevant discussion as appropriate as possible: I am a university student and I regularly carry on my activities for preparing the exams, I love writing blog posts because my aim is establishing a linkage between my inner and outer life and because I would like to spend funny time with people I know and because I want to harvest my projects for the future, which simply consist of job objectives and traveling; I suppose I should not find any pressure or difficulty of any sort in buying a ticket of a plane or send an application to a workplace that I like.

The thing is this: according to a new kind of awareness which puts me in the unwanted and useless “chessboard” of the above-the-law data detractors, let’s call them in this way, I do not know why I still have to be considered and actively manipulated as a subject of an ex-party auction which characterizes me as an object with commercial and monetary value to be treated as such by considering his or her belongings, for example, as something which goes beyond the concepts of property, but as a block of gold to be considered an object of trade, where derives speculation and division of parts in percentage amounts.

I have a lot of songs on my telephone, and most of them were downloaded from Youtube from free providers. I really wish I could remunerate the artists today with whatever I could dispose of which can satisfy them. I feel myself with a clean consciousness, I would love to remunerate artists like Shaggy for having delivered me moments of magic and relaxation with their songs. In the period of acute suffering, I used to put very emphasis while listening to these tracks, whatever they would have been, it was good music and I appreciated music for what it was. Up to today, I have the sensation that something has gone awry with the songs on my phone. I am just hypothesizing, I am not indicating any possible certainty that this has really occurred. There can be chances that at least one song has been subtracted. If I unconsciously realize that, well, I guess that everything that my mind associated with that song, vanished because I felt the trauma of the loss of the physical file. And I am talking about myself only. It is a shame that a person I do not know is listening to the song of my beloved girl, while I myself am forced to deal with the data subtracters and waiting for some recognition by people I know. The strange thing is that perhaps, with the advent of the legalization of data subtraction, a new imbalance was created between the rapport of people. There are for example people who do not know me that have my music, for instance, and know me because of that; while there are people I factually know who know nothing about my data and belongings because they are supposed to stay quiet and attend other environments. This unbalance is grim in my opinion and has to be restored.

Today I found it impossible to access this website because the IP address could not be reached. I do not know if such a phenomenon was driven by the will of someone who wanted to redirect me to other stuff to be done. Just for me to remember when I will re-read the post.

Basically, I would maintain, recalling back a previous argument, that the desire of a person to understand how another person has done something, by voraciously goring against the deformed recognition of the method itself, for instance, how the other person has met a girl and had success with that, is an act that should be recognized with mandatory criteria by any “named” entities who are attending the poultry.

Among all the other posts, including this one, I hope I have carefully and linearly highlighted the complexity of issue which I face and I might face in the following days. For what concerns the evil factor mentioned above, I wish it will be limited to infrequent events of natural incumbencies, as it should be for everyone, according to that principle. Overall the thing is that I do not want to bear the ambition of denouncing facts which repetitively verify due to what derives from the writing of this posts and from watching whatever television networks. As everyone does not want to incur into problems, I guess that my attempts to circumvent them will progressively assemble the product of personal relief. However, I would like to point out that any contribution resulting from writing posts, attending university courses, or watching tv news channels; as can be regarded as factual sources of subsequent problems, they simply have not to produce unjustified issues of any kind because, as explained so far, whatever the issue coming from the mentioned sources, will be just the outcome of wrongdoings and bad behavior, like for example bullying, that should be avoided in whatever situation.

Put it simply, there should be a remote reason not to care about what is happening in the various regions of the world. For example, if I reckon from publicity that some of my data has been regarded with suspicion and then put into commerce for commercial purposes, then I should ignore such passage in my life and keep on doing whatever I have to carry out during the day. Altogether, should I ever worry if someone is treating my person as an object of trading even by disrespecting the legislature of his or her own country? My hope is that this post will be read and appreciated by those readers who click on the link of the website and comment on it. Indeed I do not want to feel any probable pattern of opposing behavior which may derive from my own troublesome re-calculus of the output I have generated with my script. Hence, my wish is not to be attributable with any type of responsibility which would ultimately lead to the disruption of my personal quality as a romantic writer, due for example the subtraction of private data from private tools, such as the mobile phone. I have dreamed about an adv stream where it was revealed to me that I had some of my dear music stolen and then I was promised to live a life in a beautiful house in the mountains somewhere in Italy.

The problem is this, I do not minimally consider the eventuality that I will suddenly move to ANY place of my dreams. The thing is simple and I am talking about the fact that I am trying to conduct a normal life, full of enjoyment and commitment, a life where the real output of my gesture will be shared with the people who are at a real reach, such as my family and my friends, and eventually I wish I can have the right credentials to get on with a proper employer, but first I need to carry on with my clean study path. I will regard all the rest as part of projects which in turn give fundamental help to the achieving of current goals.

Antonio Bonatesta

The ”making” of an assassin 12/04/19

Thanks to the midst of unwanted thoughts, sad discoveries, and behaviors of simulation, I have decided to explore the circumscribed theoretical content of the “making” of an assassin concept.

I naturally guess that in nowadays society this would be quite a sensitive issue to be talked about. I would firstly say that the international, national and municipal official recognition of an assassin should be assigned to those people committing the act in question, who are factually planning to commit it or, to a certain extent, who are directly or even indirectly manipulating or sponsoring someone else to perform such acts. Once stated that, it should be easy for anyone to detect and indicate whoever might be potentially associated with this crime.

I multilaterally believe that if the conditions of factuality written above are correctly envisaged and managed by entitled authorities and/or general components of society, there should not be any possible mis-interpretations of the conditions.

However, and this is a big however, the above written lines sometimes may be subjected to unclear mechanics of reasoning, therefore delivering defective evaluations of the matter. I would maintain that these defective evaluations of the matter in question, even if considered important, are not, even at the minimus, parts of a substantive problem thereof.

This is chronic and complicated, just to assert. In the last eight years of my life, I have totally started a new life chapter. I should not hide that I myself felt sometimes to be gritty enough to perform acts of hate to the address of entities of any kind. How did I do that? In many ways, for example, even by writing this article I can impress a certain kind of energy and meaning which I then bet would result in a projected assault to someone else in an environment beyond mine. Basically, what I am talking about is that a man can have powers which, for example, can be a mix of energy and meaning, that can be directed toward the address of a known person or a certain environment.

This kind of curse started when I received the first recognition that something was not ok with me. Indeed, before receiving such recognition, I found myself full of energy and meaning overall my head and body. Once I was detected as a factual possessor of a lot of energy and meaning, I was suddenly viewed as someone who had to reduce his energy and meaning. Therefore I went through a process of reduction of these to elements, which of course summarize the entire phenomenon which was pervading my overall state of consciousness, and then I was deprived of these elements. Now, if I want to be clear with myself, here is the fundamental difference: there is a part of me with acceptable amounts of meanings and energy, with the inherent threshold to reach day by day; and there is also another me with an increased amount of meanings and energy. Let’s now say, to make it catchable, that there are two sides of me:

  • A: Acceptable threshold
  • B: No threshold

Once cleared this point, I feel the need to go deep into the issue of meaning and energy transfer. Well, what are the most common used manners to achieve such performance and harm entities?

Let’s unilaterally say that given a man, if this man has enough energy and meaning to deliver to a target, and he has the possibility to do so, so he is free to do so, what are the chances that the desired outcome factually occurs within the target’s sphere?

Let’s make it clear. How can a man be indicted of murdering if he does not meet the three conditions written in the above-written lines that we all remember?

First thing I would say is that I will prove to everyone that if I am in a vegetable status, like in a coma, and nobody knows that; if a person chooses to deliver me a certain amount of energy and meaning in order to perform a murder or an intellectual asset detraction; I will only think about one thing: why does this person will receive back the same amount of energy and meaning plus the relative interest of the damage or the detraction performed? To be honest, I do not know to respond to this mechanic re-stabilization of man’s deeds. At first glance, I would say that there is something greater than us that regulates the fact that harming people is never necessary because according to the simple fact that I am versing in a vegetable status, and no harming or detraction has really functioned; I would maintain that the only person who earns the real damage is the one who performs a negative action toward another target. And I guess this example has made it clear.

Now, instead, I will turn to the discussion about the ”making” of an assassin in an era where the strong psychotic meaning of assassin beyond the conditions mentioned above, looks like to be popular enough to fuel a never-ending shared status of distress among life participants. Does it really matter if the powerful man in the world decides to send all of his meaning and energy towards the address of a person that he might think he is able to stand by with? I bet this is the tipping point or the highest peak of the shared psychosis about the “making” of an assassin in today’s society. Can ever this, whenever can happen, spillage be considered as a threat or anything else by other life participants who might have felt something which, perhaps, should have returned them as they are passionate with committing wrongdoings by promising rewards, later on, just to give an example out of the latest detections? Here is the psychosis. Indeed what psychosis consists of is an altered state of mind where unfortunately something too much bewildering has blossomed due to a process that the mind has gone through, perhaps by performing deliberate actions of intellectual detraction or distance murder… I strongly hope this is clear for the reader, if any.

I would strongly recommend any person in the world that they should feel free to live a life full of sensations and experiences, according to what I have been reasoned, anyone is able to perform mistakes of any sort for his or her own sake. However, such mistakes should not be coupled by the outraging of the three mentioned conditions, that is universal and should be universally acknowledged without the negative impulse of psychotic components.

That is perhaps the reason why in life there can be false and true attacks towards oneself. False attacks are provided by someone’s own personal misconduct and irrational actions. True attacks are dictated by the real changes and movements in the overall society which might inevitably trigger a negative outcome to one’s personality. I hope the distinction is clear. Just to keep in mind the facts that a real convolution of a solid nuance of negative events might cause a true catastrophe, while a dirty consciousness would only endanger one’s own jurisdiction of belongings and self-preservation.

And indeed true attack can be difficult to determine. Their nature might be ambiguous to explain, however it could be logic to track the factual steps which have naturally brought to the negative outcome, withstanding by the outrage of the universal conditions mentioned above.

Then, I will decide to position myself in two fixed contexts, namely the two Caves of the Vikings where I was deported for health issues. I am really sorry, at the start, because I think that in both places I fell victim of two potential ‘true’ attacks depriving me of congenital intellectual assets, due perhaps to the fact that I was on a B (no threshold) status and that I was considered a potential threat for other life participants. My behavior was alright, even if I found myself resistant to some other people’s attitudes sometimes, but overall I preserved my judgment and got overwhelmed by what was happening in these two environments. I believe that what happened in those two environments was not completely fair to me, I believe there were some spooky attitudes coming from the other participants. And I was the only one there fully prone to the series of situation that originated during the staying. I suffered a little bit because I missed my parents and I felt that something was not going well, indeed actively and truly destabilizing my self-preserving mood.

Today, after a linear analysis of the main events occurred in that traumatic past, I would say that these two places may have become the cradles of future insane developments, of that same line of treatment, spread along the regions of Northern Europe, that’s where I imagine it is, since I have expressively thought that the circumscribed discontent, originated respectively in London and near Milan, has brought into light the falsity of the recognition of the B (no threshold) status as a potential threat for other people and therefore deserving to be examined, treated and tested through non-moral means, at least according to my viewpoint. I can not see any other cause for the derivating bad treatment measures which I can still observe coming out from true and verified sources of alleged condemning, trauma delivering and uncreditable usage of particular personal data. And so, to conclude this, I would claim the recalibration and rectification of any process of intellectual asset confiscation which might have factually happened during the days of treatment in the two places above mentioned. This would serve me to re-establish the correct balance of neutrality and non-discrepancy between any of the factions involved in such ongoing development of a treatment based on the current formal or informal constraints or acts of deprivation.

Antonio Bonatesta

I hope this helps 10/04/19

I think that there cannot be nothing more creative than the existence of whatever can be conceived by the human mind.

The illusion of earning or losing something intellectual has perhaps been crystallized among the great mass, and I can assure so thanks to the experiences I have lived so far around the various category of brain challenges. In the previous article, I matched the combination of the formal and rational meaning of corporal and mindful engagement with cable television networks. So, as previously discussed, we have unfolded that this is not possibly true but it may happen.

The objects of discussion of today’s article will be the intellectual asset generation and the intellectual asset deprivation or conscientious ceasing.

This is an interesting topic because I maintain it stays on the tip of a discrete and rational combination of circumstances and human characteristics. Then, this tip is not explainable by science or other sophisticated technical approaches. Thus, since this tip can be misleading to the various interpreters and to those who experience it, I believe it is now time to put some fingers into gear in order to discern a discrete solution to the irregular ‘ph’ of such events.

I would recommend myself not to get paranoid while describing this situation for the nth time. The recognition of certain aspects of life might derive from close life experiences, which in other terms mean those experiences that are lived within the physical context where one stays.

During the last period of my life, I never wanted to commit myself to a conflicting state of mind. However, the circumstances within the physical context, which I would like to take as the object for this check, have turned, say, concrete and intentional. That is why, from the multitude of events that can take place in the given context, there can actually be some real and factual threats directed to my address. Well, according to this eventuality, I would like to list some of the threats which, as demonstrated, might have the power to harm my stable and expected way of life. I will be clear and short in that. Put it simply, this is what makes me feel bad and frustrated during my daily life:

  • Perculating noise of furniture coming from the attic at specific times of the day. Indicating perhaps that at a specific time, say 9.17, I should feel to be unlucky because the accustomed meaning associated to number 17 is the disgrace or unluck. Such noises are repetitive and it seems they persevere in their ‘action’ even after I call out for a truce. This happened many times. I wish I can find a way to end this conflicting phenomenon which I now regard as a real threat.
  • General noise and powerful beating. This can be harmful when I am in the course of generating the so-called intellectual asset. For a better understanding of this matter, this kind of disturb actually takes place and does its job when my mind reaches a condition of happiness, high focus, and high performing attitude. So it can be glimpsed that I would like to maintain this enjoyable mind status because it helps me to do better work and to withstand the environment I am dealing with. It is simply like feeling good and trying not to feel bad. But unfortunately, potentially harmful circumstances might take place.
  • The noise and the movement generated from outside my house. This may cause traumas and disturbs that might exacerbate the preferred condition of the mind and might endanger the legitimate sense of keeping the status.
  • The presence of crazy thoughts, like the existence of wireless transfer between minds, which may toss a coin for a randomized outcome of the present mental status. In other words, I believe there should be limits to the creative hemisphere of the brain, there should be a limit to madness. Why? Because these limits are real.
  • Other circumstances may affect a pleasant mind status which normally one should have no difficulties to keep and get used to. These circumstances, in my case, may depend on cable network contact or other sorts of incongruences like watching a particular thing when the eyes are resting and we are about to enjoy the stomach relaxation moment.

Why the creative hemisphere is supposed to follow the rules of certain limits? Well, according to the creative theory an individual, in a high and altered state of consciousness, may wrongly start to perceive to be inserted in a xyz environment, perfectly elaborated and visualized due to the higher functionality of the creative hemisphere. Why is this wrong? Because the creative hemisphere is a kind of good-willed creature. It would love to discover the reality of the place it can really reach with eyes, arms, and legs, and it wants to do this with the effort it really needs to adopt in order to carry on its tasks. I believe that other kinds of creative maneuvers, apart from the one I have described, have to be considered invalid. This is why, now, after this little introduction, I will try to undercover the fundamentals of the intellectual asset theory and place them in an uncontaminated context of living.

First, let’s recall the point. I have said that we can generate an intellectual asset and we can be deprived of it or we can cease it spontaneously. I personally recognize myself with this kind of representation, however, I do not have the certainty if anyone else would mirror themselves to this definition. This is because I was the only one, in my life spectrum, to have loudly spoken about this matter, whereas, other people I dealt with, never expressively mentioned nothing about this matter. That is the way I still doubt whether other fellows would be interested in this kind of matter. And so, according to my personal life experience, here are a few things I would like to say about this potential issue.

First, normally during a high-level performance, my mind remunerates me with a discrete quantity of positive hormones in order to let me do better the work I have to do. That is basically what happens. So I feel good, happy and motivated for what I am doing. Curiously, I am in a good mood and I can say I like it, therefore I do not want to feel differently. On the same line of thoughts, a given mind, let’s take mine, can be viewed as enriched of information, memory active, in some sense able to transmit powerful convertibles of any sort to the outside by speaking or engaging contact with a cable network; so, to sum up, this is what a mind can do eventually.

Who would ever be scared or attracted about that? Personally speaking, I have never taken a step toward the appreciation or even the seizure of any intellectual asset.

So firstly my question will be, how can ever whatever mental status be considered dangerous or appealable for the outside? What is the reason why a given target should retain himself or herself under precautionary measures in front of the presence of a potentially active intellectual asset detained by an individual?

These two are questions which I would like myself to answer but I guess it would be a long run. According to my viewpoint, we live in a world where the net of uncertainties, inside the Internet web and the Cybersecurity ever-growing dominion, especially, can be ultimately translated to the simple duality which defines the USELESS conflict between , say, two managers holding intellectual assets. Here I think is where the tipping point is reached among the worldly exchange of traumas. It should be logical to explain it now.

There is no need to feel anyone by a wireless tool. The thing is simple, in our life we felt a lot of sensations that our mind can easily recall if a very stimulus brights humanity and makes us look into our beloved events, in order to recall them as in the past we prayed them to happen. So I hope that, whoever thinks about the existence of a wireless connection among human brains, please, appreciate and love your happy memories and do not concentrate on the powerful convertibles which may come from them.

People on the television network, perhaps, have gathered information about me, then they considered the fact that I was watching and in some way giving opinions to their talking. I still state that any connection between brains and electric devices are to be considered false, then they may happen.

Hence I would like to say back that any attempt to violate my quiet living in the physical or in my working place, either if I recall and appreciate loving memories or I evaluate the submission of whatever convertible from my mind, or in simple terms I am in a good mood, I sincerely hope no one would send, I call them as they are, traumatic and hateful contents of any kind anymore. I do not want to live in a place where such things happen. And I believe I have exhausted the reader, if any, by saying whatever they should need to know about the activity I practice in house and what are the well-structured and naturally weighted limits of my mind which can never be overlapped or can never cause damage to an external being. I really hope I made myself clear of the fact that whatever my mind does, it does nothing to anybody; whatever happens around it, is alright. Of course, any man does something wrong, but doing something wrong means ‘doing something’. So for example, if writing this public post means that I am insulting or defaming someone for whatever reason, this should be regarded as wrongdoing. Therefore this article would be subjected to evaluation in order to ascertain whether a wrongful act has been committed.

Therefore I would conclude by saying that two types of outlaws should be recognized:

  • those who commit wrongdoing
  • those who send real authentic hateful content to an intellectual asset bearer, or in other words, to someone who is happy and focused (it seems to be easy to spot them)

I personally recall the day when I used to listen to music, or doing hard meditations while I was getting angry with someone, like for example the image of an ugly person I met in the past. It was amazing because it was like that the next day I could face new problems with a renewed combative and calibrated spirit which used to give me the confidence to overcome obstacles in my physical context life and in the workplace. I have always found useful and pertinent to re-work the state of frustration and regret that I accumulated during the days when difficulties emerged. I have been always living in peace with myself by practicing these kinds of regressive gauges, or something like that.

Today, it is fundamental to say that I rarely feel the need to re-work the unpleasant experiences in life, through meditation or other manners. My life is more serene and thanks to the knowledge I am currently gathering, especially with my university studies, I have found a better way to relieve myself against any unexpected mis-interpretation of issues of any sort which might unpredictably rise during the normal proceeding of the day.

Antonio Bonatesta